Auburn’s Nick Fairley will get a lot of scrutiny in Iron Bowl

Nobody asked me but:

1. Nick Fairley will get a lot of scrutiny in the Iron Bowl: I think the SEC office got it right when it didn’t suspend Nick Fairley for the Iron Bowl on Nov. 26. The shot to the back that Fairley put on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray was way over the line and he was penalized for it. The shot on the knee to Murray was a football play. But at that point I don’t think anybody from Georgia was in the mood to give Fairley the benefit of the doubt.

And please, I  don’t need the emails and the photos and the video that there was rough play on both sides. I don’t need to know that a bunch of Georgia players ran on he field. I get all of that.  Let’s talk about what happens as things move forward.

Because of what happened last Saturday at Jordan-Hare, the dynamic on Fairley has changed. I’m not saying if it is right or wrong. I’m just telling you that it has.

If Fairley puts the same kind of  hit on the Alabama quarterback as he did on Murray, there is decent chance he gets tossed.  Why? Because fair or not, Nick Fairley will be a marked man against Alabama because of what happened against Georgia. The officials, whose No. 1 job is to keep control of the game, won’t let this one get out of control like Georgia-Auburn did at the end.  And if some players have to be tossed to maintain order, so be it.

That’s why I said on Monday that the Auburn coaches need to sit this kid down and have a talk.

2. I don’t understand the uproar over Ole Miss and its 4-6 record: The Rebels were picked to finish last in the SEC West and they are going to finish last in the SEC West. New quarterback Jeremiah Masoli has done his part but Ole Miss is last in the SEC in scoring defense (34.8 points per game). I don’t follow recruiting but I hear that coach Houston Nutt has a very good class lined up. Don’t panic, Ole Miss. The guy has won nine games the past two seasons. Have a little perspective.

3. Until there is some news, we’re going to have a “Cam Free” zone here:  Here is a little bit of news: Media reports surfaced yesterday that the FBI has spoken to former Mississippi State player John Bond about what he knew and when he knew it concerning the Cameron Newton case. But it’s interesting how things tend to move a little more quickly once the feds get involved. Someone made this suggestion to me yesterday: Now that the FBI has decided that this case falls under its jurisdiction, everybody involved in needs to be hauled before a judge and testify under oath. You lie, you go to jail. I like that idea. I believe that would add some much-needed clarity.

4. Pray for the kids from Southern Miss: All this fussing back and forth among adults about a game doesn’t seem so important when three kids are in a hospital and one of them is paralyzed from the  waist down. The three Southern Mississippi football players were shot at a club as the players were celebrating their win over No. 25 Central Florida in the early hours of Sunday morning. One of the players, whose name I won’t give here, is reportedly paralyzed. This is when coaches have to be at their very best. Southern Miss is 7-3 and has a big game with Houston on Saturday. The kids on that team will not want to play and I don’t blame them. It will be hard to get them to focus.

5. I’m a little concerned about that game at Wrigley: Northwestern and Illinois will play at Wrigley Field in Chicago on Saturday. It is a quaint notion but I’ve seen some of the pictures. The back of one end zone is right next to a wall. It looks dangerous to me. Nothing may happen and I hope it doesn’t. But if a kid gets hurt because the venue could not safely accommodate a college football field, somebody’s lawyer is going to be on the phone Sunday morning.

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November 19th, 2010
8:47 pm

I would like to see #90 thrown out of the game in the first defensive series.

AU girl

November 24th, 2010
9:18 am

I love this column. War Eagle.