Never too late to fall in love

In a recent article, writer Abigail Trafford talks about her recent ‘fall’ into love — the familiar symptoms; the pull in the stomach, the fluttering in the lungs, the obsessive longing. But Trafford isn’t 16 or 26, she’s pushing 60. She says that as you grow older, you realize you can love in many ways. “For most people, love is an agent of transformation. You may be in a 30-plus-year marriage, or in a new relationship. You may be smiling at a distant romantic memory or staring into the face of newborn grandchild. Or entering a different phase of love with a grown child. Or rediscovering an old friend. True love is a spreading-out thing. The Valentine crush is just the beginning, an awakening or reawakening of the passionate self — a reminder of the power of love and triumph of relationships, as time goes by.”

Are you in love? How do you define love? Tell us your love story.

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