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Best breakfast

Home Grown was your pick for best breakfast in and around Atlanta. Photo: Becky Stein / Special

Home Grown was your pick for best local, independent breakfast spot in and around Atlanta. Photo: Becky Stein / Special

YOUR PICKS (locals)
1. Home Grown
You say, “Homegrown in Reynoldstown is by far the best. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly and quick, and the price is right. It’s the most fun breakfast in Atlanta!” and “They have great food and even better service. The owner will personally stop by your table with a smile, sometimes coffee or cotton candy, and ask how everything was. This family and friends owned and operated place is one of my favorite places to dine.”

2. Thumbs Up Diner
3. Old Hickory House
4. West Egg Cafe
5. Ria’s Bluebird
6. Highland Bakery

Waffle House is your pick for the best breakfast. After all, they're slinging those hash brown 24/7 and there seems to be one on every corner.

Waffle House is your pick for the best breakfast. It began in 1955 in Avondale Estates, but you can now find Waffle Houses from the Carolinas to Colorado, and from Texas to Toledo, Ohio.

YOUR PICKS (chain)
1. Waffle House
You say, “Waffle House…and yes I’ve had breakfast at many higher-end restaurants, and yes, I still vote Waffle House. Their bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, waffles, sausage biscuits, hash browns scattered, smothered and covered are yummy! Even their Coke tastes better! Thank goodness we have Waffle House!!”

2. Flying Biscuit Café
3. The Original Pancake House
4. J. Christopher’s

These sweet potato pancakes are just part of the reason folks line up for Highland Bakery's breakfast. It's our pick for best breakfast in and around Atlanta. Photo: Becky Stein / Special

These sweet potato pancakes are just part of the reason folks line up for Highland Bakery's breakfast. It's our pick for best breakfast in and around Atlanta. Photo: Becky Stein / Special

1. Highland Bakery
The AJC dining team’s Popular Eats specialist Jon Watson says, “It is no surprise that Highland Bakery is notorious for a long wait on the weekends considering how strong their breakfast/brunch fare is. Try starting things out with an order of the Peanut Butter French toast to share with the table, as the massive pieces of challa bread will fill up one person quickly.”

2. Sun In My Belly
3. West Egg Cafe
4. Gato Bizco Cafe
5. Original Pancake House

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B Ha

January 3rd, 2012
12:19 pm

java jive on ponce


January 3rd, 2012
12:33 pm

Thumbs Up or Murphys!


January 3rd, 2012
12:36 pm

My wife and I really like the Sandy Springs Diner on Roswell Rd.


January 3rd, 2012
1:10 pm

It’s rare that I go out for breakfast, but I always liked J. Christopher.


January 3rd, 2012
1:38 pm

Mathews Cafeteria in Tucker they have been doing it right for a long time.

Typical Redneck

January 3rd, 2012
2:37 pm

The Midway Mealhouse. Two eggs, country ham, grits, gravy and a biscuit for $5.15. Gotta love it.

Jane Cunningham

January 3rd, 2012
3:04 pm

Radial in Candler Park by far. no annoying yuppies and great corned beef hash


January 3rd, 2012
3:16 pm

Empire State South and Local Three


January 3rd, 2012
3:20 pm

Rise N Dine – Emory Village – the wait is worth it – go on Sunday when the college kids are still asleep!!!


January 3rd, 2012
3:50 pm

Egg biscuit (I don’t eat meat) at Hardee’s. Egg/grits/raisin toast at Waffle House.

donna viverito

January 3rd, 2012
4:04 pm

Corner Cafe in Buckhead the best french toast anywhere even where I am from in NY

Greg Huell

January 3rd, 2012
4:08 pm

Marietta Diner

Sean Hill

January 3rd, 2012
4:15 pm

J.Christophers in Kennesaw


January 3rd, 2012
4:15 pm

Original Pancake House on Cheshire Bridge Road — of course the pancakes kick butt, but so do the omelettes and I cannot get enought of their bacon.


January 3rd, 2012
4:36 pm



January 3rd, 2012
4:40 pm

@ poster cw…Hardees? Waffle House?? Come on now…..


January 3rd, 2012
5:27 pm

OK Cafe is really good… Great service too…


January 3rd, 2012
5:41 pm

Thumbs up (Marietta Only!), Orignial Pancake House (the pancakes melt in your mouth) and Highlands Bakery (for the best sweet potato pancakes ever!!! and I don’t like sweet potatoes)


January 3rd, 2012
5:41 pm

Get outside the perimeter Atlantans – Flavor Cafe and Bakery Sandy Springs and/or World Peace Cafe Sandy Springs


January 3rd, 2012
5:42 pm

Thumbs Up – any location (though we frequent Roswell)


January 3rd, 2012
5:43 pm

Little Barn in Lawrenceville
Best biscuits around.
Killer gravy biscuit.


January 3rd, 2012
5:58 pm

Did someone say the Flying Biscuit and then someone reply that the Flying Biscuit was the worst/over-rated?

Just curious.


January 3rd, 2012
5:59 pm

West Egg on Howell Mill. Yum.


January 3rd, 2012
6:06 pm

The Original Pancake House, the Flying Biscuit, and J. Christopher’s. I can’t decide between these three!


January 3rd, 2012
6:14 pm

Clary’s Cafe in Savannah, Georgia.


January 3rd, 2012
6:20 pm

Metro Diner in Stone Mountain


January 3rd, 2012
6:22 pm

I think two categories are need, one chain and one independent.
my vote is for Silver Skillet in downtown Atlanta.


January 3rd, 2012
6:34 pm

Sublime Doughnuts


January 3rd, 2012
7:51 pm

ny prime mmm


January 3rd, 2012
7:52 pm

NY ppprriimmmeee mmmm


January 3rd, 2012
8:01 pm



January 3rd, 2012
8:27 pm

Joe’s on Juniper….especially in the summer when the patio is open

Mary B

January 3rd, 2012
8:43 pm

oh my fav meal of the day….so many to pick
Ria’s – everything so good and fresh
Org Pancake House, mouthwatering
J Christophers – the Bubba (so good) and
The Majestic – just becuase I’m an Atlanta girl


January 3rd, 2012
8:44 pm

The best breakfast joint is hands down “THE BEAUTIFUL” on Cascade Rd.


January 3rd, 2012
8:59 pm

Either Flying Biscuit or Thumbs Up.

laura dixon

January 3rd, 2012
9:08 pm

south city kitchen

Que es?

January 3rd, 2012
9:59 pm

An over easy egg atop corn tortillas smothered in black beans, topped with goat cheese and salsa fresca. That’s it.

Southern Man

January 3rd, 2012
11:15 pm

For great food: Ria’s Bluebird

For down n’ dirty: Vittles


January 3rd, 2012
11:15 pm

Hands down the Original Pancake House. Whether you are like my sister and me and love the dutch babies (my sister and I have each eaten our own since we were 3) or you are like my dad and love the apple pancake, there is something for everyone to not just like, but love.

William Dauterive

January 3rd, 2012
11:19 pm


January 3rd, 2012
11:21 pm

Matthews is good, but not open on the weekend. Galaxy Diner on Chamblee Tucker. Outstanding french toast!


January 3rd, 2012
11:23 pm

Waffle House! Hands down.


January 3rd, 2012
11:23 pm

Original Pancake house is very good.


January 3rd, 2012
11:24 pm

Radial Cafe on Dekalb Avenue has a wonderful breakfast!

BBQ Master

January 3rd, 2012
11:24 pm

Silver Skillet or West Egg Cafe


January 3rd, 2012
11:25 pm

Blueberry Stuffed French Toast

Yield: 4 servings
2 eggs
1 cup low-fat milk
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/3 teaspoon nutmeg
1/3 teaspoon cloves
1/4 teaspoon dried ginger
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 cup non-fat cream cheese
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup blueberries (or any fruit you like)
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup blueberries
Butter-flavored non-stick cooking spray
1 whole-wheat baguette cut into 3 inch long pieces and then sliced in half
1 tablespoon toasted almond slices

To make the batter… combine all ingredients in a large bowl, mixing well until incorporated. Keep refrigerated until ready to use. To make the filling… fold all ingredients together in a bowl until well-incorporated but not completely smooth. To make the syrup… combine all ingredients in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil and reduce by one third.

To make the French toast… heat a large non-stick sauté pan. Dredge the bread in the batter until well-coated. Divide the filling between the four bottom slices. Top with the remaining bread to form sandwiches. Spray pan with butter-flavored spray. Cook until golden brown on both sides and the filling is hot, approximately 2-3 minutes per side. Cut each French toast in half on the diagonal and serve with the blueberry maple syrup and slivered almonds. Can dust lightly with powdered sugar if desired.

BBQ Master

January 3rd, 2012
11:26 pm

Flying biscuit is awful. The quality plummeted when it sold out and became a chain. Their biscuits are terrible.

BBQ Master

January 3rd, 2012
11:27 pm

Didn’t know NY Prime had breakfast; I bet it’s good.


January 3rd, 2012
11:27 pm

I don’t care what anybody says, I love Waffle House!


January 3rd, 2012
11:29 pm

We have a new Christmas tradition……………IHOP on Christmas day. It’s not romantic, nor fancy but we have a great time. Another breakfast I just enjoy the heck out of is Unicoi Lodge near Helen……my oh my!!