Survey says most fans want a playoff. So?


Nobody asked me but:


This just in: A new poll says that 63 percent of college football fans want to scrap the BCS system and institute a playoff system like college basketball.

Well, duh!!!!!!!

This same polling group found that 95 percent of the people surveyed believe that the sun rises in the East. Okay, I made that up.

I’m not trying to be a smart aleck here but what exactly is the purpose of such a survey? So 63 percent of the 1,849 people surveyed by Quinnipiac University want to have some kind of college football playoff. They are not asked how to accomplish it, who gets to play in it, where the games will be played and when the games are played. They just know that they want it.

I don’t understand the point of such a survey. If 63 percent of the people want something, does that mean it is supposed to happen? What are we supposed to do with that information?

I imagine 100 percent of those same people surveyed would like to buy a Cadillac for $10,000. But I don’t think General Motors is going to start selling them for that.

Here is my point. I want a four-team playoff. The teams should be seeded with 1 playing 4 and 2 playing 3 on New Year’s Day at two of the BCS bowls. A week later the two winners will play for the national championship.

Let’s do a survey on that proposal or give people several playoff options and choose the one they like. That would make some sense.

I just don’t like mindless surveys that don’t advance the ball.


Mike Leach is done at Texas Tech: It didn’t take Mike Leach’s lawyer long to start calling Craig James a helicopter (hovering) dad and James’s son, Adam, a disgruntled kid in need of some discipline. Both of those things may turn out to be true. But in this case those claims are also irrelevant.

If the facts of this case are not in dispute, and it doesn’t appear that they are, Adam James was isolated in a dark room after suffering a concussion. Leach’s side came up with a doctor’s letter saying the kid was not harmed by the action. Again, it’s irrelevant. You don’t have to be harmed to have been treated improperly.

There is no rationalization from Leach’s side that will save him. Leach was asked to meet with the parents, explain his actions, and apologize. He refused, leaving the university wide open to litigation.

Work rule No. 1: When the boss asks you to apologize for the good of the company or the good of the institution, you apologize. If not, expect to be cut loose.

There will be a hearing today in Lubbock. Leach wants a judge to reinstate him to coach the Alamo Bowl on Saturday. In my opinion, if the judge grants Leach’s request, Texas Tech will fire him on the spot with a generous severance package. Either way, Leach is done at Texas Tech.


It was a bad loss for Miami: How many times have you seen a team take the opening possession for a touchdown and then lose the game? Miami basically did that last night in the Champs Sports Bowl. The Hurricanes ran the kickoff back for a touchdown and were called for a dumb block in the back penalty near the 10-yard line. The Hurricanes scored anyway. But then Wisconsin, who thought the weather was downright balmy in Orlando while the Hurricanes were shivering near the sideline heaters, just started grinding and took a 17-7 lead at halftime on the way to a 20-14 win.

This was a bad loss for Miami. It would have meant a lot for the Hurricanes to get to 10 wins in Randy Shannon’s third year as coach. QB Jacory Harris had a bad wheel and it clearly affected his play.

It was also a bad loss for the ACC, which is now 1-3 in bowl games.


There is no doubt. Eric Berry will turn pro: Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin has been saying for weeks, really for the entire season, that safety Eric Berry is going to turn pro after Thursday’s Chick-fil-A Bowl. The fact is that Berry, from Fairburn, is ready for the league and is going to be a great pro. He has nothing left to prove at this level and given his various injuries, it is time to move on.

And don’t forget this:  Having a Tennessee player stand up with Commissioner Roger Goodell on the first day of the NFL Draft never hurts recruiting.


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December 30th, 2009
7:34 pm

What’s more above board than the 8 best teams get in. Exclude a 1 loss team for a 3 or 4 loss team just because they won a conference isn’t above board no matter how you slice it.


December 30th, 2009
7:43 pm

ugaaccountant a conference champion… say a 4 loss Clemson team had they won the ACC probably gets their butt kicked by Alabama in the 1st round so what’s the point. UF might actually have a chance to win the 2nd meeting if they got that deep into the playoff and met Bama again. Or Bama could get beat by say TCU. But to have had a 4 loss Clemson team or even a GT team that lost to Miami and Georgia in the playoff instead of the 1 loss UF would not be a legitimate playoff system. A playoff with the 8 best teams in the country is the way to go.

TCU Horned Frogs

December 30th, 2009
7:57 pm

AIN’T SKEERED!! Just win and get in. Top 8 or go the hell to the house.


December 30th, 2009
8:06 pm

You could actually ruin the regular season with your system ugaaccountant. If teams started holding players out of regular season non conference games to protect them from injury it kills the regular season for the fans. Who wants to see a bunch of 3 loss conference “champions” in a playoff. Playing to win every game with the ultimate goal of being a top 8 team to get in the playoff is the way to go.

he'll bite you if you try that

December 30th, 2009
8:44 pm

a 30 team playoff would have still left UGA out. Ga fans will not except any change other than just naming them NC right off the bat , every year with out playing a game. It’s about MONEY, and thats all .You do not get a vote. unless you can cover the existing $ out of pocket. got to make money. just like selling UGA gear in Wal-mart and Dollar stores. it makes bookoo $. They don’t care who likes it or not.PAY ME BEEACH!!

Vince Dooley

December 30th, 2009
9:40 pm

I don’t know what all my fans in dawg nation are talking about……but me being an intelligent coach and person there’s no argument about this……I’d take Tech’s 4 shinny National Championships any day over that silly one-on-one record between UGA and Tech…..just plain common sense I tell ya!


December 30th, 2009
9:46 pm

Eric, Your vision will not happen even with limitations. If it stood a chance limitation would ahve been put in place already. Nebraska was a snap away from a BCS and what are they #20?

Further the majority of BCS schools have to agree to it and they are not going to give up their chance to cash in.


CPJ is rather pigheaded and would cut his nose off… so he may play his starters in a meaningless game. Besides beating UGA was not a top goal this year. Even if you are correct in the assumption I just stated many coaches would pull players. It happens all the time in the NFL. Strength of Schedule place a much more minor roll and the big OOC games that we have enjoyed would dry up.


December 30th, 2009
9:49 pm

FYI whats your point? Football allows students who would never get a chance at a college degree a chance to audition for a 7 digit job?


December 30th, 2009
10:10 pm

collegeballfan: The ACC has a problemn general. The conference is just not good. At its best, what did you really have? FSU of the ’90s is the Ohio State of the 00’s. What do they have in common? No Championship game and a lack of parity within the conference. They should let the crappy ACC champion play the crappy Big 10 Champion, while the awful Pac 10 champion plays the Big 12 champion. The winners face off for number 2 and then that team plays the SEC champion for the National Championship. Problem Solved


December 30th, 2009
10:37 pm

Craig James is all about accountability?

Was he ever held accountable for cheating, taking money under the table, indulging with the girls and perks, as a high prized recruit for SMU?

He killed one program 30 years ago, and he just killed another.

They were not closets, they were air conditioned rooms. Good luck to his son, ever playing a down of college football again.

I’m sure Craigy’s little boy got trophies for last place as a kid.

We are just done as a Nation. These spoiled boobs today would never have survived in the day of Vince Lombardi, WWII, let alone basic training…pansies!

Good job James. Not many people have single handedly killed two d-1 football programs in a lifetime.


December 31st, 2009
3:27 am

Tony Blowhart, I read where you wrote in these spaces that you did NOT appreciate the fact that the AJ-C “ANNOUNCED” you were FIRED.

So, what are you doing here, then sir ?

You have NEVER Supported our Play-Offs we all want and damn it 4 teams doesn’t get it.


6 against 3 December 12 this year.

4 against 5 December 12 this year.

8 against 1 December 19 this year.

7 against 2 December 19 this year.

December 26, the winners face-off in 2 games that Saturday too.

Where ?

Let all the bowl bid. Whoever bids the most, gets the games. Watch Peach Bowl OUT BID lousy Orange Bowl and watch Rose Bowl QUIT, who always sees fit to put a horrible Big 10 team for the PAC-ZERO to play. As for the Fiesta Bowl, that was NEVER a major bowl.

The bowl games continue otherwise, all of them.

Just drop the 2nd bowl game on the nights we have 2. 1 is more than plenty any night.

Sir, this is NOT your sport. You are a boy from North Carolina who followed a little basketball 60 years ago.

Doug Roberson, sir :

Other than a Cuban sandwich, what you have is goulash. God Awful Goulash. That and a lot of bread. Sorry, but I do not share, and neither does anyone else that what you report about love you some Cuban food in Miami. It is inedible and there aren’t any places to be found that are edible.


Guess you get used to that in the slums of Atlanta where all our CRIME is and where ALL OUR DRUGS are, surrounding the Tech campus. They tried to gentrify the neighborhood, but those businesses are now closing. Major landmark anchor businesses for those business-shopping districts in the slums of a city of 6 million – such as Publix who is closing this week.

238 lbs. Left Tackle for GA tek, yeah, that’s small, and as for how tough he is, pardon me, Paul Johnson YANKED HIM for the last 4 plays of the game when he SCRAPPED his high school offense and threw 4 incomplete passes instead to END THE GAME 24-30.

If you want a STORY LINE for THIS game NO ONE WILL WATCH and NO ONE WILL ATTEND, especially NOT any of THESE GA tek fans in here posting to this biased blog of feel good about a team who played SIX GAMES against OPPONENTS who are NOT even in a damn bowl game – here you go : Iowa beat 1 team all season long and that team beat NO TEAM RANKED IN THE FINAL BCS TOP 34 TEAMS (Pennsylvania State.)

GA tek beat 1 team all season long too.

So, there you have it.

Iowa who beat 1 team (who beat no team in the BCS Final Top 34 teams) plays Georgia tek who played 6 games against teams who are NOT EVEN IN A DAMN BOWL GAME and GA tek also ONLY BEAT 1 TEAM ALL SEASON LONG.

Iowa LOST to a team who LOST to 4-8 Syracuse, LOST to 6-6 Minnesota, and LOST to 6-6 Michigan State.

GA tek LOST to a team who LOST to 7-6 Kentucky and LOST to 7-5 TN vols.

Great game.

Huh ?

Here those 2 are facing off against each other in crime-ridden, horrible food horrible restaurants of no choices but Goulash to eat with lots of bread – which is all they eat –Miami.

Keep your doors locked in Miami Doug. Would love to have you make it back here safely and report to us after the game what is the story line of a game that no one cares about and no one will watch, with no GA tek fans there.

GA tek is the WORST TRAVELING school in all of America.

WAR ZONES look better than where you are Doug Roberson.

What do you mean, who cares ? You should care. For your own personal safety, you should care Doug Roberson.

Orange Bowl is an embattled bowl. Too bad reading your story line, one would have to reply with such a statement of fact, to know it.



And, you are what ?

Stuck for a story line.

Just be honest Doug Roberson, sir.

Tell the truth. Quit with the GA tek bias.

AJ-C doesn’t provide that bias for UGA in our blog, Bubba.

Why not report Doug Roberson that GA tek is Number 35 and UGA Number 58 Top National Universities according to the latest 2010 U.S. News and World Report Rankings, and that more to the point, that that does NOT make GA tek 1 of the Top National Universities.

We’re Number 35.

When in the name of Hell did someone ever claim to be Number 35 at any damn thing ?

To Deflect this “obsessed” whining of GA tek fans (both of them) before they reply with that weak butt post, may I point out that it is NOT UGA who has To Hell with UGA in their damn Fight Song.

By the way, I am absolutely certain that THIS is the source of the POOR SPORTSMANSHIP that GA tek actually has forever been known for, not the least of which is Paul Johnson saying to GA tek fans (both of them) to hit UGA fans in the damn face.

Not close.


Timing was surely NOT THERE to have Paul Johnson scrap his high school offense and THROW 4 PASSES to END THE GAME.

4 passes that looked like WOUNDED DUCKS…

Yet, on that point in here Doug Roberson, sir, you sit there and “REPORT” that “Quarterback” Josh Nesbit is a “HEISMAN HOPEFUL.”


With his 38 games played and only 13 touchdown passes to 11 interceptions and another 23 fumbles.

Pre-Game, you were in here GUSHING as you are now about GA tek, Doug Roberson biased AJ-C reporter.

After the game, you tried to deflect that what you said pre-game DID NOT HAPPEN.

If you want to talk about Iowa GA tek, why not report that GA tek FIRED JON TENUTA and that Paul Johnson replaced JON TENUTA with the linebackers’ coach at So Miss as Paul Johnson’s DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR…

…and that UGA took the football and crammed it right down GA tek’s throat.

Right up the gut.

Every play.

That tech was NOT TOUGH,

Now, were they Doug Roberson, sir ?

40 years plus ?

Huh ?

1966 season. This is 2009.

That, Doug Roberson, is

43 years.

43 years since GA tek has even BEEN to a Major Bowl Game.


54 years since GA tek last won a Major Bowl Game.

How old are you Doug Roberson ?

I was alive in 1955.


God Almighty Above is all I can say and it begs the damn question if you are going to bring up GA tek’s Major Bowl DROUGHT of 54 years since GA tek won a Major Bowl Game, then (1) call them the Major Bowls and (2) say it’s been 54 years since GA tek last won a Major Bowl Game the 1955 season; and (3) say why haven’t any GA tek fans showed up for their 1st chance at a Major Bowl Victory in 54 years ?

Huh ?

Why not ?

Where are the so-called GA tek fans you supposedly address yourself too Doug Roberson, sir ?

1-3.ACC is 1-3 in bowl games.

UGA has been to 8 Major Bowls since GA tek LAST EVEN WENT TO ONE.

By the way, if you are going to discuss BOWL GAMES Doug Roberson :

7 of GA tek’s last 10 bowl games, GA tek has LOST.

GA tek has been to 13 straight consecutive bowl games now with this game, but is a miserable 5-7.

LOSING BOWL RECORD over this span bragged about of GA tek having been to a Bowl Game 13 consecutive years.

UGA has been to a Bowl Game 13 Consecutive Years too, and UGA is :

NOT 5-7 like GA tek last 13 consecutive bowls now, but 2 LOSSES.

13 consecutive bowl games, 11-2, UGA.

13 consecutive bowl games, 5-7, GA tek.

Now, that’s just me Doug Roberson.

What do I know about college football and try to report an unbiased retort to a soul-searching on your part Doug Roberson AJ-C beat writer for GA tek for a damn story line where you discuss bowl games but fail to mention that GA tek doesn’t even have a single not 1 player on the GA tek team who has EVER WON A BOWL GAME in his entire career at GA tek.

13 consecutive bowl games for GA tek, INDEED.

Just be honest.

Not a homer.

-0- tech fans. That’s an honest report.

Will be -0- at the game too. Why not report that the facts are that GA tek cannot give away 2 free hotdogs, 4 free Coca-Colas, 2 bags of boiled peanuts and a free parking pass to get a single GA tek fan to buy a ticket to 1 game for your so-called GA tek fans you address yourself to in such a biased fashion daily Doug Roberson.


# 48 in the nation attendance GA tek.


We buy season tickets for the GA tek football and throw away all the tickets but our game.

We own GA tek at Bobby Dodd Stadium (named after a University of Tennessee at Knoxville college DROP-OUT.)

The AJ-C reports that there are 29,700 GA tek alumni in the readership of the AJ-C.

And, there are of course a third of a million UGA alumni by direct comparison in your readership.


Only 5 teams have more ATTENDANCE than UGA.

GA tek # 48 in Attendance.

No GA tek fan on the plane down ?


Easy to spot the GA tek fans.

Slide rule hanging out their pants, pocket protector in their pocket and YELLOW wearing YELLOW.

Which of course, is the color of cowards.

Cowards who LOG ON as for example St. Simons pre-game and BRAG of the DESTROY UGA, but after the game, has YET to EVEN LOG IN as St. Simons, despite repeated attempts by me to call St. Simons out to have a pair and face the medicine.

Oh, he replied with a different handle that he didn’t think that 30-24 was DESTROYING of GA tek by UGA.

Less than a TD.

But, it was not I, nor any of the rest of us who come in here daily to call out 1 St. Simons to log in as St. Simons as he did for all this time and keep that just 1 handle.

And, take his medicine.

DISH IT OUT, can’t take it.

Of course, GA tek fans try to tell me it’s old gold.


Lived here all my life.


I do believe I know what color a damn YELLOWjacket is.

Like you guys trying to pass off a 1930 automobile for the AJ-C headlines of 1893 that a train wrecked outside of Lawrenceville with the cheaters from GA tek onboard stoned by UGA fans who recognized that THOSE WERE NOT GA tek students playing against us, but football players you HIRED FOR MONEY to play us.

RAMBLIN’ WRECK RETURNS TO ATLANTA, the headlines read with picture of WRECKED TRAIN.

Not Automobile from 30 years later.

By the way, Doug Roberson, I have looked up the draft projections and I cannot find a GA tek player on any NFL draft site mock draft.

GA tek has 25 NFL players today.

UGA 45.

UGA will have MORE DRAFTED again.

We had yet another UGA player drafted # 1 in the NFL Draft 1st overall pick, just last season.


GA tek never has ANY HEISMAN TROPHY either, but you fail to report that.


6 NC listed in the Official NCAA Football Records Book (I have a copy on my desk Doug Roberson, do you sir?), same as the 6 NC listed for UGA, and by ALL THE SAME POLLS that list GA tek 6 NC, that UGA has the same polls list us with 6 NC 1-A football.

But, UGA has an AP Poll Undefeated, Untied National Championship.

GA tek, by direct comparison DOES NOT, but does have SEVEN (7) SEASONS where GA tek did NOT WIN 1 SINGLE GAME all season long.

Read your articles Doug Roberson and GA tek has this great history.


As you FAIL TO REPORT Doug Roberson that GA tek is on ACADEMIC PROBATION in NCAA APR with 914 in men’s basketball.

How can that be Doug Roberson that you have NOT MENTIONED THAT 1 TIME ?

This is CURRENT NEWS Doug Roberson. Today. Now. PROBATION GA tek by NCAA.


NCAA Academic Progress Rate GA tek Men’s Basketball PROBATION with LOST SCHOLARSHIPS AS PENALTY for PROBATION of limited to ONLY 11 SCHOLARSHIPS.

Did they decide they are even going to show this game on TV ? I never saw the AJ-C report on THAT, either. I heard FOX was not going to be available in MANY MARKETS, in fact I heard that includes this AREA.

Not that you can open the 1-horse newspaper town trying to coddle GA tek fans (both of them) sports pages and find a hard hitting truthful story line on GA tek.

Where is your retraction Doug Roberson for what you REPORTED in THIS blog about what you guaranteed would happen before GA Tek LOST it’s 60th game to UGA in football, a feat only 4 other 1-A programs have accomplished.

Let me know when you are going to FACE THE MUSIC and quit sitting there squirming in your chair hiding behind your keyboard UNABLE to login and say under the handle you said GA tek would “DESTROY UGA” that GA tek LOST St. Simons ?

St. Simons, don’t try to tell me you are NOT squirming in your chair as you read this, not man enough to reply with the handle St. Simons AND KEEP THAT HANDLE to continue to post ALL YOUR POSTS until AFTER THE NEXT GAME.


Doug Roberson, You know there is 1 more unfinished business item to address to your biased reporting for GA tek in the AJ-C, sir, and that is that GA tek’s fans are the WORST POOR SPORTS in all of sports. Imagine coming in here with the EXCUSES they came in here with after what they said pre-game about “DESTROYING UGA.”

There is a long TRADITION of POOR SPORTS at GA tek. Forever. From the beginning. No time off. Continuous. Everlasting.


8 of 9 for Coach Richt.

30-24. (I didn’t know a 6-point LOSS is “DESTROYING UGA” Doug Roberson and both GA tek fans, and St. Simons.)


December 31st, 2009
3:35 am


by Tony Barnhart

“Georgia at Georgia Tech: Georgia Tech is brimming with confidence as it goes for its second straight win over the Bulldogs. Georgia, meanwhile, there is no evidence that the Bulldogs can handle a tough, physical football game for four quarters. That is exactly what Georgia Tech will give them. Georgia Tech 38, Georgia 21.”


December 31st, 2009
4:17 am


I should also like to discuss Craig James and Colin Cowherd.

SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL to interview Craig James on ESPN.

We all saw him say his side of it.

Fair and balanced ?

I think NOT.

That’s not right.

I saw the cell phone pictures from Craig James’ son he sent not to SMU but to Texas Tech. The kid isn’t any good.

Adam James.

Excuse me.

Your video evidence produced does NOT support your dad’s claim of a shed, sir.

An equipment shed with tackling dummies and pads only.

In fact, the room looks quite large.



I saw the light.

I note too, that Adam James SAYS NOTHING.

Just his dear old dad, Craig James.

TV interview after ESPN TV interview of JUST…

wait for it now…

ESPN Craig James.

Colin Cowherd, your Interview of Craig James is ALSO not legal, son.

You can’t do that.


Trust me, Texas Tech will PAY MILLIONS IN DAMAGES to Mike Leach.

Texas Tech under Mike Leach :





8-4 Final AP Poll Number 18.

9-3 Final AP Poll Number 20. AL appeal fails 10-2.


9-4 Final AP Poll Number 22.

11-2 last year Final AP Poll Number 12.

9-4 absolutely would have been again this year.

That is Mike Leach’s record at a “school” that the previous 7 years before Mike Leach were ON NCAA PROBATION for B.S. and lying and playing 21 players who were NOT ELIGIBLE, yet Texas Tech never corrected their won/loss record from it all.

Before that, Texas Tech was :
































Nice Texas Tech.

And, nice place for your loser sons, loser Craig James. No one ever heard of you Craig James. Your teammates like Duper, yes.

All-Time without Mike Leach 416 wins 347 Losses 32 ties.

With Mike Leach : 86 wins in 10 years, only 42 losses.

9-4 with Mike Leach

Without Mike Leach ?

Not a damn freaking thing.

This is so typical of college football nowadays with ESPN.

All you have heard is the ESPN point of view.

This is NOT over.

Texas Tech is going down and this is going to cost Texas Tech MILLIONS.


Just as UGA now, must stand up and pay Decory Bryant $500,000, no matter what the court said.

UGA pay up. I am ashamed of UGA not paying Decory Bryant $500,000 and standing behind some GOVERNMENT YOU CAN’T SUE ME CRAP. Football is NOT GOVERNMENT. If it were my $100,000 in donations to the Athletic Fund would be tax deductible.

Texas Tech will.

U.S. Congress

December 31st, 2009
7:10 am

We Senators have nothing better to do than to mull over a bill which would force a playoff system in NCAA Football.The Economy is going great,there are no wars and the world is in complete harmony so we need something to do to justify the pay raises that were just ratified in a bill!!!


December 31st, 2009
10:12 am

For the BCS I would like to see a plus 1 system for the National Championship game where there are 5 BCS games pitting the top 10 rated teams against each other. The matchups would be simple 1 vs 3, 2 vs 4, 5 vs 7, 6 vs 8, and 9 vs 10. The championship game would be between the winners of 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 4, which could result in the number 3 & 4 team playing for the championship. So if you want a shot at the NC your goal is finish in the top 4 and if you want a BCS bowl finish in the top 10.

Next comes the question of where these games are played. I think a system of bids for the matchups should be used. Each BCS bowl would bid for NC game and for the position matchups.

The rest of the bowl games should match the best of the conferances with a change where the conferance rotated so the same conf didn’t play year after year.

Then the issue of filling the stands should be addressed. There is nothing more dishearting than to see a bowl game with empty stands. All of these games need to be jam-packed even if it takes selling tickets at 1/4-1/2 price and giving free beer and popcorn. The beer and popcorn was used as an example to show this needs to be a top piority.

Before we get off the BCS I would also like to see the ranking system to have a final BCS ranking after all the bowl games are played and that is where the teams are ranked at the start of the next season. You shouldn’t have to wait the next year for BCS ranking to come out as the system should flow right into the first game of the season.

THis thing with Mike Leach is really a mess. Forget Urban Meyer because Texas Tech just slam-dunked Mike Leach. I guess it just shows that any of us and be here today and gone tomorrow depending on whose toes we step on.

Miami just got beat by a better team. There is something to be said about those big old boys from the mid-west.

I for one would like to see a rule change about underclassmen declaring for the draft. Even though Eric Berry has all the tools and will most likely contribute right off in the NFL everybody who leaves early are not so gifted. Makes you wonder if Stafford sometimes wonders if his 41M was worth the beating be has taken this year.


December 31st, 2009
10:31 am

My last comment to wolverine and everyone else. Sure Florida only had 1 loss this year, and that was to #1 Alabama, but you have to come up with a system that
1) makes sense every year
2) isn’t subject to the whims of pollsters opinions
and 3) would actually get approved by all the various stakeholders.


December 31st, 2009
11:27 am

You’re just upset that Georgia was “denied” the NC in 2007. They were “denied” because of the games that they LOST. Get over it.

Dave R

December 31st, 2009
11:35 am

I think any playof system or psuedo-playoff system, even a ‘pure plus 1′ (adding one more BCS game, then pick the BCS title game participants after the bowls) would be better than the current system, but some seriously flawed proposals always seem to turn up in playoff threads

1 – non-power-of-2 playoffs; byes are a huge, huge advantage in football playoffs — despite all the efforts the NFL does to ensure parity, the teams that get a first-round bye in the playoffs win 3/4 of the time, so any system with byes for top seeds is pretty nearly giving the teams that get byes a free pass on to the next round.

2 – 8 team or smaller playoffs that give autobids to the BCS autobid conference champs. Between ties for conference and division titles, high-quality teams from non-autobid conferences, and independents, there are pretty much always more than two teams that are far more deserving than the one or two lowest-ranked BCS conference champions.

3 – Proposing that conferences be ‘forced’ to play a championship game. Unless you’re also going to force radical realignment of FBS into ten 12-team conferences (and force ND, Army, and Navy into conferences), this is pretty much impossible. You need 12 teams to play a championship game, the expansion options for the Big East are poor and would wreck CUSA, expanding the Pac 10 would gut the MWC, expanding the MWC would destroy the WAC, and getting viable conference or two out of what’s left of CUSA, the WAC, and the Sun Belt would be messy.


December 31st, 2009
12:07 pm

Where to begin.

So, the survery doesnt matter, huh? I guess in Tony’s World, the only surveys that matter are the ones that portray the BCS is a positive way.

With Tony, it’s always about the money…and the lies.

First, the BCS is a cartel (
Fraudulent and corrupt by its very definition.
That makes BCS “defenders” like Barnhart just corrupt liars.
But, I digress.

In every single other sport…at every single other level…in every other corner of the world…A REAL Champion is determined by a playoff. Period.

BCS defenders should call themselves…”The Flat-Earth Society.”

It’s only those that benefit from the corrupt system that seek to “maintain & continue” the corrupt system…in any endeavor, including college football and the BCS.

The model for an FBS/D1-A playoff system ALREADY EXISTS.
It’s called the FCS (D1-AA) (

Next, on the firing of Mike Leach:

Most “sportwriters” (including EVERYONE at ESPN) seem to have forgotten, the very same university that just fired Mike Leach……

And, just in case you forgot, TxTech hired Bobby Knight, after Indiana ultimatley fired him after many issues, including Knight being videotaped…choking one of his players at a practice.”

And TxTech, now find Leach’s action on Adam James unacceptable?
WHAT…A…PH*CKING…JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could the Adam James “punishment” have been handled better? Sure.
Was it a “fireable” offense. No. Several CURRENT NCAA HC’s have done MUCH worse, and not been fired.

This was an intentional, political “hit” on Leach. TxTech Football program will now simply and quickly begin to implode, which is EXACTLY what the Big 12 “money powers” wanted. TxTech was a complete “backwater” until Leach showed up, and that didnt sit too well with the Big 12 “money powers” at Texas, OK, and TxA&M, who had begun losing to KU and TxTech. TxTech win over Texas direclty cost Texas a shot a the BCS-NC game in 2008. How does an 11-1 TxTech team that beat #1 Texas not even get a BCS bid? Big 12 politics, thats how.

ESPN keeps playing a statement from a current TxTech OL player about how “happy” he and all the TxTech players are that Leach is out.

What ESPN is “purposely & conveniently” NOT REPORTING is that on 17 different, well-established and reputbale BIG 12, TxTech, and West Texas sportsblogs…and West Texas sportstalk radio…CURRENT AND RECENT/FORMER TxTech AND other BIG 12 players are completely “killing” Adam James, and the TxTech Adminstration.

Several current and former TxTech players, including former star QB Graham Harrel, the current TxTech OL coach, and the current TxTech WRs Coach are out PUBLICLY describing how truly awful Adam James was a teammate, player, and student.

Based on whats being WRITTEN & SAID PUBLICLY by his own teammates, James should be careful he doesnt get a “CODE RED” experience. His days at TxTech are numbered.

Very quickly we’re gonna hear how Adam James is transferring to SMU, (his Dad’s alma mater) because….the evnvironment at TxTech has become so disruptive and “poisoned” that he cant focus on his studies and athletics…blah, blah, blah.

I find it a bit “interesting” that the ONLY (2) Big 12 HC’s that PUBLICLY complained the most about how “rigged” and “tilted” the Big 12 had become towards programs like Texas, OK, and TxA&M (the “money programs”)have both been recently fired for rather “dubious” reasons. KU’s HC gets fired because he was “injuring his players’ self-esteem” ?? WTH !?

Well, America certainly is headed down the toliet.
Looks like D1 College Football is headed in the same direction.

Josh Grimm

January 3rd, 2010
2:01 am

[...] few of us exist. Tony Barnhart dismisses polls that show support for a playoff because those polls are too vague to actually mean anything (a good [...]


January 3rd, 2010
7:52 am

Top 8 ranked teams??? Ranked by who?? Biased coaches?? Sports writers that so many of you posters consider idiots?? How about a computer program written by the Tech NERDS?? Win or stay home!!! Florida lost to Alabama! Alabama in, Florida out!!! Conference championships should mean something. within a year or two there will be 8 12 or 14 team conferences an every thing will work out. Win your conference go on, don’t win stay home.

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