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No two-a-days? No big deal

Well, we’ve come to the end of our first week back and what  a week it has been. As we normally do here at Mr. CFB we’ll celebrate Friday by throwing open the discussion for any topic. It can be college football, politics, music or anything your little heart desires. But, as always, please keep it clean.

Let me get the party started. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

1.  Kudos to Georgia  for kicking two-a-days to the curb. College football coaches are, with very few exceptions, traditionalists. They have always believed that two-a-days in August is where you toughen your team up and get them ready for the season. The fact is that in the modern day weight training programs, it is the offseason where you actually start building your team and instilling mental toughness. Since the NCAA limits teams to 29 practices in preseason, it makes more sense to limit practices to one a day and spend the time in between studying film and learning.

A head coach in this league once told …

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Updated: Vandy, SEC lose a lot as Johnson walks away

Note: I talked to Bobby Johnson shortly after Noon on Thursday and updated this blog.


It was Sunday, Nov. 6, 2005 and Bobby Johnson was not a happy camper. The truth is he was pretty damn mad.

The Saturday night before Johnson’s team had lost one of those gut-wrenchers that perennial underdogs like Vanderbilt always seem to lose: The Commodores, led by Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett, came up on the short end of a 49-42, double overtime game at Florida.

Vanderbilt was in position to win the game in regulation when Cutler threw a touchdown pass to Bennett with 54 seconds left to bring the Commodores to within one, 35-34. Before the score Johnson had already made up his mind that he was going to go for two points and the win.

But guess what? On the touchdown play Bennett was called for excessive celebration. It was a bogus call. After the game Johnson called it stupid. But stupid or not it pushed the ball back 15 yards so Vanderbilt had to kick the extra point to tie. Florida won …

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An early look at SEC Media Days

I don’t know about you, but after two days of talking about athletics directors and football players behaving badly, I’m ready to discuss some FOOTBALL.  Let’s start here:

The lineup is finally set for next week’s SEC Media Days in Birmingham (July 21-23). I’ll get into more specific story lines early next week but for now, here are a few general observations on what will transpire next week at the Wynfrey Hotel.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 21: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi State, Kentucky.

 You gotta hand it to the SEC. They sure didn’t want to ease into this year’s media days as Alabama, the 2009 BCS national champion, and Florida, the 2008 BCS national champion, will both kick off the event next Wednesday.

Think these two teams have separated themselves from the rest of this league? They have met for the last two SEC championships and are a combined 52-4 in that span. Two of those losses are to each other while Florida lost to Ole Miss in 2008 and Alabama lost to Utah in the 2009 Sugar …

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So what do we do about athletes behaving badly?

If I’m a Georgia fan, here is what would drive me absolutely nuts:

We just watched our 40-year-old athletics director commit career suicide for making foolish decisions about alcohol and his personal life. It cost him a salary of $550,000 per year and untold other benefits in the future. It also embarrassed the hell out of him and his family. There are no adjectives to fully describe how bad it was and there is no way to truly quantify how much it will ultimately cost Damon Evans both professionally and financially.

In short, it was really, really bad. It was kind of thing you probably wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

So if you’re an athlete at the University of Georgia and you’ve seen one of the most high-profile employees of the school lose almost everything in the space of a few days, wouldn’t it occur to you to be a LITTLE more careful in your behavior–at least for a couple of weeks?

Wouldn’t you say to yourself: “Self, if that can happen to Damon Evans, it sure could …

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Why Greg McGarity should be Georgia’s next AD

First of all, it’s good to be back. So did I miss anything?

Quite a bit, as it turns out.

SEC Media Days are just nine days away and by my count it will take us at least that long to catch up on everything that happened while I was away.  So I’ve decided to start with the very hottest topic and then we’ll work through the rest as the week goes on.

After coming back from vacation to cover conference expansion, it was tempting to come back again when the Damon Evans incident happened. But I had promised Mrs. College Football I would get away from the craziness for a little while before jumping back into the fray. And a promise is a promise.

So now vacation is over. It’s time to jump back into the pool and there is no better place to start than with the Damon Evans story.  This is strictly one man’s opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree.

1. Damon Evans was a rising star: The personal tragedy of  Damon Evans’ demise as Georgia’s athletics director–how this impacts his family–is …

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MrCFB returns on Monday

Thanks to conference expansion and the Damon Evans saga, this has been one of the shortest summers ever.

Just a reminder that Mr. College Football will return on Monday, July 12. And once Monday gets here we are only nine days away from SEC Media Days on July 21. Wow!

Other than the two stories listed above, what else do we need to talk about next week? Send me some ideas this weekend.

See you on Monday.



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