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Best Chinese restaurant

The house special tofu and pot stickers at Little Szechuan, which was your pick for best Chinese restaurant in and around Atlanta. Photo: Phil Skinner,

The house special tofu and pot stickers at Little Szechuan, which was your pick for best Chinese restaurant in and around Atlanta. Photo: Phil Skinner,

1. Little Szechuan
You say, “I love Little Szechuan. I keep hoping for something closer or a place that delivers that is awesome, but Little Szechuan is the best” and “Consistently good food, lots of locals eat there. Nice staff.”

2. Fortune Cookie
3. House of Chan
4. Tasty China
5. Canton Cooks

Hot and numbing dried beef at Tasty China, our pick for best Chinese restaurant in and around Atlanta. Photo: Elissa Eubanks,

Hot and numbing dried beef at Tasty China, our pick for best Chinese restaurant in and around Atlanta. Photo: Elissa Eubanks,

1. Tasty China
Peripatetic chef Peter Chang may have left Atlanta (again), but Tasty China keeps cranking out those dishes we associate with Chang. And you know what? Fabulous, that’s what. That dry-fried eggplant with hot and numbing spices and tufts of cilantro has never been better — the surface all tingle and crunch, the inside like vegetal custard. I may have no dish in Atlanta that I love to inhale quite like Tasty China’s dan dan noodles with ground pork; they pop with peanut and scallion and thrum with hot pepper oil.”

2. Golden House
3. Gu’s Bistro
4. Bo Bo Garden
5. Chef Liu

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April 3rd, 2012
9:08 am

By far – Chinese Buddha in Atlanta.


April 3rd, 2012
9:12 am

Lucky Key Fuji Ya Restaurant on Lavista Rd in Tucker. A favorite for 21 years!


April 3rd, 2012
9:15 am

Dang Ho in Doraville


April 3rd, 2012
9:15 am

House of Chan in Marietta is fantastic. No fillers in the food – just great ingredients. If you want “blow the top of your head off” hot, then go to Tasty China (the original one) on Franklin Road in Marietta. It’s also very good.

Decatur Diner

April 3rd, 2012
9:19 am

@Ben – Golden Buddha on Clairmont Rd. is awesome! I don’t think they have changed owners, the food is always fresh and delicious.

Daryl Heinrich

April 3rd, 2012
9:22 am



April 3rd, 2012
9:23 am

House of Chan
Canton Cooks
TienTsin 2


April 3rd, 2012
9:24 am

Peter Chang’s (NOT PF Changs…). Great place with authentic Chinese food. Off 285, next to Ray’s on the River…


April 3rd, 2012
9:26 am

East Cobber, June of China at Shallowford and Johnson Ferry closed years ago. Have they re-opened?!?!

Uncork Atlanta

April 3rd, 2012
9:27 am

Tasty…Also have no corkage fees on beer and wine


April 3rd, 2012
9:28 am

House of Chan!


April 3rd, 2012
9:31 am

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Gu’s yet, so I will – Gu’s Bistro on Buford Hwy.


April 3rd, 2012
9:31 am

BoBo Garden on Buford Hwy…..Best Chinese in Metro ATL! Hands down.


April 3rd, 2012
9:34 am

Tasty China in Marietta is THE BEST. Try the Dry Fried Eggplant or the Roasted Fish – OMG!!


April 3rd, 2012
9:37 am

Tasty China, either one. Best to go with a large party so you can try a variety of dishes. I like Tasty China 1 since it’s BYOB.


April 3rd, 2012
9:40 am

Orient Express in Vinings, always a winner


April 3rd, 2012
9:41 am

Well, it is surely not GRAND CHINA. It used to be the BEST, until it was sold. The quality of the food has really gone down hill, and the new owners can be really rude if questioned. Stay away.


April 3rd, 2012
9:45 am

Another vote for Little Szechuan in Doraville. Consistently good food, lots of locals eat there. Nice staff.

Zach Galifianakis

April 3rd, 2012
9:47 am

P.F. Chang’s!

Uncle Ruckus

April 3rd, 2012
9:50 am

New Paradise in Chamblee—hands down the best Chinese food. Try the Singapore noodles!


April 3rd, 2012
9:50 am

House of Chan is terrible. I will never understand the fascination with that place.

Orient Express, sometimes Chin Chin, and Great Wall are all better alternatives in the area.


April 3rd, 2012
9:50 am

China Cooks, Canton Cooks big brother, on Northern Ave. in Sandy Springs.. Not fancy but the real deal..


April 3rd, 2012
9:53 am

Happy Valley Restaurant on Jimmy Carter Boulevard for dim sum. People come from surrounding states on weekends.


April 3rd, 2012
9:53 am

My favorite is Mah Jong’s on Scenic Hwy in Snellville.


April 3rd, 2012
9:55 am

BBQ Corner II on Buford Highway in Doraville.

Bubba Grump

April 3rd, 2012
9:55 am

Canton House on Buford Highway is real good.


April 3rd, 2012
9:57 am

Iron Wok China Bistro -

The food and service are consistently fabulous!


April 3rd, 2012
9:58 am

Tasty China I & II
and a distant third…
House of Chan (Cobb Parkway, behind the Olive Garden)


April 3rd, 2012
9:59 am

Lucky Key on LaVista Road @285. Been eating there for 20+ years. They have always done a great job. Hats off to my gal at the Asian Table in Cumming too.
To me the true mark of a good menu at a Chinese joint is how their Hot and Sour Soup tastes… if it’s solid, you can bets odds that the rest to follow will be solid too.


April 3rd, 2012
10:09 am

Chinese Pagoda in Douglasville is the best Chinese cuisine in metro Atlanta

Haydne Chouhan

April 3rd, 2012
10:15 am

Chinese Pagoda in Douglasville


April 3rd, 2012
10:50 am

In this order:
1. Orient Express in Vinings
2. Chinese Pagoda in Douglasville
3. Chin Chin
p.s. – House of Chan is not very good, service is spotty and the food is mediocre


April 3rd, 2012
12:47 pm

The Chinese Pagoda!


April 3rd, 2012
12:58 pm

Definitely the Chinese Pagoda in Douglasville. Great food and service!


April 3rd, 2012
2:19 pm

Golden Dung in Roswell is delicious

Slick Panda

April 3rd, 2012
2:39 pm

Golden Dung ??


April 3rd, 2012
2:46 pm

Golden Buddha-Buford!


April 3rd, 2012
4:15 pm

China Garden II at Jett Ferry and Mt Vernon Roads in Dunwoody.


April 3rd, 2012
4:16 pm

seriously? no one has said oriental pearl yet? oriental pearl seafood restaurant is hands down the most authentic chinese restaurant in the metro area. i guess the category is “favorite,” not “authentic” though.


April 3rd, 2012
4:18 pm

Canton Cooks.


April 3rd, 2012
4:20 pm

House of Chan on Cobb parkway is awesome!


April 3rd, 2012
4:22 pm

Great Wall in Marietta!


April 3rd, 2012
4:23 pm

Chef Liu on Buford Highway. The leek pie and fried pork dumplings are insanely good!

The Bald Eagle

April 3rd, 2012
4:24 pm

Tasty China in Marietta, by far. The only restaurant, Chinese or otherwise, for which I’m willing to drive that far OTP just to dine.


April 3rd, 2012
4:25 pm

Little Szechuan kicks butt. All others are pretenders.


April 3rd, 2012
4:26 pm

Ming’s BBQ in Asian Square off Buford Hwy. gets more of my business than any other.

Tasty China and Little Szechuan are both great for Szechuan style cooking. Chef Liu for their “soup dumplings” and other specialties.


April 3rd, 2012
4:30 pm

As evidenced here, “favorite” does not mean “authentic”. My favorites, which are very close to authentic, are Man Chun Hong and Gu’s Bistro. Consistently excellent and authentic food and gracious service.


April 3rd, 2012
4:31 pm

House of Chan on Cobb Parkway – not only is everything really fresh, but the “family” remembers what you like and how you like it!!!!!!!

David H

April 3rd, 2012
4:32 pm

I’m really surprised no one has mentioned Oriental Pearl on New Peachtree in Chamblee. It’s the place to go, probably the ONLY place to go in Atlanta for dim sum. (Yes, they do have a menu in English, but you will probably have to ask) Short of Dim Sum, hands down, over and over, is Canton Cooks in Sandy Springs. Cantonese sea food, par excellance! Haven’t tried CC II at the corner of Abernathy and Roswell, I’ve heard it was opened by a brother. Looking forward to trying several of the places repeatedly mentioned here.


April 3rd, 2012
4:40 pm

Left Atlanta 10 years ago, but Hong Kong Harbour was one of my favorites. Loved the dim sum.