The question: 12-0 Boise or 12-1 SEC, ACC champ?

I thought I had all my bases covered on Boise State yesterday. But for the past five seasons this football program has been a compelling thing to watch. Last night added yet another chapter to an incredible story and–I don’t think I’m overstating this–set the narrative for the rest of the 2010 college football season.

Yes, No. 5 Boise State beat Virginia Tech 33-30 Monday night in Landover, Md. But it wasn’t just the fact that the Broncos won. It was the WAY that they won. After coming out of the gate hard and knocking Virginia Tech back with a 17-0 run to open the game, the Hokies did what strong teams do. They settled down and began to grind it and wear Boise State down.

When Virginia Tech finally took the lead in the second half you expected Frank Beamer’s team to put the Broncos away. But there is a reason Boise State has won 50 games in the past four seasons plus this one night. They are poised. They are extremely well coached. And did I mention that they have a helluva quarterback?

Kellen Moore, who threw 39 touchdown passes and only three interceptions last season (that always looks like a typo when I see it) took his final opportunity and made the most of it Monday night in what was, for all intents and purposes, a road game.

Given the fact that EVERYTHING was on the line for Boise State’s season in that moment, Moore calmly and methodically drove his team down the field and delivered a 13-yard touchdown pass to Austin Pettis with only 1:09 left to win the game.

So let the debate begin anew. Let me refresh the argument based on what we saw last night.

If we get to the end of the season and there are multiple undefeated teams, one side of the argument says that Boise must be the odd man out because it did not play as tough a schedule as the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, or Big 12 conference champions.  Here are the pertinent numbers based on the’s Top 120 that ranks every Division I-A team and its strength of schedule. These numbers were done before last night’s game.


VIRGINIA TECH…………..11……………………………..…….7

OREGON STATE………….17…………………………………..24


FRESNO STATE…………….48……………………….………69




LA. TECH…………………….90………………………………..12

UTAH STATE………………..91…………………………..…114


SAN JOSE ST……………..110………………………………..20

NEW MEXICO ST………..112……………………………….98

Just look at the rankings and the SOS of the teams Boise plays after it faces Oregon State on Sept. 25. It is a very weak schedule because, after Boise, there aren’t many good teams in the WAC. That is a fact. Just look at those numbers and judge for yourself.

But here will be the Boise State side of this argument: Did you see us play? And if you did see us play is there any doubt, now that we are 50-4 since 2006, that we are a damned good team?

Boise State is a very good team. But there are a lot of very good teams out there. The question is: If you can only pick two teams to play for the BCS title, should Boise be one of them?

As I said yesterday, if we get to the end of the season and the SEC, ACC, Big 12, and Big Ten champs are all undefeated (that’s very unlikely, of course) then I don’t see the voters in the coaches and Harris polls telling one of the big boy conferences they have to make room for Boise. I could be wrong about that but I don’t think I am.

Where it gets fun, though, is if there are only two undefeated teams–Boise and somebody else–and if the SEC, ACC, Big Ten or Big 12 champ is 12-1 having played a conference championship game. We’ve seen those championship games push teams over the top of teams without championship games in the final BCS Standings (Remember Georgia in 2007?) THAT will be a fun argument.

But this much we do know. Boise is here and they are not going away if Oregon State doesn’t beat them on the blue rug on Sept. 25. With last night’s win the Broncos have earned the right to be in this argument.

Let the fun begin.

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atl gator

September 7th, 2010
6:01 pm

Boise played a great game, but it was just one game. Meanwhile, you have a team like Florida that plays atleast 5 teams that are the same as or better than VTech – Alabama, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina and FSU. Did you see the Boise players after the game? They were celebrating like they just won the national title. After a tough road win in the SEC, you just get ready for another one. That type of celebration would just be foolish.


September 7th, 2010
6:11 pm

Maybe UGA to the MAC or MWC think of it BCS buster every year! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS BABY!


September 7th, 2010
6:27 pm

Hey Barack…that is not true. It has nothing to do with academics. If that was the case then why is their wrestling team part of the PAC-10?

They are taking the necessary steps to do what is needed. But nobody can argue that when given the opportunity they HAVE NOT disappointed!


September 7th, 2010
6:53 pm

They are ranked #3 right now. If they go undefeated and #1 or 2 lose a game, I say put them in the title game.

The BCS has never been about fairness anyway.

Think about this – w/ one month to prepare and playing on a nuetral field, could Boise St. defeat a one loss SEC, B12 or B10 champ??

Did Utah beat Bammer in the Sugar Bowl a few years ago?


September 7th, 2010
7:06 pm

Very true atl gator. Many SEC coaches have the 24 hour rule. 24 hours after a big win it’s time to focus on the next game.


September 7th, 2010
7:08 pm

Announced by LSU today:

“LSU to Open 2011 at Cowboys Stadium vs. Oregon”

September 3 in primetime on ABC or ESPN


September 7th, 2010
7:13 pm

TonyBFan…I think you are the one who needs to shut up. One game out of twelve doesn’t make a schedule. Yes, they beat Va Tech. I think it’s time to evaluate just how good a team Va Tech really is. I have heard some very good arguments against Boise’s case today starting with, in every big game they play they always have weeks (if not months) to prepare. Do you think Va Tech was treating this game like it was their ‘biggest game’ of the year? I don’t think so. Each and every time Boise plays someone from a major conference it is their BIGGEST game of the year – and they only play one a year. To a team like Va Tech, Boise is just another game. They have four or five more to play with at least as much on the line as what was on the line against Boise. So stop with the crap about Boise belonging with the big boys…they’d crap their pants while losing four games in the ACC or especially the SEC when those ‘big’ games come four or five a season and often back to back. Let’s see what Boise could do when they only have one week to prepare for the next big game instead of a whole off-season. Wonder why they didn’t get a call from the Pac-10 when they were trying to compete with the big boys over the summer by expanding to 16 or whatever it was?


September 7th, 2010
7:48 pm

Buzz…who chickened out? What do you mean?


September 7th, 2010
8:29 pm

Screw SOS… how many years in a row must you go undefeated to have a chance to play for a championship!? College football is the biggest BS sport in the country! Boise… NATIONAL CHAMPS! And i say this as a GT/ UGA fan.


September 7th, 2010
8:52 pm

no way boise state deserves the NC game even if they go undefeated…….they beat a rebuilding VT team and despite Boise totally dominating the early part of the game and with VT shooting itself in the foot, VT still had a chance to win…….like an earlier poster said, what if VT goes 7-5 or 8-3……what looks like a great win today over a top 20 opponent might be a down to the wire thriller over an also-ran by the end of the season……the rest of their schedule difficulty is a joke……currently ranked 100 and sure to drop as the season progresses…..last night was a perfect setup for BS…….a team with nearly all starters returning against, not a “perennial powerhouse”, but actually revamped and unproven VT team on national TV… the rest of their games and on to the NC….NOT!…….Boise State….their name says it perfectly……it’s all BS………

savannah dawg

September 7th, 2010
8:58 pm

Boise State always has at least a month to prepare for the BIG GAME. Iknow the other team has a month to prepare also but, the other team has usually just come off a brutal schedule, and not some cream puff schedule like the Broncos. No way does this team deserve to play for a NC, period! GO DAWGS!!!!!!


September 7th, 2010
9:15 pm

let boise play at scar , home vs ark,at miss state at colo,home vs tenn , home vandy, at kentucky, at jax {fla} idaho st hm , at auburn hm vs tech and at ga dome vs bama then ohio st and they go they go 7-6 at best . uga 48 boys 13 . just bc you played go block apunt va tech who is # 3 in the acc you aint well you know . ga fla bama,lsu scar ark all will beat boys ass. this aint joke la homma you playin boys


September 7th, 2010
9:23 pm

Guys, it doesn’t matter if “other conferences don’t want to see an SEC team in the final”.
You will have to play a conference schedule that matches the SEC (Good Luck!) and then beat some of us. Forget the OOC schedule. It’s one game for most.

Paul in RDU

September 7th, 2010
9:25 pm

Kudos to the LSU Tigers for scheduling Oregon in JerryWorld next year


September 7th, 2010
9:31 pm

patrick get a grip ga 48 boys 13 let boys play in the sec each week and they are not going to beat bama fla ga scar lsu tenn, ark,auburn miss st on a regular basis .they gave up 30 to the # 3 or 4 acc team. take it from a uga fan bama will get 50 on boys if go block a punt can get 30 fla ga ark scar in the 40s . why should we go return to idaho and lose 5 million to play in a high school stadium.boys has never beaten an sec team .and the sec has won 6 of 11 bcs titles and 4 in a row.boys can play when they get all year to get ready oh im sorry ga 48 boys 13 . did you vote or obama cause some one is feedin you a stimulus pack .the facts dont lie.


September 7th, 2010
9:44 pm

Be realistic……..if Boise State or TCU played 4-5 teams ranked in the Top 25……BOTH teams would have atleast 1-2 losses this season. Boise State would have lost to VT if the VT wideout catches the pass on the 3rd down play with ~2 minutes remianing in the game (they had no time outs left!).

Tide Rising

September 7th, 2010
10:08 pm


Sorry but we will just have to disagree about the strength of schedule. Computer rankings are based on the relative strength of teams and conferences in terms of wins and losses. Boise’s schedule will hurt them because practically no one in their conference save Fresno will have a winning record. There is nothing subjective about that.

Once again Boise has in its existence never beaten an SEC team going 0-4 against the SEC. In games against the nearest bcs conference Boise is 4-9 which is terrible. This is a team that should not be rewarded for a 2 game season.


September 7th, 2010
10:08 pm

It seems the SEC Homers are missing a key point here…

You can’t argue “what if BSU was in the SEC” without realizing they can’t just be in the SEC over night. What I mentioned earlier was if the playing field was even (ie: recruiting, conferences, talent, etc), then what BSU is doing in their respective conference SHOULD give them the respect they are earning.

Boise St is expanding the breadth of their recruiting and traveling extensive miles for their out of conference games with “bigger” schools. Nobody said 3 years ago when VT was better that “what are they doing scheduling BSU” in 2010, were they?

The circumstances are what they are…

Boise St has run the table multiple times in the last few years AND they have won the BCS games they were invited to. Last night proved that they are not afraid of the big lights and a big-time game with a perennial upper-tier (albeit non title contending team – but hey, didn’t Alabama play them recently, too – how dare they stoop so low) team steeped with tradition.

With inferior talent (VT arguably has better talent based on TIDE’s argument that recruiting is better in the SEC – and OU had better talent, and so on) BSU has won games.

Give them equal money and conference that “big” schools have and I would be willing to bet the farm that BSU would not disappoint!

Tide Rising

September 7th, 2010
10:14 pm


Yes. Boise has won games. As a matter of fact they are 5-3 against bcs conference teams since 2005 which is okay but not great. But you just don’t seem to get the obvious point. They are playing a 2 game season- VT and 24th ranked Oregon State. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

Would you want to put Alabama, Georgia, or Florida in the bcs every year if all they had to do was beat one good team in VT, one semi respectable team in Oregon State, and then beat up on 11 different versions of San Jose State or Louisiana Lafayette?

Georgia, Florida, and UT have never even lost to a wac team and if they played in that conference they may lose one game a decade. But how fair would it be to put them in the bcs title game for whipping 11 pansies and beating 1 good team and 1 semi respectable team. It wouldn’t be fair at all.

Tide Rising

September 7th, 2010
10:20 pm

“What I mentioned earlier was if the playing field was even (ie: recruiting, conferences, talent, etc), then what BSU is doing in their respective conference SHOULD give them the respect they are earning.”

That’s a big if Patrick. These things will never be equal. BSU will never play in a 102k stadium as Alabama does nor have the talent base that the sec teams have. It is an irrelevant point. The point is that Boise simply doesn’t play the quality of schedule that should allow for a spot in the bcs title game. Its that simple and the point is not debateable. Are you going to say that the wac is as tough as the sec? WAC teams with the exception of Boise are nothing more than cannon fodder for other conferences to beat up on. Going 11-0 through the wac schedule isn’t any more impressive than Alabama wacking WAC member San Jose st. 48-3 this past saturday.

Tide Rising

September 7th, 2010
10:22 pm

I’m outta here. Patrick this has nothing to do with SEC homerism. Its just a point of fact that going 11-0 in the WAC is nothing and winning a 2 game schedule means zero.

Fball Realist

September 7th, 2010
10:38 pm

Boise st should easily go undefeated with the creampuff schedule and will play bama for the national title. Bama will take them apart—bank on it.


September 7th, 2010
10:39 pm


I get everything you are saying. I know they are playing in a conference that is widely viewed as inferior, at best. Yes, they have 2 games against “tougher” opponents in Oregon St and VT. Should they win those two, and those 2 teams represent themselves good throughout the season then one could argue that BSU could/would have done the same (using the age old argument that if my team beat your team and your team beats every other team – then what doesn’t sugest my team would have beat everybody, too?).

You using the example of “nobody from the SEC has ever lost to the WAC is weak, at best. 2 years ago Alabama lost to UTAH (Mtn West Conference where Boise St moves to next year) in the Sugar Bowl.

The talent base that BSU is able to proactively recruit is nowhere as deep as larger schools when the payoff for BSU for going undefeated is not what the payoff is for a 1 loss SEC team (or 2-loss SEC team in LSU that won the title).

IF they were in the same top-tier level as the BCS conferences then all I am saying is that if history is any indication then BSU could/would probably have held their own and the results are left to be wondered about.

“Any given Sunday” definitely refer to college football when there is no playoff in place for college football. You CAN NOT argue that!


September 7th, 2010
10:54 pm

Thank goodness that Boise State doesn’t have to play that “tough SEC schedule” that includes teams like Lousiana Lafayette, Jacksonville State, Miami of Ohio, Vanderbilt, etc. Instead they get to go on the road 2000 miles and play Virginia Tech…..LMAO.


September 7th, 2010
11:41 pm

Virginia Tech is something like 1-25 against teams ranked in the top five. Tell me again how good was the team that lost to Boise? When is the last time VT actually did something noteworthy?
I don’t think either team is a world beater.


September 7th, 2010
11:59 pm

I’m guessing the last time VT did something good was when Alabama lost to Utah in the Sugar Bowl by 14pts…juss sayin!

Gen Neyland

September 8th, 2010
12:18 am

Mr CFB : Thank you for providing the fuel to boost the fire in all things BCS. Oh, and up it on Beamer. Glad he got whipped/beat/lost/jilted/screwed/etc/ on National TV. One thing’s for darn certain, he’s got a RB. I witnessed that dude first hand in last years Peach-Filet Bowl…


September 8th, 2010
12:29 am

Actually…VT won the ACC in 2008-2009 then defeated #12 Cincinnati while Alabama was losing 31-17 to Utah in the Sugar Bowl.
Let’s look at UA’s schedule that same year…
34-10 (Clem) W
20-6 (Tulane) W
41-7 (West Kentucky) W
49-14 (@ ARK) W*
41-30 (@ GA) W*
17-14 (KY) W*
24-20 (Ole Miss) W*
29-9 (@ TENN) W*
35-0 (ARK St) W
27-21 (@ LSU) W – OT*
32-7 (Miss St) W*
36-0 (AU) W*
20-31 (FL) L
17-31 (Utah) L

* denotes conference

Defeating the likes of Clemson, Tulane, Western Kentucky, Kentucky (3 pts), Ole Miss (4 pts), Ark St makes up for the rest of the schedule I admit.

But lest we also take into consideration that Alabama barely travels greater than 500 miles for any game; when some “mid major” teams travel thousands of miles for games.

I juggernaut of a team like USC struggles @ Hawaii…I’ll be curious to see what BSU does when they play against Hawaii…

All you homers are so short sighted that you don’t want to even listen to people outside your area.

It goes to show that you are stubborn when it comes to your team and thinking that no other team can even be discussed at the same time…

And looking at all the Crimson Tide non-conference games the last couple years those games were at Alabama…If you’re that good of a team then take your talents on the road…other than, of course, the GA Dome for VT & Clemson.

Oh yeah…how about losing to Louisiana Monroe 21-14 in Tuscaloosa…


September 8th, 2010
1:23 am

eddie did your you fall on head drinkin last night why has boise never beaten an sec team so you really think if they played at fla at ga home vs bama home vs lsu at auburn at scar and at kentucky and the bama again they would be 13 and o .are you smokin good bc bud out there.boys can play 1 or 2 games in a year and win but the same year hawaii killed you in07 ga beat them by 5 tds and oh by the way ga 48 to 13 and we played the 2nd and 3rd and 4th string in the second half. bama beat boys 55 to 13 ga beats boys by 20 fla beats boys by 25 ark beats boys by 14 aub beats boys by 10 scar by 10 lsu 10. play these teams all in the same year back to back to back and you would be lucky to make a winning record.eddie i got a question for you what conf has won the 4 last title by 3 diferent teams,what conf has won 6 of 11 and never lost in the title game ,these are facts . go play san jose hawaii utah st fresno,idaho nevada some of these teams were 1aa teams in the 80,s and 90,s get a grip crip

Bama fan

September 8th, 2010
1:51 am


Its hilarious that fans like you keep rehashing the Utah game over and over. Its one game dude.How much mileage can you get out of one game?And its not as if Bama was fired up to play after coming within 15 minutes of going to the title game and then finding out we had to play Utah instead of Ohio State.

As for Bama not traveling more than 500 miles you might want to check your stats buddy. UCLA, Penn State, OU, all big time teams that we will travel to within this decade. It seems a little research is in order on your part.

On going back the last 30 or 40 years Alabama has played more home and homes with powerful teams than pretty much anybody. The list goes on and on- Penn State, OU, Nebraska, USC, UCLA, Washington, BYU, Boston College, Texas AM, Mizzou, Notre Dame, Ohio State, VT, FSU, Clemson, Miami, FL. and some other teams I can’t even think of.

-Frankly Speaking-

September 8th, 2010
6:00 am

Boise State is a cupcake.

From 11-3 to 14-0

September 8th, 2010
6:22 am

Joshua Nesbitt is a tough QB making a lot of great plays.


September 8th, 2010
6:51 am

September 7th, 2010
4:42 pm
Here we go again, propping up the ACC is the limelight.
Their six year BCS average since picking up Miami, VTech and BCollege still stinks.
Check it out.
What have you got to be proud of ear. I can still hear you whining about not getting a higher bid in 2002 and to top it off you have to play lowly UVA in the Continental Tire Bowl in Charlotte and getting your @$$ handed to you 48-22, or how about;

2009 FSU 33 – WVU 21
2008 WVU 31 – UNC 30
2006 WVU 38 – GT 35
2004 FSU 30 – WVU 18
2003 Maryland 41 – WVU 7
2002 UVA 48 – 22
1997 GT 35 – WVU 20

Heck, you’re better against the SEC than you are against the ACC. Your Gator record against the ACC 1-6, the last 7 times you’ve met the ACC in a Bowl you’re 2-7, pretty sad you trying to talk smack here.


September 8th, 2010
7:27 am

Only perennial losers want a playoff system in CFB. Boise State has proven that they are the best team in their conference. They have methodically worked their way into a high pre-season ranking. Should they remain undefeated and end the season in first or second place in the BCS poll, then they will get their chance to play for the NC. There is no point in arguing about who will play for the NC when we are only in the first week of regular season play. A single game proves nothing. That is why we don’t need a single-elimination playoff system. Professional baseball has the only playoff system that delivers a champion that is beyond dispute. Losers want a chance for their loser team to luck into a National Championship with a single upset win over a superior opponent.


September 8th, 2010
4:53 pm

If Boise St is underfeated then they should play for the title.


September 8th, 2010
9:11 pm

No brainer – 12-0 Boise State. The SEC has been the best at the very top of the conference, but 3-12 are really no better than everyone else’s also rans. Boise in recent years has beaten pretty good Oklahoma, Oregon, TCU and Virginia Tech teams. It’s time to acknowledge that those guys are the real deal.

And let’s face it – when a team from your conference loses to a I-AA team, it’s hard to crow much about conference superiority. Most SEC teams would drop at least one game with a WAC schedule, anyway. Everyone has an off week.


September 8th, 2010
10:54 pm

Tony neglected to tell us Boise’s SOS. Must be really tough playing two games per year. They shouldn’t be in the discussion because their wins will always be suspect unless they add some beef. It’s like me saying I am the fastest guy on my block …. when running against the kids 6 and younger. Of course, they’ve won 50 plus games. So would about 25 1A teams if they played two games per year. And I don’t want to hear all that home and home BS. If you want to play at the end of the year in the big boys games play some during the year. BTW, VT wins by at least 17 if they didn’t give Boise 17 unearned points. They ain’t all that.


September 9th, 2010
7:08 am


If Boise State was in a stronger conference with a better schedule, and if Boise State had a better recruiting base and better facilities, and if Boise State had been a Div. I team for a longer time and had an established history…

If all of these things were true, then it’s impossible to say that they couldn’t compete with the “big boys” on a regular basis. I can’t argue with that logic.

However, if all of that were true, then they wouldn’t be Boise State, would they?

BTW: Did you know that Alabama lost a game to Utah two years ago? So why the hell are they Number 1? It’s not fair!

John Barnhart

September 9th, 2010
6:05 pm

I did not not know who Boise State was until I had the privilage to wittness last years game with Oregon. I was impressed with the team, the fans, the town, and even the Smurf Turf. Can’t wait to travel from SoCal to see them beat Oregon St. this time.

John Barnhart

September 9th, 2010
6:11 pm

I did not know who Boise St. was until I attended the Oregon game last year. Great team, fans,city, and even the Smurf Turf.I’m hooked. I’ll make the trek north from SoCal to see them whip Oregon St. this year. Great writing Keep it up.

Matt from Idaho

September 10th, 2010
5:55 pm

Anyone who says Boise State would rather be in the WAC or MWC over a BCS conference needs to put the crack pipe down. Are you kidding? Boise State would love to be in the PAC-10 (their wrestling team competes in the Pac-10 and wins), but the PAC-10 is all research institutions and Boise State isn’t on the same level as the Pac-10 with its academics (yet). The Pac-10 never seriously considered Boise State and no offer was ever made. What I would like to see is the Big 12 offer Boise State and TCU. Lets see what those two schools could do with Big 12 dollars. Boise State’s recruiting has picked up in Texas. Playing a couple of games there a year would only help that out.


September 12th, 2010
10:57 am

Meh… Research institutions don’t do “academics”, they do research. It generates a great deal of revenue, but these schools are notorious for providing second-rate teaching.

In the long run, Boise State is better off playing Cinderella in a non-BCS conference.