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Best thrift store

The volunteers (aka the "Red Apron Chicks") gathered around the counter at Attic Treasures, a thrift store run by the Assistance League of Atlanta and your pick for best thrift store.

The volunteers (aka the "Red Apron Chicks") gathered around the counter at Attic Treasures, a thrift store run by the Assistance League of Atlanta and your pick for best thrift store.


1. Attic Treasures/Assistance League of Atlanta (Chamblee)
You say, “Attic Treasures Thrift Store in Chamblee is the best kept secret around. Friendly volunteer staff, great merchandise, and weekly special sales. All proceeds go back into the community – to help children and adults in need.”
2. Value Village (many locations)
3. Goodwill (many locations)
4. Cherokee County Humane Society Thrift Store (Acworth)
5. America’s Thrift Store (Marietta and Riverdale)

You can fill up your cart for modest amount of cash at Value Village, as Rebeccah Karanja did on one of the shop's bargain days back in 2008.

You can fill up your cart for modest amount of cash at Value Village, as Rebeccah Karanja did on one of the shop's bargain days back in 2008.


1. Value Village
The AJC’s Atlanta Bargain Hunter Lauren Davidson says, “Value Village, which has locations all over Atlanta, is exactly what a thrift store should be. Not only are the prices the cheapest, but the regular sales mean even shopping for furniture and jewelry can be a pleasure. Walk in at the right time and you can score expensive vintage clothing and accessories for pocket change. Who doesn’t love that?”

2. Goodwill (Dunwoody)
3. Attic Treasures (Chamblee)
4. Last Chance Thrift Store (Decatur)
5. Bargain City (Roswell)

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February 6th, 2011
6:05 am

Assistance League of Atlanta is in Chamblee and one of the best run stores around. Great, great deals and all the profits go back to various projects in the Atlanta community. Can’t get any better than that !

Herschel's Revenge

February 6th, 2011
7:06 am

I also agree that Value Village is the best, especially the ones in Roswell, Marietta, and Buford. I do like the Goodwills in Marietta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Roswell, and on Buford Hwy, however. I’ve gotten some good deals there. At the Roswell Goodwill, I got both a Turnbull & Asser (British) dress shirt (french cuffed) for a little over $4. They are $250+ new. I also got a Simms Fly Fishing jacket for a little over $4. It is also $250 new. I’ve gotten more deals on dress pants at Value Village because it is simpler to shop there. They staple at least the listed size on the outside of the pants which doesn’t require you to look inside each pair of pants to check their size, as you HAVE to do at Goodwill. Yes, Goodwill stores are cleaner and not as cluttered- possibly because they have more staff, but Value Village is where the deals are normally.


February 6th, 2011
7:48 am

Attic Treasures, in Chamblee, the thrift shop of Assistance League of Atlanta is the best and it gives twice as all funds go to support ALA’s projects in Atlanta!


February 6th, 2011
8:26 am

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Pat Francis

February 6th, 2011
8:43 am

I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores and the best one I have found is Assistance League of Atlanta on Broad Street in Chamblee. It is clean and you don’t have to rummage much to find a great deal. It doesn’t have that smell that a lot of stores have since they don’t put out dirty clothes. You also can find wonderful housewares, fine china and an amazing amount of childrens clothes. It’s my go to store every Tuesday morning!


February 6th, 2011
9:20 am

We have been going for years..before it was”chic” to go!! My husband gets his work pants @ the Goodwill stores here in Kennesaw & Woodstock; they are cheap & if they get too dirty, greasy or wear out we have not spend a lot of $ on them. I go to find “antiques”…I have bought quite a bit of antiques over the years….furniture, glass wares, pictures & I have bought a few wool coats as well. Even have my Mother & sister going to their Goodwill store in Sandy Springs..they have bought designer clothes, antique paintings & some china pieces. I have recently been buying up Christmas ornaments…some very, very old & old hard back books, some 1st additions. Just have to go & really look at everything…never know what you will find.

Georgann Delling

February 6th, 2011
10:59 am

Assistance League of Atlanta’s Attic Treasures also receives wonderful things from several consignment shops, so also has top-notch inventory. PLUS it is a philanthropic organization.


February 6th, 2011
11:11 am

Choosing between America’s Thrift Store and Value Village is tough Goodwill is definitely not on the top of my list. I also enjoy going to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, they are a chain of thrift stores like the others but they have amazing clothes and accessories for unbelievable deals and they are never crowded. They are truly in it for the donations and for the amount of money I pay for so much stuff I always make sure to give them a few extra dollars when I leave.

Marilyn Lawton

February 6th, 2011
12:33 pm

I vote for the Assistance League of Atlanta in Chamblee. Their prices are unbelievably low & the quality is excellent. Their profits go to help others in the community through their many projects.


February 6th, 2011
12:56 pm

I went to another thrift store on Canton HWY in Marietta, one Sunday not knowing it was closed. I found a new shop that had only been open a month called ValMart. I am now a frequent shopper. The clothing is great quality, major designer names, unreal prices, and they actually were steaming things they put out. My 3 year old son now has more clothes than he can ever wear, but I can’t help it when I get Polo, Fubu, Rothchild, and other’s I would not buy for a child at very cheap prices. And my grandaughter has become an addict too. She is going into fashion design and has put together some unbelieveable outfits that her friends offer to buy from her. If you have a teenage daughter this is a great place to shop. I am a thrift shop junkie and have the clothes to prove it.


February 6th, 2011
1:10 pm

Hey, I went to that Val Mart place yesterday and found 7 Jeans and Appplebtooms, to fit me in size 1/2 that I can afford. They were just putting them out and I snatched up all 4 pair and 3 sweaters. Do you know if they have a sale day like Value Village does?


February 6th, 2011
1:18 pm

I do my thrift shopping on Tues/Thurs. I have a route all mapped out. Now that is bad. I start at Smyrna Thrift on S. Cobb Dr., then Goodwill across the street. Then the thrift store in the old KMart shopping center on 41, next Value Village on 41, Goodwill on Roswell Rd, Value Village on Alpharetta, then ValMart, American Family, Bargain City and the down Sandy Plains to Liberty. If there are any in that route I am missing please post them?


February 6th, 2011
1:18 pm

I love value shopping. I have found that Attic Treasures on Broad St in Chamblee is far above any other. They have quality items, the best prices, good service and all proceeds go to good causes sponsored by the non-profit organization of the Alliance League.


February 6th, 2011
1:35 pm

Attic Treasures in Chamblee gets my vote. Great selection at super low prices, a happy and helpful staff, and the money I spend there goes right back into the community. It’s a really well organized little shop and has the best variety of books around. (There’s a special book sale this week.) And when I’m finished reading it or wearing it, I can donate it at the back door to help raise even more money for the Assistance League programs.


February 6th, 2011
1:39 pm

Attic Treasures in Chamblee has wonderful finds for everything. If you hit it right, which is often on Tuesday after they’ve restocked, you can find designer stuff, fantastic prices on children’s clothes, and everything else. GO!!

Never Pay Full Price

February 6th, 2011
2:40 pm

Tucker Closeouts has the most unbelievable finds. Pam, the owner, buys new items at auction and resells at extraordinarily low prices. The store is overflowing with an amazing array of products.

I found a Fallen Angel costume that lists for around $150 for $15. The dress is a knockout. I cannot wait for DragonCon to show this off.

It is just fun to go there and browse all the cool things they have. It is especially good for holiday items. The people that work there are all very friendly and helpful.

The store is located at 2151 Idlewood Road in Tucker across from Tucker Middle School about a third of a mile off Lawrenceville Highway.

Never Pay Full Price

February 6th, 2011
2:45 pm

Greatest Loss, AJ Wright! Closed due to low prices?


February 6th, 2011
3:28 pm

Assistance of Atlanta’s Attic Treasures Thrift Shop is staffed completely by volunteers. There is no paid help, so almost all of the proceeds are funneled directly back in their programs. My favorite is OPERATION SCHOOL BELL. Over 6,000 children in the greater Atlanta area received new clothes through this worthwhile program.


February 6th, 2011
4:22 pm

Cherokee Humane Society Thrift Store – 5900 Bells Ferry Rd. Acworth – they p/u and deliver,
open 7 days a week and best of all they have a Bark Park behind the store!

Patti, Lynn, Michael & Jim

February 7th, 2011
4:31 pm

The Cherokee County Humane Society Thrift Store at 5900 Bells Ferry Road, Acworth, GA 30102 is the BEST! The store is clean, neat, and organized. Everyone that works there is friendly and very helpful. We always donate items to this wonderful organization. We cannot think of any other thrift store that we would even consider donating to. Every time that we go in there we always find at least one great thing to purchase. This place is really great and it is constantly changing. Just for your information, if you see it – buy it, because it won’t last very long! Everything that they do is for the benefit of the animals. How fabulous is that? They offer low cost vaccinations, spay/neuter clinics, adoptions, tags, bark park, a garden of fresh veggies, and a yearly auction fund raiser that is second to none. It has just a wonderful array of ever changing “stuff”. Don’t miss a fun outing and a really worthy trip of shopping. Our family can’t say enough in regard to all that they have done for us. And, lets not forget what the most important thing of all is, the little “beating hearts” that never miss a beat because of their dedication and sincere love for what they do. Hats off to Ottis & Irene Moore, Sherri R., Sherri D., Barb, Autrey, Bonnie & hubbie, Brian and the rest of the staff. Thanks a million y’all!