Georgia must get better play at quarterback


Happy Labor Day to everybody! A lot happened on this first weekend of college football. So what did we learn?


1. Georgia must get better play at quarterback.  It would be foolish to lay Georgia’s 24-10 loss at Oklahoma State at the feet of senior quarterback Joe Cox. It was a team loss if there ever was one. The kid was sick and deserves the benefit of the doubt. But here is the reality of playing in the SEC. The defensive coordinators around the league are going to look at that video tape. They will see Georgia’s first possession and how the Bulldogs just blew Oklahoma State off the ball. Then they will see the adjustments Oklahoma State made to put the pressure on the quarterback. At most SEC schools, if the defensive coordinator does not want you to run the ball, it is going to be difficult to run the ball. Ellis Johnson of South Carolina is one of the best defensive coordinators in college football. And trust me when I tell you that South Carolina’s defense is better than Oklahoma State’s. Somebody—Joe Cox, Logan Gray, somebody-is going to have to throw the ball down the field with consistency and find No. 8 (A.J. Green). Green is the best football player on the field. He has to get more touches.


2. The Sam Bradford injury changes a lot. Bradford suffered a sprained AC joint in his right shoulder during Saturday night’s 14-13 loss to BYU. He was scheduled to have an MRI on Sunday to determine the real extent of the damage.  He might get back for the Texas game on Oct. 17. Suddenly the national championship race, the Heisman Trophy race, and the Texas-OU game look completely different now. Now BYU (1-0) has to be in the national championship mix. The Cougars have Florida State, TCU, Air Force, and Utah at home. If BYU goes 12-0 against that schedule, they are going to be in the mix for the BCS national championship. And after such a ruckus was raised because undefeated Utah didn’t get a chance to play for the title last season, it might be hard for the voters to keep the Cougars out. Just keep it in mind.


3. We’ll find out about Tennessee this week. If I’m a Tennessee fan, I’m encouraged by the 63-7 win over Western Kentucky. It’s not just the final score that was impressive. It was the array of weapons that Tennessee showed on both offense and defense. We understand that Western Kentucky is not very good, but when Jonathan Crompton completes 21 of 28 for five touchdowns-after throwing only four TD passes all of last season-you have to be encouraged. With two running backs over 100 yards and 380 total yards of rushing, there is reason to be optimistic. We’ll learn a lot more about the Volunteers on Saturday when UCLA comes to town. The Bruins, who opened with a 33-14 win over San Diego State, are better than a year ago. But I will say this: The Tennessee-Florida game on Sept. 19 looks a little different right now.


4. It was not a good weekend for the ACC. Virginia Tech is really good. But the loss to Alabama was a bitter one for the ACC.  For three quarters Virginia Tech played toe-to-toe with Alabama. The Hokies were just as fast and hit just as hard. And quarterback Tyrod Taylor was playing pretty well. But Alabama just wore Virginia Tech down and dominated the fourth quarter to win 34-24. The ACC really, really, wanted this with win. The league certainly has balance because it sent 10 teams to bowls last season. But Virginia Tech, which was ranked No. 7, was probably the ACC’s best shot at a BCS championship contender. A lot can happen. Maybe Georgia Tech or Florida State plays their way into the discussion. But I think the ACC’s national championship hopes probably ended Saturday night at the Georgia Dome. FYI: Don’t be surprised if Virginia Tech wins the rest of its games if it can find a way to win at Georgia Tech on Oct. 17. With losses to Richmond (by Duke), William & Mary (by Virgnia), Baylor (by Wake Forest), California (by Maryland), South Carolina (by N.C. State), and to Alabama (by Virginia Tech) it was not a good weekend for the ACC.


5. Georgia Tech has a lot of weapons. They really do. Everybody knows about Jonathan Dwyer. Everybody knows about Josh Nesbitt and WR Bay-Bay Thomas. But you throw in Anthony Allen (26 yard TD catch), Jerrard Talent (68-yard punt return), Morgan Burnette (11th career interception) and you’ve still just scratched the surface on the guys who can make a difference. It’s going to be interesting to see how Clemson’s defense, with new coordinator Kevin Steele, tries to account for all of these weapons.


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September 7th, 2009
9:32 am

At least, when the SEC schedules patsies its lets play the patsy. The ACC lost to two 1AA and Baylor. The biggest win for the ACC was over MTSU. Since when is 498 to 155 in total offense playing toe to toe. VT was lucky to be in the game in the half. I thought at least you GT guys were good with numbers.


September 7th, 2009
9:32 am

While Joe Cox didn’t play very well, the primary blame for the loss to Okie State falls at the feet of Mike Bobo. He scripted an opening drive that utilized our power running game which resulted in an easy touchdown. After that we looked like we were trying to run some form of run and shoot with Cox dinking and dunking the ball on 1st and 2nd down. Pitiful job by the offensive coordinator.


September 7th, 2009
9:34 am

tony uses coach speak phrases that have little bearing on any game results.
georgia offense was slowed down because the georgia offensive line did not dominate the line of scrimmage and the receivers did not run good routes except for green.

tony, stop listening to color commenators who do not have a glue ,if they did the y would be on the field coaching.

the problem is not joe cox is you stated mr. college football,but the above!
please tony give us a break!


September 7th, 2009
9:35 am

The big 10 looked pretty weak as usual.


September 7th, 2009
9:38 am

WKU has over 50 freshmen and redshirt freshmen on the roster.;The score was 0-0 after the first quarter.

Most significantly Kiffin played his starters into the 4th quarter.


September 7th, 2009
9:39 am

Charlotte Gator…Florida’s defense played to not let Charlston score a TD. The never blitzed them. They never change up defenses. They played straight up. You did not see the defensive packages that Troy will see on Saturday. Even Troy will not see everything that Tennessee will see. Plus, Janoris Jenkins at CB and Dustin Doe at LB were suspended. They will be back next week. Cunningham at DE and Hicks at LB were hurt or not game ready and did not play. They will next week. The first team played one quarter. And the 3rd team played like the first team, and the 2nd and 3rd units played most of the game. The score of the Charleston game could have been 150-0 if the Gators had wanted to play full steam with the first unit for most of the game. Charleston was nothing more than a glorified high school year playing the best team in the nation. I would not worry to much about that game, my friend. I would worry about Deonte Thompson and Brandon James dropping almost every pass thrown to them. The Gators have an issue at the WR postion other than Riley Cooper and Aaron Hernandez. It could be come a big issue as the year goes on unless someone steps up in the coming weeks.

Gen Neyland

September 7th, 2009
9:40 am

The rally’n cry for the anti-Kiffin crowd now is wait till the big boys come a-knocking. I’d say the odds are in your favor, but not with UCLA. CLK’s background at USC will not allow it…

Red Elephants : Good show against VT. Game reminded me of a Frazier-Ali fight for 3 quarters.

Bullydawgs : Can sympathize with your frustration on a few calls in a real head-banger ballgame. Happens to us all. Take away the bad calls and there were only 99 other plays that could have altered the outcome…3 turnovers didn’t help either.

Re GT : Wait till the big boys come a-knocking. Oh, sorry. That’s an anti-Kiffin line.

Atlanta Gator

September 7th, 2009
9:46 am

Comments in response to Tony —-

(1) No kidding: Mark Richt must get better quarterback play if he wants UGA to finish better than 7-5. Question is, does Richt get it from a healthy Joe Cox or a young and relatively inexperienced Logan Gray? Time to shake it off and get ready for the Evil Genius’ South Carolina, which has its own set of offensive challenges.

(2) Sam Bradford’s shoulder sprain has two immediate impacts: First, Bradford is most likely out of the Heisman race. Second, Oklahoma is probably out of the hunt for another BCS title bid. Tough break for a good kid.

(3) Tennessee’s win over Western Kentucky is somewhat more meaningful than Florida’s win over Charleston Southern. The Volunteers are in their first season under a new coach, and have experienced problems generating a consistent offense for at least the two previous seasons. There remain big questions about Crompton as quarterback, but a win is always better than a loss, and a big win, even if it comes against a weak opponent is a confidence booster. The Vols now get two real challenges: the UCLA Bruins in Knoxville and the Gators in Gainesville. No time to crow about beating the Hilltoppers.

(4) Sorry, but I’m not sure how good Virginia Tech really is. I watched the game while I was working on the computer, with the ESPN gamecast on the internet and the TV on in the other room. Frankly, the Hokies looked a lot better on TV than they did statistically. Watching the game unfold play by play on the ESPN gamecast emphasized just how badly the Hokies matched up against Alabama; the Tide outgained the Hokies by 498 to 155 yards. If not for a 98-yard return for a touchdown by the Hokies combined with an uncharacteristic fumble and interception by the Tide, the result very easily could have been a 24-point margin rather than a 10-point margin.

(5) Sorry, but I did not watch any of the Georgia Tech-Jacksonville State game. Like the Florida-Charleston Southern game, it was not worthy of three and a half hours of my life. I’ll tune in Thursday when the Yellow Jackets play Clemson in a game that may determine the season for both.


September 7th, 2009
9:46 am

The GT fans on here are HIGHlarious…remind me again of who GT played?

That said, Tony’s headline is big DUH to me…we looked bad at QB, reminded me a lot of the JoeT3 days.


September 7th, 2009
9:47 am

Not much good to comment on. The Dogs just seem to lack the killer instinct. That is, when they get up on a team like OSU, they rarely seem to crank it up to put the game away and take all hope away from the other team. We had very poor special teams play, dropped passes, missed pic opportunties, we left the run game to early and on and on. We need to get pissed off and go for the jugular.

coach smith

September 7th, 2009
9:52 am

Everyone is looking AT THE FIRST GAME against a top 10 team on the road and thinking that everything is going to happen the same way in every game!

Good grief! Does anybody realize that football is about making changes, adjustments, AND PROGRESSING!


They will progress and still go 10-2/9-3

Carl Spackler

September 7th, 2009
9:57 am

Perhaps the coaches should have adapted their offensive scheme to their choice of QB…I don’t think Cox can make the reads quickly enough to go w/ a Pro Style set…CMR/Bobo had a whole year to put in a spread/opition type to meet Cox’s abilities…this round peg, square hole mind set is asking above and beyond what Cox can deliver…if they want to stay w/ Cox, then put him at least 5 yds back and give him more time to read the “D”…no turning your back to the line of scrimmage, everything is in front of you, and you take what they give you…surely, there are enough plays run out of the “shotgun” in that enormous playbook to give Cox a chance to succeed, and then maybe you can keep the “D” off balance by running plays out of the pro-style setup every now and then…guess we’ll see how good the coaching staff really are if they deceide to stick w/ Cox…hey, look what they’re doing for Tebow at Fl w/ Meyer inserting some pro-style plays to showcase any of Tebow’s ability to take snaps under center…it’s called coaching, not inserting the round peg into the square hole…BTW; take a look who is one of the projected pro-style QB’s coming out of H.S….I’ll give you a hint; he came back from a broken leg and gutted it out to lead his team to a State Championship…here’s the link..

Harry Dawg 73

September 7th, 2009
9:57 am

This season is in the tank. UGA will possibly win 5 to 6 games. They are rudderless with Joe Cox, they have a mediocre running game and the O line is down on thmesleves because their crippled leader TS is gone. Life is that way, Dawgs. Suck it up !!

We have no safeties and D Jones continues to be COMPLETELY out of the action unless he cheap shots a player in the most in opportune time. # 9 for UGA needs to sit down.

I say go with youth and play Logan Gray and Aaron Murray NOW,as they SUPPOSEDLY ARE the future. Our recruiting apparently, isn’t nning out either. Every year we are told that “we need one more year to mature” like they all were saying on Bull Dog Brunch of WSB radio Sunday afternoon. YOu could hear the resigantion in the voices of Kevin Butler and Jeff Dantzler. Foks, a loss to SC on Saturday night and the money alums will be howling.
It is gonna get ugly like it did in 77-79, when Dooley heard these same LOUD BOOS. That is how 1980-82 developed ………………..PRESSURE TO WIN was brought to bare.

This is a bad, bad, bad year and I have pulled for UGA since 1959.

CLass of 73

Hey Dogtards

September 7th, 2009
9:59 am

Amazing how the ACC can not have a good weekend based on the performances of its cellar teams (Duke, uva, wake (who should have a down year with all its defensive losses from last year), nc state, and maryland).

That’s like basing a week of sec play on how vandy, msu, kentucky, south carolina, and auburn/arkansas do.

The strength of the conference largely remains to be seen. VT held their own with alabama for the most part, even after losing their best offensive player for the season (and those of you who say the stats indicate it was more of a blowout than the scoreboard, that’s moronic. Beamer ball relies on special teams play. They practice special teams to the point where they can do things like take returns to the house consistently. Just because vt gets a lot of their yards there as opposed to rushing or passing doesn’t make them not count). Bama a large portion of its yards in the 4th when is systematically wore vt down. Definitely the better team, but beating a team by 10 based on 4th quarter play does not make a blowout.

Realistically, the comparative strengths of ACC v. SEC will remain the same this year. SEC will have more top 10 teams and teams that are capable of winning a national championship. ACC will have more competitive teams that are good but not great. See the SEC’s 1-6 records against ACC opponents when not counting Florida or Alabama. Fact is, the SEC is a 2-4 team conference every year, its just that those teams are usually really good. Playing msu and kentucky this year won’t be much different than playing duke and virginia and I’d much rather square up against auburn or arkansas than miami or fsu.

Anyways, ACC will shake out with both Techs, UNC, FSU, Miami, and Clemson as the better teams. BC is a wildcard but I don’t think they will crack the top 6. Wake seems to miss its nfl bound players and its offensive line looks like it has a few holes. NC State won’t be better than the 8th or 9th best team in the league with that offense. Duke could surprise this year and beat the teams while playing others close. I bet they win 3 conference games this year under Cutcliffe. Maryland seems to lack any intensity at all and its finally al groh’s time to be fired after a long season in virginia.

With losses to Richmond (by Duke), William & Mary (by Virgnia), Baylor (by Wake Forest), California (by Maryland), South Carolina (by N.C. State), and to Alabama (by Virginia Tech) it was not a good weekend for the ACC.

where is staff when you need him?

September 7th, 2009
10:00 am

so which is best? Playing a patsy and making evaluations on many players. Or playing a ranked team and come home scratching your head? You guys bragged about your “tuff” schedule; now live with it!

uGa, second best team in the State of Georgia!


September 7th, 2009
10:02 am

Before the Alabama/Virginia Tech game I almost predicted the game. I predicted Bama 31 Virginia Tech 17.The final score was Bama 34 Virginia Tech 24. I said Virginia Tech would probably score one offensive touchdown,one special teams touchdown and a field goal I also added they might score another field goal too, well it was a touchdown instead of a field goal making it 24.I guess I was a field goal(Bama) and a touchdown(Virginia Tech) away from predicting the score.Yeah I know close does’nt count.


September 7th, 2009
10:03 am

I think that Richts time at UGA is running out. His talent and wins are decreasing.

I am not impressed with the assistant coaches either. Joe Cox is a good kid but not a SEC QB. Can’t someone on the staff figure that out?

I saw the spring game an Logan Gray was impressive.Play him. The is a 7-5 6-6 team which after an almost a 10 year coaching stint doesn’t say much for Mark Richt.

Time for a change all the way up to the athletic Director.

George P

September 7th, 2009
10:08 am

You’re right, RomeDawg. Instead of stacking the out of conference schedule with SEC teams (Tech plays three this year), they should find teams from a good conference, like the Big 12. Oh, right, they play Kansas next year. Also in the years ahead are Alabama, Auburn, and South Carolina. Ole Miss would be on the schedule next year if they hadn’t bought out the contract.

At least Georgia isn’t playing teams like Louisiana-Lafayette, Colorado, Louisville, Coastal Carolina, and New Mexico State the next two years. Oh, wait. yes they are.


September 7th, 2009
10:08 am

‘m’ & ‘god and greyhound’ are one and the same. What is sad is that he takes the time to post under 2 different pseudonyms so that he can project that there are legions of GT faithful who care about CFB and are passionate about their crappy program and half empty facility.
‘Vincecomeback’ = is a poser GT troll and anyone who seriously believes that this is a GA fan lobbying for the firing of CMR and the hiring of CPJ has the emotional and intellectual capacity of a lobotomized 6 year old. Nice try big guy, you have us all fooled. You are so crafty and original with your trickery.


September 7th, 2009
10:08 am

How in the He!! can any realistic UGA fan say that “UGA will be fine”? The lack of preparation and discipline is the sign of another poorly coached team that will be LUCKY to win 7 games this year. We were supposed to be strong on the o-line and we score 10 points against the 93rd ranked defense last year. I can’t believe that OSU’s defense got SO much better in one offseason. The UGA staff had 7 + months to prepare for OSU (with plent of tape on this team and same players) and this was the best they could do??? I am saying it now because there has been plenty of evidence to support my theory, this coaching staff as currently constituted is NOT GOOD ENOUGH to make a difference and or run at a NC. If they were, they MUST/would excell when they do not have SUPERSTARS on the sideline and coach this team up…when has that ever occurred?

Comin' Down The Track

September 7th, 2009
10:10 am

Two questions, Tony:

1) The Dawgs threw everything at OSU but the kitchen sink on their first drive of the game and then went back to the same old sprint draw/wide receiver screen/dump off over the middle predictable mess as last year. What was that all about? Obviously, the first drive, although scripted, was extremely effective. What happened?

2) I am a fan of Joe Cox, but was he feeling the effects of illness or is he just not as qualified as were all hoping, praying and wishing for?


September 7th, 2009
10:18 am


As I stated last spring and over the summer:

SEC WEST – will be done between LSU and Bama. Bama was prepared for the season – LSU is talented – but still out of sync a bit defensively. Season way too young to be bold – but BAMA is on track.

FUNNY how it took BAMA only two seasons under Nick Saban to pass UGA as a program – Richt peaked in 2005 – teams since then very inconsistent.

2. UGA – I was scolded by WTF?? and others when mentioned that I thought that 2009 UGA could be 6-6 to potentially win 9 games. 6-6 may be an overstatement.

Same old UGA:
– Stupid penalties and critical moments (punt returns – not the clean hit by #9 Jones – UGA got hosed on that call).
– Special Teams – specifically kick-offs burned UGA yet again.
– Mediocre coaching. Offense was not prepared – horrible job by Bobo and staff. This was OSU folks!!!! UGA on a medicore year should beat OSU’s best.

UGA revised prdictions:

SC – UGA wins
ARK – Hogs win
LSU – LSU wins
TN – TN wins
Vandy – UGA wins
Florida – UF wins in a serious – serious thumping
TN Tech – UGA wins
Auburn – 50/50
KY – UGA wins
GT – GT wins big

This team is moving backwards – and is a mid pack SEC team. Your own worst enemy is yourself and your coaching. Not impressive at all and UGA deserves ZERO repsect. In college football – as BAMA knows this extremely well with our recent history – it is what have you done for me lately – and if you are not hot – you are forgotton. UGA is forgotton – and I say 6 -6.


[...] Tony Barnhart of the AJC writes that Georgia must get better play at quarterback. [...]


September 7th, 2009
10:19 am

I am like most other dog fans, i live and die with every play. Too bad The players and coaches arent that enthused…i watched the rerun yesterday and Samuel had some good runs but too inconsistent…I swear i can motivate a team better than we have ever with CMR..WTF is wrong with screaming at refs when they Blow calls….CMR probably tells them he will say a prayer for them…i was impressed with some ferocious hits from our defense…if CMR doesn’t challenge the forward spotting of the ball then his red flag will never be dirty…by the way all you negative tech fans will get always do, even the last so called title you had was not recognized by the entire football world so i say 1990 Nat’l Champs were the Colorado Buffaloes….sting on that lil bees…


September 7th, 2009
10:20 am


Any argument of ACC supremacy over the SEC looks particularly foolish this week. Just for your own credibility, you should save it for a more opportune time.


September 7th, 2009
10:20 am

Tony-coupe of questions that might sound dumb but maybe you will answer:

1. Why doesn’t Richt go back to calling offense? Gives Bobo more time to adjust his style and implement it in certain games or at certain times.

2. Was that first series just for show?????? Scripted????? or what….because we didn’t see any of it the rest of the game.

3. Sorry Tony 3 questions hahahaha-If UGA goes 2-2 in their next 4 games putting them at 2-3 on the season……Why take your lumps with a Senior QB? Do you switch and take your lumps with Murray?????? I think so.

Let’s get the SEC schedule going with a W

coach smith

September 7th, 2009
10:22 am

I could understand some of the Freaking out IF Georgia had lost to an unranked mid-level team at home BUT…….They lost a tough game on the road to a team that will be #6 this week!

did any of you see Georgia’s defense shut down one the top offenses in the country?

How in the world is SC and some of the others going to score on UGA?

DAWGS improve each week and still go 10-2/9-3


September 7th, 2009
10:30 am

As far as UGA this season? Let me preface this by saying I was rooting for a SEC win in this game.

BUT….Based solely on what I saw this weekend, UGA has only ONE SURE WIN left on it’s schedule. Dogs O was pathetic against a Big 12 D. That’s not to say that Okie State may not be a LOT better than we now think, or that UGA’s O cannot improve. If QB play does NOT improve, it will be a VERY long season for the puppies.

Georgia Headlines — 9/7/09 |

September 7th, 2009
10:31 am

[...] be back next year.”3.  Tony Barnhart of The AJC starts with the obvious this morning… Georgia needs much better play from quarterback Joe Cox.4.  Well, this doesn’t sound good… Cox didn’t sound too pleased that receivers [...]


September 7th, 2009
10:35 am

To all forlorn UGA fans:

Willie and Bobo aren’t up to it. Everybody knows that. To continue harping on that would be like flogging a dead horse—a complete waste of time. As I said before the OkieState game, the only one to blame is Richt. Everybody knows that too. So, unless Coach “Overpaid” suffers an “epiphany on the way to Damascus” OR unless Adams decides its about time to put the heat on, ain’t knothing going to change.

The only thing that will sppeed up events will be if UGA loses about 5 or 6 games with one or two Florida or Alabama type loses like last year, then things might start to get interesting.


September 7th, 2009
10:36 am

I hear the rumblings from Dawg fans about starting Joe Cox but he was the backup QB behind Stafford. Why start Logan Grey? It is easy to second guess the coaches decision but it makes sense why they started Joe Cox.The problem I seen with the Dawgs is they just don’t seem to have a killer type instinct, they are talented and play sound football but without killer instinct.When you lineup to play Alabama you might win but you are going to have to fight and earn it,Bama will not go down without a fight.Even in the Utah game Bama was gaining on them late in the game without an O-line.

Not Disappointed!

September 7th, 2009
10:48 am

I do believe Paul Johnson is sending his team a message. I belive the Jackets will be prepared for the Clemson! It should be a better game.

Ramblin Wreck!


September 7th, 2009
10:50 am

I know that Joe Cox was sick, but he’s not the guy. The sooner Mark Richt puts a clipboard back in his hands the better. The coaches lost this game.


September 7th, 2009
11:00 am

OKST is a top 10 team and they will be there at the end of the season. UGA is not a top 10. How come Chavis at LSU is the worlds greatest defensive coach and he gives up 23 to a team that has lost their last 15 games and Young at OKST is chopped liver because because he played against a “weak arm” qb? UGA probably will not see a better defense until they play fl.

How many bonehead plays will Rashad Jones make before WM pulls him off the field? He has terrible hands, and has NEVER wrapped up on a tackle. He cost us 2 tds against GT last year with his “bump” style, and yes the official was correct in makeing the call. I wonder if Jones had wrapped up the receiver, if the official would have thrown the flag?

This is going to be a disgusting week listening/reading about how great Mr. Mediocrity is at USC. That’s right Tony! he is a mediocre coach with a mediocre team. A one eyed grandma in a wheel chair could coach fl with the talent he had.(Well, maybe Ray Goof couldn’t).

Bama looked like the Bama of old. Wearing down the opposition and pounding them in the 4th qtr. Does Vegas have a line on a game after three qtrs?


September 7th, 2009
11:01 am

I agree Mambo, Cox was not the guy, at least on Saturday. I know he was sick, can’t fault him for that. But Richt should have went to Logan Gray or Aaron Murray. Cox was lucky he didn’t have 5 interceptions. His passes were consistently off, his timing was not good and he made bad decisions like running out of bounds and taking a loss when he could have thrown the ball away.

I put this one more on Richt than I do Cox. We will know more about Cox after this week but I’m worried Cox may not be the guy we want.


September 7th, 2009
11:01 am

‘Bama about as solid as i figured they’d be – Ro McClain should have his a z z benched for a few games for pushing a ref – but the dawgs have plenty of reasons to worry.
(1) O line wasn’t nearly as good as predicted. With the loss of a great LT, this could be a real problem.
(2) Running game wasn’t anything special. And this against a Big 12 defense designed specifically to stop spread passing offenses. Woe unto UGA when they line up against a power SEC defense.
(3) Receivers weren’t good. AJ was okay, but no #2 or tight ends mean big trouble when teams start bracketing / AJ on every down.
(4) Quarterback issues. Look, i understand that everyone gets a mulligan once in a while. UGA doesn’t have time to wait for Joe to settle down and display some leadership. Replace him already and get on with finding someone who can rally the troops.

UGA has athletes and a good enough coaching staff to get past this weak effort they put up in Stillwater. Man up and get the season back on track!

Alabama looks pretty darned good – it’s great to be a ‘Bama fan! RTR!!!!!

[...] hey … where are the kudos? Hello? Anybody out [...]


September 7th, 2009
11:09 am

Speaking of bonehead plays, how many did Branden Smith have? I wanted to kick him through the TV. Jumping on his own guy when they could have downed the ball and at the 2 yard line, and ended up knocking the ball in the end zone. Then running the kickoff 7-8 yards deep out of the end azone and not even making it back to the 20. He did that more than once. They need to coach this kid up.


September 7th, 2009
11:11 am

The Dog’s need to protect the quarterback better. The O-line cannot allow Cox to get hit and be under constant pressure. The Cox fumble was the key turnover last Saturday, the dogs had managed to overcome the other mistakes and turnovers.

Johnny Test

September 7th, 2009
11:31 am

Ok, fair weather DAWG fans before you commit sepaku let’s put things in perspective. Is Oklahoma State good or mediocre? They are a senior laden team with three of the best skill players on offense in the nation. This was the biggest game in the history of their program. Their defense is better than last year. I say they are pretty darn good and when we look back on this it won’t look as bad. Folks who say they are average didn’t play them they played 1AA schools.

Now how about us? Lots of young players, Braden Smith for one, playing for the first time ever and making some mistakes. Dropped passes, fumbles, mistakes that come from inexperience; Didn’t look like a vetern team because it isn’t.Cox can and will play better. The defense played good. There was no pressure on the QB because we were only rushing three folks in passing situations. They stacked the line to stop the run and we did not adjust effectively. South Carolina will do the same thing so Bobo has to do a better job.

Weather you like it or not this is a young inexperienced team in many key positions. But we will get better. We will beat South Carolina. That’s all we need to focus on right now.

Gdawg 82

September 7th, 2009
11:36 am

If I’m Green, I transfer immediately. Richt seems intent on subjecting us to another Joe T disaster. He has been watching Cox for 5 years and he must’ve known what we all know now and that is that Cox is a marginal talent at best.

If Cox was sick on Sat and played the whole game, it means we have no other viable option at QB. This is not Joe Cox fault. It is Richt’s fault for putting the program in this awful position again.

Rather than holding us all hostage for a Joe Cox farewell tour (and the 5 or 6 losses that will come with it), start Murray-he is the future. Only then it be worthwile to sit through the weekly beatings that are sure to come.

Richt has become Bobby Cox and/or Phil Fulmer. His staff is substandard and he doesn’t have near the same mindset that the guys hoisting the crystal footballs have.

We were a disappointent with Stafford and Moreno and an utter diaster without them. This is a program going backwards in a hurry. We are back to the Goff/Donnan standard-great recruiting classes-lose every big game we play. Talent can’t compensate for lackluster coaching.

Carl Spackler

September 7th, 2009
11:38 am

Here’s something to think about…say they deceide to stick w/ Cox and somehow he stumbles through the year…guess what, more of the same coming next year…if CMR/Bobo didn’t give Cox/Gray any playing time in mop of duties the past few years, or at least giving some meaninful reps under center for experience sake, then you you better get ready with more execuses, because 20010 is already starting to look like 2009 in the making…are CMR/Bobo so poor at evaluating talent that they can’t see that Cox wasn’t the man, or have they been treating this just as a rebuilding year all along and we’ll start to see some new faces after the 3rd game this year…awful early in the year to be throwing in the towel, but if a big change isn’t made this week, then there’s always 2011…forget about 2010 because you’re going to see more of the same next year…turn the car keys over to Gray or Murray, and if one of them aren’t the answer well, maybe Met will be “coached up” to being a college level QB by that time…Met just looks lost, but he’s no dummy and being in a stable scheme for a year or so should pay off in his favor…BTW, I love when DB’s lite up a receiver; I think it should be a part of the game plan to wack someone so hard on a down and out or an across the middle type of play to set the tone and having that player looking over his shoulders, also it cuts a few inches off their arm lengths (aligator arms)…

Smyrna Man

September 7th, 2009
11:41 am

For all you Dawg fans Barking about how CMR “Stole’ the top WR in Tenn… Check the stats… Marlon Brown didnt even see the field while a freshman WR from Paris, TN (who decommitted from UF on signing day and commited to the Vols) named Marsalis Teague lead the Vols in receiving. 6 rec, 86 yards and a TD Ouch… Grandma?? What were you thinking. Oh BTW, Kiffin already has 2 “Marlon Browns” verballed to us for ‘10 signing day. Trust me dawg fans, CMR’s Rule #7 “Ask God for Help”, will be rule #1 come Oct 10th in Knoxville. Remember 07 in Knoxville? 28-0 at the Half.


September 7th, 2009
11:42 am

Bama fans: Enough with the lectures. You have a great coaching staff. We do not. A MNC or SECC is not in the future for UGA with the current group of cluless, 2nd rate coaches. Good god, they really thought Joe Cox was an SEC QB-pathetic!

Enjoy another run at the title. We will be sitting back in awe and envy.


September 7th, 2009
11:45 am

What game were you Va Tech/ACC apologist watching Saturday night?

Va Tech did not go toe-to-toe with Bama. Without silly penalties by Bama the game would have been a blowout. And, instead of running out the clock in the 4th quarter, Bama could have scored another touchdown and won by 17.

UGA fans, it’s not the end of the world. It was just one (non-conference) game. This week’s game is much more important for you guys.


September 7th, 2009
11:46 am

I wonder if Georgia’s fans are really the panicky, unappreciative, know-it-all, blowhard jackholes as portrayed on the AJC blogs, or if these posts are really from Tech folks seeking to make their rivals look like mental midgets.

If it’s the former, God help UGA, because its fans belong in padded rooms. If it’s the latter, well played, and carry on.


September 7th, 2009
11:48 am

There were some passes dropped but Cox was a disappointment. I wasn’t impressed with him when I watched the spring game. He’s gonna have to turn things around or it could be a long season. We found out last season what happens when you have poor QB play.

I was impressed with Bama and they look like the team to beat in the West.

LSU played lethargically on defense. I’m hoping it was because of the long trip and the time difference. The offense was very conservative and has to play better as well.

UT was impressive and they may be better than predicted. With upcoming games with UCLA and Florida, we will find out soon.

Geaux Tigers

Dog Days

September 7th, 2009
11:49 am

Let Richt do whatever the hell he wants. Play Cox the whole season and let the Tiatanic sink-it’s the only way we are going to get the chhnages in Athens that are so badly needed.

UGA has become a stale program. The coaching is unbeliveably lackluster. These coaches know no matter how badly the perform, they will all get raises and bonuses at years end.

Richt was perfectly happy with what he saw on Sat-his only observation was a Bobby Cox-like “turnovers were the difference”.

Typical UGA fan

September 7th, 2009
11:53 am

All is lost. Not only is this season doomed, but UGA will never win a game until Aaron Murray’s great, great, great grandson becomes the head coach. Every SEC school but us has won a national championship in the past two seasons. We haven’t won a game since Vince Dooley retired. It’s all Willie Martinez’ fault. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Then, a win over South Carolina.

We’re on a roll now! Joe Cox just needed to work the kinks out, he’s another D.J. Shockley. Oklahoma State IS a really good team, you know. We probably won’t lose again until after Zach Mettenberger’s senior season. Martinez, your D played ONE good game, don’t be getting too comfortable.

What a pack of idiots.

Not Disappointed!

September 7th, 2009
11:57 am

<—————— Ga Tech fan here!

I was pulling for Va Tech against Bama and the lost. They should’ve lost. Bama is Back baby! They are the Shiznick!!!! (I can spell it they way Snop Dogg pronouces) They are really back! They were fun to watch! They maybe the only team to handle Florida.

It was a good game.

Ramblin Wreck!