Why Boise State can’t play for the BCS championship

Everyone loves a Cinderella story, especially in sports. We love to see the underdog prevail. It brings us to tears when the little guy beats the big guy.

But having said all that you have to understand that, barring a total collapse of the major conferences, there is no way—at least no logical way–that No. 5 Boise State can play for the national championship.

The Broncos, who gave college football one of its most enduring memories when it beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl a couple of years ago, are ranked No. 5 in both this week’s USA Today Coaches poll and the first Harris Interactive poll. Those are the two human polls that—along with the average of several computer polls—make up the BCS Standings, which will be released for the first time on Oct. 18. On Dec. 6 the finally standings will be released and the top two teams in those standings will play for the BCS national championship on Jan. 8 in Pasadena, Calif.

There has been some discussion about what would happen if the Broncos went 13-0 (they play an extra game because they go to Hawaii this season) and the winners of the Big Boy conferences all have one loss. After what happened to Utah last season (the Utes went undefeated and didn’t get a sniff at the national title), would the voters in the human polls decide that it was time to give a little guy at shot and see what he could do in the big game?


They can’t. Not if they are doing their homework.

Here are the 12 Division I-A teams on the Boise State schedule for 2009. The Broncos have a 13th game against UC-Davis, a Division I-AA team. The teams are listed in order of ranking from a poll on CBSSports.com which ranks all the Division I-A teams 1-120.




Fresno State—69

La. Tech–76


Bowling Green—80



New Mexico State—103

San Jose State—107

Utah State—114

Miami (Ohio)—118


The Broncos have a quality win against Oregon, which looks even better since the Ducks beat California so decisively.

But after that, here are the cold, hard facts. Eleven of the 12 Division I-A teams on the Boise State schedule are rated 67 or worse.

Of those 11 teams, four are rated 103 or worse. To put it another way, there are 18 college football teams that rank 103 or worse. Boise State plays four of them.

If Boise State goes 13-0 this season I have no problem with the Broncos getting to one of the BCS Bowls. But I will say this.  Based on the schedules, Houston and TCU look like they would prevail over Boise State as the lone BCS Buster from the Coalition conferences.


Houston (3-0), ranked 15 and 13 in the human polls,  already has wins over Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. The Cougars of Kevin Sumlin could pick up another quality non-conference win next week at Mississippi State.


TCU (3-0), ranked 10 and 11 in the human polls, has gone on the road and won at Virginia and Clemson from the ACC. The Horned Frogs play in the Mountain West Conference, which is the best of the Coalition.


The bottom line is this: If there is only one spot in the BCS championship game available and it’s between a 13-0 Boise and a one-loss champ of the SEC, Big 12, Pac-10, or maybe even Big Ten, it has to go to the latter. Those conferences are simply playing a different level of football.


Am I wrong?


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September 29th, 2009
10:53 pm

“Based on the schedules, Houston and TCU look like they would prevail over Boise State as the lone BCS Buster from the Coalition conferences.”

Well, based on how you’ve seen them play, who do you think is the best team? Your opponents don’t determine how good you are, only how bad you are. By that I mean if you play a weak team and win hands down, that doesn’t make you a bad team. But if you play a weak team and lose, well thats another story.


September 29th, 2009
11:20 pm

Boise state fans here in Boise always mention the strength of schedule under their breath and move past it quickly, but the truth is, you can’t be the best if you don’t play the best – http://bit.ly/cdpxP

Motown Hound

September 30th, 2009
6:27 am

Mmmmmmm I’ll have a Miami (Ohio) with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles on top.


September 30th, 2009
7:32 am


September 30th, 2009
7:36 am

Boise State’s schedule is a disgrace…how do they sell season tickets?


September 30th, 2009
8:19 am

You’re wrong and here’s why you’re wrong. Schedules are set up years in advance. For Boise to get a shot at an SEC team, they’d have to get them to agree to play them 4 years or more from now. And here’s the catch: no SEC team will agree to do so. Few of the very good PAC 10, Big 10, or Big 12 schools will schedule a team like Boise State either because the school from the Pac 10, ACC, SEC, etc will feel they have little to gain and much to lose.

So you penalize the team from the non-BCS conference for not playing BCS teams. But the BCS teams won’t schedule those non-BCS schools on a regular basis. Kinda makes you understand why those guys are suing the NCAA doesn’t it?


September 30th, 2009
8:26 am

Gosh, I wonder why the ‘big boys’ don’t want a home & home arrangement with Boise State? Boise would make a fortune when they travel and the other team could just swallow the lost revenue when they make the return trip to Idaho. It’s only money… right?

I might buy a ticket to go to Tuscaloosa on a pleasant Saturday afternoon and watch the Tide play a practice game with some mid-major team. And there’s always that little bit of doubt in the back of your mind that maybe… just maybe, the Crimson Tide might find a way to really screw up and lose that game. It happens sometimes — once in a blue moon. But do you really think that I’m going to spend good money to travel 2000 miles and freeze my tail off in Smurfville to watch that same game? It ain’t happening brother.

If Boise wants to prove that they can play with the big boys, then they’re just gonna have to go to the big boys’ houses to play. That’s what Bobby Bowden did at Florida State. That’s the only option if they really want to make this argument. I don’t believe that’s what they want. It’s much better for them to keep running the same scam that they’ve been playing and smash cupcakes all season long so they can brag about being the only undefeated team at the end of the year.

They might not ever win a National Championship, but they can always make the argument that they “should have won it”. And it will always be impossible to prove them wrong. That’s a pretty nice gig, if you ask me.


September 30th, 2009
9:09 am

The heisman trophy , ,espy awards along with the all conference awards are a joke. It is all based on who the print media along with espn fall in love with.The B.C.S. will soon be that way also.

Look back at the most recent Heisman trophy winners and see how long they played in the N.F.L. Desmond Howard is now doing espn game day.

Case and point Mathew S. at Georgia; 3rd team all S.E.C., no espy .The number one draft pick in the N.F.L. . .Someone correct me if I am wrong that does mean he is the best college football player in the draft. Manning will likely go down as one of the best to play football. The list could go on about how the awards are jokes.
Have the Irish with a one lose season.They will play for the National Championship.BOOK IT!!!

Blaine Davies

September 30th, 2009
9:46 am

You’re not wrong within the context of the current system. However, you do make a strong case for a playoff system. What if Boise State is the best team in the nation? Is there any scenario under the current system where they have a chance to prove it? They could win every game 48 to 0 and it wouldn’t matter – they still would not get their shot at the national title. While many people have commented Boise State couldn’t hang with the big boys in the SEC or the Pac 10 over the course of a season, how do you know? We need a playoff system to give non-BCS teams a chance to prove their worth where it matters – not just in the polls but on the field.

[...] that holds the mid-major conferences down. But, we’ll take it and link to it… From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution a peek into the future: Why TCU and University of Houston will be better suited as BCS foil than [...]


September 30th, 2009
11:07 am

So under Georgia fans requirements Boise St. can’t make the title game because 4 years ago you guys stomped a mudhole in their butts. So using that logic you guys cant make the title game for 4 years because of the stains Florida left on your back sides last year to the tune of 49-10.

Yes I get it Boise St. doesn’t have the vaunted “SEC” schedule but they arent any less deserving. I agress with the poster earlier. If you don’t want them in the national title game rank them around 15 and don’t move them up. Ranking them #5 and watching them ascend to #2 ,which they will short of an upset, only to pull the rug out at the end is disgraceful. Barhnhart should be ashamed of himself for lobbying this early for the major conferences. He is almost as bad as that a-hole Danielson.The polls like politics are becoming completely divided at conference lines. I mean Ole Miss top 5? Are you serious? What world are we living in where Ole Miss the historical doormat of the SEC is all of sudden good? And after Alabama got taken to the woodshed in its last two games (Utah and Florida), were they deserving of a top 10 preseason ranking? Hell no. Did the earn it by stomping Tech, absolutely.But they never should have started that high. No doubt the SEC is the best conference in football top to bottom, but they arent head and shoulders above everyone else.

Boise deserves a shot if they are ranked that high. If you can’t run the table in the “SEC, Big 10, Big 12, ACC, Pac 10, Big East” and still be undefeated then you don’t deserve to go over a #2 ranked Boise State.


September 30th, 2009
12:46 pm

This is great!
Yes, I’m a Bronco fan. I want to be the first to congratulate Tony for his contribution to the Boise State program.
Here’s the big picture. Nobody from the Boise program is sizing themselves up for the NC game. They are just winning the games on their schedule. Tony needed something to write about. You all are in a frenzy, pointing fingers, stating facts, calling names. Money couldn’t buy the national attention we are reaping. I see more ticket sales, more talented recruits, and maybe a bigger stadium to play the big boys in some day. So please, keep it up. we’ll keep doing what we do. Eventually we will have the resources you all have.
Go Broncos


September 30th, 2009
2:58 pm

I agree with you. What do you think of this idea? Make Boise State a part of the Pac 10 and put Washington State in the WAC. Perhaps then they would be competing at the proper levels.

Need to Move up

September 30th, 2009
4:23 pm

Isn’t the real problem, not that Boise State’s schedule is weak, but that they are locked out of getting to a better conference. Their non-conference schedule wasn’t that bad when they set the games up. They scheduled Oregon, who has been on top. They scheduled Bowling Green when Omar Jacobs was playing and BGSU was a decent team. They scheduled Miami of Ohio the year Rothlesburger was playing, and they were on top of the MAC. Cal-Davis is an extra 13th game they added late.
The real problem is the in-conference schedule. The WAC is weak. The Broncos are 48-1 in the WAC since they entered the WAC in 2002. They have done all they can to prove that they belong in a more competitive conference. The NCAA needs to establish some system in which teams like BSU can petition to get into a better conference, because no one is extending an invitation. How can anyone say that Washington State is more deserving of a PAC-10 and BCS membership, than Boise State?


September 30th, 2009
5:04 pm

Finally, someone hit the nail on the head:

“If Boise State played SEC teams week in and week out, then they would be in the SEC or at least a BCS conference and would have a share of the disproportionate wealth that big conferences so stringently protects, and would be able to recruit more 5 star recruits. So given the incredible success and quality Boise State is able to produce on a tiny budget and 3 star athletes, I strongly suspect if they were playing the big boys every week, they would be as dominate with the bigger budget and better athletes that would follow.”


September 30th, 2009
5:07 pm

It’s too bad nobody will travel to the Blue to show Boise how bad they must suck. Instead you have Oklahoma playing Idaho State University. Next year Georgia is playing ISU too! No one wants to play BSU, especially in Boise because of the very good possibility of an early season loss that kills their opinion ranking. “The Big Boys” know they can make it to a title with one loss if it comes from another BB late in season.
Verdict: Big Boys need to grow a Big Pair and scedule the Big Blue and show us lowly taterchuggers how stupid our Big Dreams are!


September 30th, 2009
7:40 pm

Dead wrong. I’ll tell you what you should do. Call up the AD at your favorite SEC school and tell them that you’d like to do a home and away with BSU. When they laugh and say, “we are going to Boise,” you’ll know that is code for, “we aren’t going to take a chance at losing on the Blue like nearly every other team this decade.” Put up or shut up.

CF Fan

September 30th, 2009
8:28 pm

So I understand that there are tougher conferences, and tougher schedules out there, but why would you schedule your out of conference games against all big schools? Out of Conference games are usually “tune up” games or “fillers,” but You don’t see Florida Scheduling Texas do you?
Based on the logic that they need to play bigger schools then why doesn’t a BCS conference drop a low level team, and let them in. Until then Boise State is doing the smart thing. Play your conference schedule, and put one BCS/big team on the schedule that will jump you in the polls. If they don’t make the NCG too bad. Nobody can say they can beat them until they play them so they will always be the ** on the National Championship. Look at last year, yeah Florida is the National Champion and they have the hardware to prove it, but can they beat Utah? You can NOT say yes to that because it never happened. Florida beat Bama by 11 points, while Utah beat that same Bama team by a margin of 14. Based on your SOS and your Stats Utah would loose, but based on a semi direct comparison Utah wins. Until these “small” schools get the chance nobody will know, and I am not just saying one and done.
Yeah UGA blow up BSU in 2005 but can they do it today? If you as fans are sooo confident that a BSC school will beat BSU then push for your team to play a one and one. If it is such a “guaranteed win” I don’t see why every team in the BCS is not beating at Boise State’s door saying “we WANT to play you.” So other than a UGA team of 4 years ago the east coast BCS teams have not tried to schedule BSU. Four years ago! How many players are still at Boise State that were there for that game. NOT A SINGLE PLAYER. BSU’s team this year has 2 senior starters and about 50% of its team is under classmen. This shows that they are getting better and stronger yearly, and eventually these so called “big boys” will have to “man up” as you so say and they will have to play BSU on its field as well as their own.
We will see October 2010 when BSU plays VA Tech and see where this argument goes is after that.


September 30th, 2009
10:28 pm

you’re wrong. who pays you to print this garbage? most of your “powerhouse” teams know better than to schedule boise state. teams that would (tough sec teams) would think twice about scheduling the games in boise. boise state would schedule any game anywhere just for a shot at the title. they are not afraid. the current boise state team would be a top three team of any major conference (except maybe the sec) year in and year out.

boise state has the best overall record of the last five to ten years and against some very good teams. they have one of the best coaching staffs in the country and anyone who doesn’t think that coach peterson could coach an sec team to the title is a complete moron. so why don’t they deserve a shot? why wouldn’t a team with the best overall record in the last decade deserve a shot at the title? why wouldn’t one of the top five coaches in the country deserve to play for the national championship?

if there was a 16 team playoff system; a non-bcs conference team would win it at some point. your “big” conferences are run by people who don’t understand what it means to be “competitive.” they only understand dollars. major league baseball has a similar structure as the bcs in that all the money goes to the select few and yet the yankees haven’t won one in a long time. the bcs is a great example of what is wrong with this country. it’s as just as the “two-party” system.

Dr. K

September 30th, 2009
10:45 pm

Answer = “Playoff.” I prefer the 8 team variety, but would take anything. Then if Boise State can beat a Top-8 team in round 1, round 2, and then the championship game, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind what level they’re playing at. You can’t penalize Boise State for strength of schedule, because all any team can actually do on the field is win all their games. But the current BCS system inherently penalizes teams for strength of schedule, which is just another way of biasing the system toward the conferences in the cartel.

If NCAA basketball ran like the BCS, the 1990 UNLV Rebels wouldn’t have been given an opportunity because of their weak schedule in the Big West Conference. We’d have just handed the trophy to Duke. Instead, they got to play five games to the top, and then handed the Dukies a 103-73 shellacking. Nobody talks about the 1990 Rebels’ weak schedule because the system allowed them to settle it on the court. NCAA football needs to enforce the antri-trust laws on the books, bust the illegal monopoly, and settle the national championship the same way — ON THE FIELD!


October 1st, 2009
12:34 am

How can these voters in good conscience vote Boise #5?

It is careless and irresponsible of them to not take voting more seriously.


October 1st, 2009
1:27 am

I predict Boise drops in the polls this week regardless of the outcome of their game.

#5 Boise State vs. UC-Davis I-AA school. For shame Broncos!
#6 Virginia Tech at Duke. Gobblers looking good since opening game.
#7 Southern California at Cal. You cannot tell me a win by USC keeps them behind Boise.
#8 Oklahoma at Miami (FL). Ditto.



October 1st, 2009
1:47 am

Let’s not forget, that regardless of whether Boise State (or any other Non BCS team) goes to the NC game (or any other BCS game), they still only take home HALF the money that the BCS team does…even if the “mid-major” wins. For instance, Boise State beats Oklahoma, OK takes 13 mill home, 7 mil goes to BSU and an ADDITIONAL 7 mil goes to the BCS conferences. Utah beats Alabama, AL take home 18 Mil, Utah take 9 and an ADDITIONAL 9 mil goes to the BCS conferences. Even when they allow the little guys into the big bowls, they still rob them blind and make the rich richer. That is the reason why a serious anti-trust suit needs to be looked at.

common sense

October 2nd, 2009
2:56 pm

Enter your comments here

You are right. Until Boise State quits scheduling various Girl Scout Troops, they can’t be taken too seriously. It’s like USC having to take an SAT test, and Boise State taking a 3rd Grade STAR test.

Tom Dominick

October 2nd, 2009
10:36 pm

I disagree. Boise State is a true no. 5 team now and they will only get better. They dominated the team that slaughtefed the no. 6 team. Any one who complaims abouy their schedule should be willing to play them home and home. Otherwise, don’t mention their “poor schedule, hypocrites.PLAYOFF!!!

Mr T

October 2nd, 2009
10:37 pm

Enter your comments here


October 3rd, 2009
2:45 am


Your assumption that boise state can schedule BCS schools like fresno is wrong…. What do you think Oregon would say if Boise asked to schedule them again? NO…. the same goes with every ACC,SEC, Big ten… they dont want little old Boise to beat them and are to afraid to play them… So thus Boise has a weak schedule, that i agree with. Its hard to get a good schedule when you cant get in to a better conference, or top teams wont play you. So as boise has been doing is winning and proving to the nation that they are doing their job of the # 1 winningest team in the nation , and that all they can ask for until someone steps up and lets them prove them self’s yet once again in a big game! Stop calling Boise weak for a Weak Schedule! If you want them to play big dogs, then tell the big dogs to step up and to stop being scared.

Harley Miller

October 3rd, 2009
3:37 am

The big teams are not “afraid” to play BSU, but it is in no way in their best interest to play BSU home and home. Bronco stadium only holds about 33,000 so the financial payout has to be small, Idaho is a very low population state so opening up recruiting grounds is not a reason (like a Fresno in California for instance), or a resort type setting (like Hawaii or Reno).

But home field is one of the biggest single advantages in college football. SEC teams for the most part choose to play far lesser OOC teams and make sure that they get the majority of their games at home for good reason.

BSU originally had Oregon (Home) and Oregon State (Away) both scheduled for this year to go along with Tulsa (Away) who was good last year, Miami of Ohio (Home) which was scheduled when they had Rothlisberger and were good, and Bowling Green (Away) which was scheduled when they had Omar Jacobs and they were good.

Bowling Green and Miami of Ohio tanked, but that’s not BSU’s fault. OSU dropped the game and rescheduled in a later year to accommodate another game, (1AA Cal Davis replaced OSU on the schedule at short notice to add a 1 and done extra home game like the SEC does) and that is not BSU’s fault. Next year BSU has both Virginia Tech (In DC) and Oregon State (Home) on the schedule. BSU is improving their schedule while still seeking to keep at least 1/2 of their games as home games.


October 3rd, 2009
12:23 pm

For those of you stuck on Boise’s loss to Georgia in 2005, I guess unlike the bulldoggies the players off the BSU team are no longer there as they have graduated. Something maybe ya’ll aren’t familiar with at uga. Different team different coach and would be a different outcome this time. It’s all about $$$$$$$. Follow the $$$$$$$.


October 3rd, 2009
12:55 pm

TrueCrimson…didn’t you’re beloved tidybowls get their collective a**es
handed to them by Utah last year. I know..Iknow..you “big boys” always have the AQ excuses to fall back on. Utah’s super bowl, let down for us to be in the sugar, they’d only win 1 outa 10 times.. and on and on. Boise has a long long tradition of winning at every level they have played. The only scam that’s being run is the scam the big 6 run to hoard all the money for themselves. Don’t worry, if Boise runs the table this year I’m sure they’ll tweek the system again to make sure another non aq team ever starts out ranked as high as the Broncos were this year. Let’s penelize them 20 spots for just being in th WAC.


October 3rd, 2009
2:34 pm

boise has as good a team as any country.

we count 8-10 future nfl’ers on the roster atm. and the team is all sophomores. we’ll lose wilson and brockel to the nfl this season, but thats about it. pretty much the whole team comes back for ‘10 and ‘11. (including future heisman winner kellen moore)

you can dis bsu all you want. dont care. i dont think for one second you’ve actually seen bsu play.

the only team in the country that can hang with bsu on a neutral field is florida. period.

laugh all you want. bsu will just keep building it’s little dynasty, and just keep being the best program in college football today.

nobody in boise really expects to see the broncos in a nc game. not unless we are 38-0 at the end of ‘11. (dont laugh. it could happen. like a 20% chance or so.)

the bcs homers better pray we dont make it to the nc game. cuz if we make it, we’ll sure as hell win it.


October 3rd, 2009
2:37 pm

whoops… make that 41-0 at the end of 2011. forgot to count bowl games.

any sec teams have to win 41 straight to get to a NC game? didnt think so. so quit your bitchin.

mike lord

October 7th, 2009
9:55 pm

Wow, what would we all blog about if a playoff system happened? Just like cell phones I wonder how we functioned without them. What did I do when Boise State won the national title in 1980? (Div 1AA). ENJOY THE RIDE!! We probably won’t know what to talk about if we do finally get a playoff system. Or maybe we might talk about coaching-injuries-strategy-momentum-heart, etc.. Or when you finally go camping after years of staying in the city and it takes you a couple of hours to realize what the true experience was really about in the first place. Let’s hope we can go camping again soon….


October 12th, 2009
1:26 am

To: Every smack talker out there about small schools

Just because your a big school in the sec doesn’t mean a thing. You leave all of that bs off of the field and let the game begin. All of this speculation and talk is just that “talk”. give them a shot at what Boise State deserves. Lets see if they have what it takes, I think they would do okay, win…maybe…prove themselves most likely. Don’t forget they have mostly sophmores on their squad and like what 6 seniors!! If not this year, the next and the year after that as well!!!


October 15th, 2009
5:53 am

A few years ago Boise went 16-0 and ended up being ranked 5th at the end of the season. They beat every team they played EVEN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS that year. It hurts my brain to think how bad this system is that a team can go undeafeted and still get ranked below 4 teams that all had worse records and played fewer games.

League play

October 19th, 2009
10:01 am

OK Gents,
I live in Boise and am naturally a fan, however, I’m not saying they should be allowed a shot at the title no matter what. Everybody pretty much agrees that the system as it is just simply sucks, favoring some teams because of their name while dissing others that play better but aren’t one of the power house teams.

How about this, split the entire nation into four sections, within the section there are leagues with 10-12 teams each. At the end of every season the last placed team of one league will be downgraded into the league below, whereas the winner of the lower league gets moved up. The winners of the 4 top leagues (or maybe even number 1 and 2) are thrown into playoffs which in essence lead to a national championship game.

If an underdog team like Boise State manages to work its way up through the leagues and eventually beat an Alabama, USC of Florida, who could seriously still argue that they didn’t deserve it. It’s the same everywhere in life, you work your way up through the ranks until you make it to the top, until somebody better knocks you down.

One last thing, all you nay sayers on here, tell your team to play BSU (twice, @ home and on the road), and then we’ll talk again. I’m not saying Boise’s going to beat anybody, but at least we’ll know for sure. Right now we’re all just guessing anyway, so long everybody….


October 21st, 2009
2:16 am

I’ve been seeing and offering the same ol argument every season about the little guys getting a shot. Step back people. Ask yourself what the heck a playoff is. It is a system to allow teams that do not play each other to determine which one is better. If there wasn’t such a thing as a ‘playoff’, it would be invented to solve the problem faced with FBS – many teams from disparate conferences. Playoffs really are not defined as ’sec money grabs’. Their entire existence meaning and purpose in our world is to settle questions like is the WAC champion better than the ACC champ, etc. jeeze.


October 24th, 2009
2:53 pm

Time for a dose of reality:

During the Boise St. game last week, the WAC conference official kind of slipped and admitted that Boise St.’s schedule is “creative scheduling”… that is: enough to make sure they win every game, and still have a big enough win in there to make people talk about the school and conference.”

Folks, the whole thing is a publicity stunt. Boise St, doesn’t even WANT a shot at the championship, because THEY KNOW how bad it would be, and that people would stop talking about their school.

It’s very smart, really, they are gaming the very system that they are using to drum up publicity for their school.

Plain and simple… if they’re so good… if they really wanted a shot, why don’t they add some heavy hitters? Why not?


October 25th, 2009
2:32 am

maybe when the BCS gets sued again — this time for anti-trust relative items they’ll change their position and dinosaurs like this sort of prejudice logic will die.


October 25th, 2009
2:36 am

And to response to Sam above — BSU isn’t able to contract others. You think BSU wouldn’t love to play USC or Texas? That is a lot of money coming into Boise.

A) Most contracts are written in the stance that — USC won’t travel anywhere same with Texas, Florida, and other “heavy hitters” the “little guy” has to travel to their stadium.

B) Secondly, most “heavy hitters” won’t even offer to play BSU because the fear of losing is too great. Look what happened to Oregon. USC is totally into playing U of I when they are the worst in the WAC though. =/


October 25th, 2009
10:36 am

A bit late on finding this but let me tell you where you messed up. Just like many other BCS apologists you forgot about which games are on the road. See most of those games would be home games for an AQ team but two of the higher ranked games are on the road. Tulsa and Fresno State are thougher to beat on the road than playing a Michigan or Clemson at home. Any computer ranking that takes into account home and road games and rewards accordingly will currently have Boise State in the top 5 and deservedly so.

Donald W. Peebles

November 2nd, 2009
7:45 pm

We will never know if you are correct, because an unbeaten team from a non-BCS conference will never get the opportunity to prove otherwise. Here is how biases work;
Boise gets beat 41-13 bt Georgia and people conclude that Boise is an inferior program
Georgia gets beat by Florida 41-7 and people just say Georgia is having a down year
Subtle differences are ingrained in sports commentators, who project these biases to their listeners.
Mid-major schools can’t overcome such ignorant bias, even when they just might be fielding the best team in the country.

Uncle Ricco

November 7th, 2009
11:45 am

I have come up with what I believe to be a pretty good system for the BCS to stay intact, the bowls stay in place and have an eight team playoff, I would like your input Tony. I will use this year as an example. Their are a few adjustments that have to be made, but nothing in my estimation that would be too difficult. First, add the Cotton Bowl as a fifth BCS bowl game, play it at Jerry’s new stadium. This gives you the Cotton, Fiesta, Orange, Sugar, Rose and BCS Championship games as BCS bowls. Let the season end as usual and have the final BCS standings come out. The top 8 teams are your playoff teams. Let the lower tier bowls make their selections as usual. Now the twist, since one of the current BCS games actually gets two games (this year Pasadena gets the Rose and BCS games), let ALL the game sites that are not hosting the BCS Championship have an extra game to be played mid December, these would be your four quarterfinal games. Have BCS #1 vs #8, etc. The four losers of these games are guaranteed a spot in four of the BCS games against four at large teams. The four winners play a semifinal a week later at sites to be determined (I know this would be a problem, but I am thinking maybe the Chick-fil-A bowl/Holiday Bowl). The winners of this game play in the BCS Championship, the losers play in the last BCS bowl game left. So using this year as an example, the losing semifinal teams would play in the Rose Bowl, the winners in the BCS championship game. Your four losing quarterfinalist each get a spot in the Cotton, Sugar, Fiesta & Orange against at large teams. I know this will probably never happen, but I know I would love it and unless I am way off, it seems this would be feasible and very profitable for the powers that be and the host cities economies, along with not doing away with the bowl system. Your thoughts??


November 7th, 2009
7:59 pm

Give me a break, Boise St is a good football team but cannot be considered for a BCS championship with their schedule. Take the SEC, Florida and Alabama if undefeated this year should be able to play for the national championship, instead they will play for the SEC championship and only the winner will go on to the big game. Even if they are the only two undefeated teams in the top 5, only the winner will get the chance to win it all.
To me, that is a much more legitimate argument than a Boise St run for the BCS Championship. These weak conferences will never award their teams with this type of opportunity unless the rules change allowing them to play at least two games per season against good teams in stronger conferences. Unfortunately, teams like Georgia, Florida, Texas, Ohio State, USC, Michigan, Alabamba, etc, etc, dont want to play a team like this and they dont have to.
If Boise St feels they have a solid football program that will continue to grow, they need to join a real conference. I know it is much easier said than done but it is the only way they will be taken seriously. Perhaps if there were a playoff system in place teams like Boise St would have an opportunity to play their way to the top by beating the best. Until then they will just have to stand proud and appreciate the opportunities that come their way.



November 24th, 2009
12:57 pm

KC in Athens is an idiot. No one complains in the NFL because they all play the same teams. If Boise Smurphs played the same teams as an SEC, Big 12, Pac-10 or even MWC team then they would never have a chance at the BCS. Boise State should be grateful that they even have a chance at the BCS. Teams that have a strong schedule and go undefeated are the only teams that should complain about not playing in a NC. A playoff wouldn’t make Boise State better, it would embarass them and expose how awful they really are! Good luck against the Nevada Wolf pack for another WAC or I mean WAC’D OUT title. Supriseling Nevead went 0-3 before playing conference games. SHOCKER!


November 29th, 2009
11:05 pm

I think that since Boise St. has a strength of schedule (92 out 120) that is in the bottom half of all teams they should have a cap of #3. TCU is 57 out 120, therefore it has a schedule that barely qualifies it for the championship game.


November 30th, 2009
8:28 am

Boise state should play because they won against oregon and oregon won against usc who everybody thought that they will be a top 3 team. so boise deserves o play or the system should be changed and have an elimination championship with the top 12 teams playin eachother.


November 30th, 2009
8:34 am

Ai pt u’re an idiot u’re highly sec confrence isn’t that good compered to boise alone. if usc would play boise they would get their ass handed to them and so would many more teams. they win every game with class and a lot of pints diffrence. the system is wrong and it needs to be changed. they should have a system like the champions ligue with groop stages and elimination stages. That would be much more entertainig and more accurate on who is the best and there is proof it works just look at the champions league.


November 30th, 2009
7:29 pm

Yes, you are wrong.

While it’s popular for advocates of the “Blessed Conference System” to point to “strength of schedule”, when are those playing “stronger” schedules going to be held to account for “weakness of losses”? If Ohio State loses to PURDUE, are they really a top 25 team? (Answer: No!) If USC drops a game to Washington, are they a top-25 team? (Heck NO!)

I propose a new rule: Any team that loses to a team that is not ranked in the top-25 during the course of the year MUST YIELD its BCS berth (if any) to teams from any conference who have no such “weak losses”. So, if Ohio State loses to Purdue, and Purdue was never ranked during the year, and a Bowling Green team goes undefeated, Bowling Green goes to a BCS bowl and Ohio State can go to hell.

That would make “strength of schedule” actually mean something besides, “You can’t beat us because we REFUSE to play you!”

Yes, as far as I know, Boise State’s challenge to the Blessed Conferences has gone unanswered. The Broncos are willing to play anyone, anywhere. The Gators, the Tide, the Longhorns all cower in fear. They will not risk losing to Boise State.


December 2nd, 2009
8:30 am

I partialy agree with you i do believe that something needs to be done beacuse i’m not saying that Boise is the best but we will never know so a change needs to be made. they should make an elimination championship between the top 20 colleges in he BCS.