Was Tim Tebow “virginity” question out of bounds?


Birmingham—I get emails all the time basically asking why the media makes such a big deal out of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

 The notes I get basically say the same thing: “Well, yeah, Tebow’s a good football player and all that, but NOBODY is that good of a person. You geeks/nerds/idiots in the media need to quit fawning all over this guy and building him up. It’s too much.”

They even have a name for this attitude. It’s called the “Tebow Backlash.”

One of my mentors in the business, Irwin Smallwood of Greensboro, N.C., taught me as a rookie that reporters should always be skeptical but never cynical. But the media in the 21st century, at least what’s left of it, is incredibly cynical when it comes to analyzing Good. We don’t trust Good. Good has let us down too many times. After years of watching the Michael Vicks of the world, it’s easier (and professionally safer) to assume that Good is just a temporary destination on the way to Bad.

But here’s the deal with Tebow and I can only speak for myself. Every time that I think I have seen the limits of Tim Tebow, the athlete and human being, he does something else to make me realize that he is a once in a generation—maybe once in a lifetime—kind of person and athlete.

Thursday at SEC Media Days was a perfect example. I had a chance to spend some time with Tebow when we videotaped an interview for “Talkin’ Football” on CSS. Tebow was asked if the 2009 season, his last as a college football player, was one where anything less than an undefeated national championship would be considered a disappointment.

“Not at all. Would we like to win the SEC again? Absolutely. Would we like to win all of our games? You bet,” Tebow said. “Would we like to get another shot to play for the national championship? Of course. But this season is not going to be a failure if we don’t finish No. 1. This is about all of us getting close as a team and some of us enjoying our final season together.”

Sounds like a pretty healthy attitude.

Tebow’s personal ministry has taken him to a number of prisons over the years. But on Thursday he talked about a recent visit to Death Row. These were some of the worst for the worst. But Tebow went anyway.

“Think about that,” said Florida coach Urban Meyer. “Does it get any tougher than that? How many of us could look those men in the eye? And he does it because he wants to help. It was what he was put here to do.”

After our talk Tebow again showed why he is different than any other athlete I’ve covered. In a large interview room he was asked a totally inappropriate question—whether or not he is still a virgin (I am not going to mention the person’s name who asked the question or his website. It’s out there if you really want it).

 Tebow was within his rights to get up and walk out of the room. He was within his rights to tell the questioner that it was none of his damned business. Instead he said “Yes, I am.” The reporters in the room—at least the ones with integrity—were clearly uncomfortable at the line of questioning. Tebow laughed and put them at ease.

He took a situation where a “reporter” was clearly out of line and made light of it. It was a move few us could have made so deftly.

Look, I’m a big boy. This is the SEC and it’s a tough, competitive situation. And if you have to compete against Tebow there is only so much you can like the guy. I get that.

But I also get this. Tebow has a chance to finish his football career with three national championships, three SEC championships, and two Heisman Trophies. Are the odds against that? Of course. But if he pulls it off, you have to start talking about Tebow as perhaps the greatest college football player of all time.

And he’s done it all with a level of commitment to something bigger than football that we have rarely seen. When it comes to his faith, he has talked the talk and then he has walked the walk. To him, the slings and arrows from the cynics are worth it because the media exposure—good and bad—gives him a platform to talk about the more important things in his life.

So I, for one, am not going to spend a lot of time waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to Tim Tebow. I’m going to enjoy his final season at Florida, regardless of how it turns out. Because after he’s gone, we probably won’t see another one like him for a long, long time. If ever.

The guy is good. Really good.  And we are all going to have to get comfortable with that.


Programming note: Bob Neal, Mark Schlabach, Sandra Golden and I will do our final CSS “Talkin’ Football” show from SEC Media Days today at 6 p.m., Eastern time. Among the coaches  scheduled to appear are Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin, LSU’s Les Miles, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier, and Auburn’s Gene Chizik. Please join us.


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Michael M

July 24th, 2009
11:47 pm

Honestly he’s a good guy. But I do get sick of seeing him in the media. Probably because I go to FSU and hate gators. If he only played for anyone else I’d probably be a fan. I just hate gator nation.


July 25th, 2009
12:35 am

Have to admit, as a Dawgs fan through and through, even so my husband (Clemson alum) and I both have to admire Tebow for his work in the Phillipines and prisons. He is an exemplary Christian all the way down to his eye-black, Phillipians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

That being said, on Halloween Day I hope the Dawgs sack him 6 times like in ‘07. Dawg bless Tim Tebow.

april glaspie

July 25th, 2009
2:01 am

Here’s the deal. He’s not a prophet and he didn’t bring any convicts to God. Are you an idiot? And when he went to death row, did he militate for the idea that human beings have no right to claim they’ve cleaved ti jesus and that they also believe in the death penalty. The circumcisions? If a doctor signed off on that he was an idiot that ought to have his license lifted. Tim Tebow got inmates to praise the lord?OOeeh. Sorry, but this guy may believe he’s the Savior, but I’d like to get Scully’s take oon that. As a football player, maybe he’s Jak Mildren. Teams win championships and Urban Meyer might buy them. When a supposed College football expert starts telling you Tebpw is the real deal because of the comvicts that testified because og his “ministry” , swallow that puke in your throat.. This is idiot hagiography, and that claim that Georgia beat Florida because Tebow was hurt, hat’s hilarious. Why didn’t God make jhim better?

The bidness about Tim testifying to the death row guys, I presume he’s just like every other conservative jerk that claims he believes in a culture of life but is just fine with the death penalty and blowing up Lebamon. He’s probably a decent kid that surely doesn’t need to be told he’s the actual Savior.


July 25th, 2009
6:10 am

Right on, april. I could give a f–k less about murderers on death row. Who put them there? They will have an opportunity to see a priest before the end. I bet they didn’t give their victims one.

Slimeball reporter

July 25th, 2009
8:43 am

Hey, why would anyone be surprised? We see that type of thing from slimeball reporters everyday and the slimeball entertainment(sleaze) industry leads the way!!!


July 25th, 2009
8:44 am

THE QUESTION exhibits what’s wrong with journalism today.

Coach Puke

July 25th, 2009
8:48 am

The reporter is probably friends with this slimeball coach who was afraid he would lose a recruit to UT:

Freom Kiffins SEC interview-

He answered them all, and even talked about a recent question from the parent of a recruit, who Kiffin said had been told by another coach that Tennessee is a “renegade program” like Miami from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“We’ve had one full semester of school, OK?” Kiffin said, recalling his response during a final session with several hundred print and Internet reporters early Friday afternoon. “A renegade program would never have the largest GPA jump in over four years. … We’ve been there over seven months and had zero arrests. To me, that speaks volumes about discipline.”


July 25th, 2009
9:08 am

If the reporter can ask Tebow if he’s a virgin, don’t you think that Tebow should be able to ask the reporter if he’s “Gay”. Don’t take offense at my comment unless you also take offense with the reporter’s question.


July 25th, 2009
10:28 am

M-If you think the ACC belongs on the same football field as the SEC you clearly need to be under a doctors care.Please go back to your pathetic tech blog and leave the real college football to the people in the know.Dont forget-next oppurtunity to beat GEORGIA 2016.


July 25th, 2009
10:44 am

Someone on one of these blogs last season posted a link to Tebow’s girlfriend and, let me tell you folks, this girl is an absoloute knockout. If Tebow is a virgin, then I’m Elvis Presley! The truth of the matter is, it’s nobody’s damned business except his and he should have smacked that idiot against the wall and told him as much.


July 25th, 2009
10:56 am

I hope that Tim Tebow is as good a person as he appears to be. that being said none of us are perfect.This is another example of what is wrong with our news reporting today and perhaps a symptom of a problem with our society in general.They cannot accept a person for who he is- instead they try to find something they can use to attack him in the public media. I am proud of Tim Tebow and I wish him much success in 2009!


July 25th, 2009
11:40 am

Thank you. Tebow didn’t tout his ‘laying hands’ on felons. The media and the coach marveled at his sermon and the seeming effect it had on the convicts causing 18 (18!) to submit their life to Christ.

Reality Check (Rational Citizen?) Well said as usual.
This whole God thing in football has become so convoluted. Thanking God for scoring a touchdown, pointing to the sky, Reggie White and Warner claiming ‘God’ would tell them where to play football next. Curiosly, the divine recommended the general manager with the largest contract each time.

He seems like such a sincere kid. If he were Jewish or Muslim and behaved the same way, how much different would the reaction be?


July 25th, 2009
12:08 pm

I have read posts on this article about finding a reason to not like Tebow. I think that is why as fans of the Gators opponets we try to find something to not like. We go ove every detail trying to find that one fault we can jump on. His throwing mechanics, he is no true QB, He will never make it in the NFL, blah, blah, blah. Maybe the reason we don’t like Tebow is because 1) he is a Gator, and 2) we believe he is perfect. Now as a Dawg fan and having our tails handed to us time after time, I am guilty of searching hard to find ways to not like the guy. The only reason I have come up with is that he is a UF Gator. Not much of a reason , is it? Tim Tebow is the greatest Colleger player since Hershel Walker. In the end he may be better, if he does what Barnhardt says he could possibly do this year. I have the upmost respect for Tebow as a player, a QB, and as the person he is. It is easy to root for him to have a long prosperous career where he will have that platform much like Tony Dungy to spread his personal word of his Savior. But for now, I will try my hardest not to like him while he is still a UF Gator, at least until after the WLOCP. Wish you the best Teabow, but GO DAWGS !!!!


July 25th, 2009
3:11 pm

Holy crap! Suddenly all you jerks are kind and generous angels. Vomit!

Football Fan

July 25th, 2009
4:11 pm

I’m sorry, but I’m Tebow’s age and he doesn’t get any extra points for claiming he’s a virgin. You’d be surprised at the number of people who do all sorts of intimate actions but claim to be “virgins” because they have yet to do one particular action. You do remember President Clinton and the conversation his poor judgment inspired.

Many kids our age will do exactly what Monica Lewinsky did and then straight up tell you they are virgins. Some will go even further than that and still claim that they are chaste too.

So you people must be old because if your next question after someone claims to be a virgin isn’t “define virgin”, then you are clueless. Kids today have a different concept of what “virgin” means and you would be surprised that many of them claim to have strong faith and wear rings and bracelets signifying their “commitment”, yet, well you get the idea.

And this idea that you are not a “good Christian”, or you weren’t “raised right” unless you are a virgin on your wedding day is wrong and narrow minded. And I bet most of your kids fooled you just like many other kids fool their parents but still show up to church and youth ministries, retreats (where lots of intimate contact happens, one reason why they are so popular) and participate in all types of activities that lead their parents and adults to think and say nice tings about them.


July 25th, 2009
4:13 pm

What’s worse: Someone in the media asking a college kid about his sex life, someone in the media devoting a collumn to a question about a college kid’s sex life, or a college kid with no sex life?

Football Fan

July 25th, 2009
4:28 pm

RJ, you first have to define “sex life”, but I would say a college kid not having a sex life. There has been, and will always be, a certain sex-negative segment of society and those who make money off of sex (ie. prostitutes, commercials, newspaper columnist and tv personalities).

But the reason why the worst is the lack of a sex life is because we know it can lead to some unhealthy circumstances down the road.


July 25th, 2009
5:40 pm

Again…like the other Dawg fans….I am so trying not to like Tebow, however…I can’t do it. He’s a good person…period. Just because he doesn’t wear the red and black doesn’t mean that I can’t say that. Why can’t I say that I love the Dawgs and despise the Gators, yet appreciate the man for who he is??? Great competitor, scholar, human being….and most importantly role model for my kids. His parents have to proud. The question was handled perfectly because it is not a big deal to him. That being said, it was not appropriate. Good luck Tebow….and I hope we beat the pants off the Gators in jax.


July 25th, 2009
5:40 pm

Football Fan

Saying you are a virgin doesn’t make you one anymore than saying you are a Christian makes you one. As far as good Christians having premarital sex. They aren’t good Christians if they continue in that sin. Nor are they Christians if they are gay, fornicators etc. Not my words but God’s words. If you have a problem with that then you need to take it up with him.

As for your comment on being narrow minded you are correct. Those entering heaven enter through the narrow gate. Chances are if society says it is right or ok it is just the opposite.

What does a man profit if he gains the whole world but loses his soul. Again not my words but God’s.


July 25th, 2009
6:52 pm

What does a man profit if he never actually uses his brain? Football fan is right about our puritanical society. Some of the most mean spirited people I’ve ever met boast of their ‘life in Christ’. The same people who proudly never use profanity but find it perfectly reasonable and funny to refer to another as fat or ugly. You sound like a Reggie White disciple and guessing you subscribe to the theory that gays can be ‘cured’ by Jesus.

The absolutism all you bible thumpers share is repellant. It’s genetic. Have you ever heard of Darwin’s research of the Galapogos islands? He proved homosexuality in nature is a function of population control and conservation of resources.

Why am I wasting good ink here? Sorry. I like the kid so very much but can’t take people like Urban Meyers (go gator) marveling at 18 (18!) convicted felons testifying to Jesus after Tim spoke. What does that mean??? Absolutely nothing. I can’t take Thom Brennamen saying ‘you’re a better person if you spend only 15 minutes in his presence’.
Come on man

Football Fan Baby

July 25th, 2009
7:00 pm

Completely out of line in a public setting. If he was doing a solo interview that is one thing. That’s like asking a coach or other players how many women they have bedded. That guy should never credentialed at SEC media days again.

His name is Clay Travis and he works for Fanhouse.com. Gator fans should send him an e-mail.

Old Dawg

July 25th, 2009
8:01 pm

The question is completely out of line. I worked as a sports writer for the majority of my career and I would never have asked a question like that. Even when the sexual orientation of female professional tennis players were in question, it never came up in group interview sessions after matches and there was an quiet agreement that it was it was out of bounds.

On rare occasions sexual orientation and other personal issues came up in one-on-one interviews. But only if the athlete brought the subject up.

Who ever the questioner is, his SEC credentials should be rescinded.

Ken Stallings

July 25th, 2009
9:38 pm

Tim Tebow would be the last person on earth to say he’s perfect. He’s a Christian. He knows better!

However, since when does a person have to be perfect to be respected for who he is and to be considered a good person?

It annoys me how the media is cynical, and eager it seems to await a good person’s first public significant mistake so they can rejoice in the moment.

The problem with sports reporting today is there are more people out there like Tim Tebow than like Mike Vick. It is unfortunate that good people being good so rarely gets coverage like it deserves.

I’ll provide another example of a young man who was excellent on the field and off it. Phillip Rivers at NC State was everything a person could be. What about Tim Duncan and David Robinson? There are many others.

Frankly, I would be most happy if the media, vice cynically viewing this fact, would rejoice in it and celebrate it. Pay less attention to the Mike Vicks of the world and more to the Rivers, Robinsons, and Tebows.


July 25th, 2009
10:52 pm

Yeah Tebow is a beast on the field. He’s even better at playing you media types. He just seems so affected by it all.

Pago Flyer

July 25th, 2009
11:51 pm

Don’t you find it interesting that Tony would not reveal the name of the so called reporter?? What is Tony afraid of????
Oh well, another Heisman for Tebow and another #1 final ranking.

Football Fan

July 26th, 2009
3:54 am

As for your comment on being narrow minded you are correct. Those entering heaven enter through the narrow gate. Chances are if society says it is right or ok it is just the opposite.

Gatorsrule I defy you to find anywhere in the Bible where it says you can disrespect any human being and still enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus came to free us from the tyranny of the law because people like you wanted to use it so as to make yourselves feel superior to others.

There is no love except of self, in being narrow minded and pious. While I will not presume as you do to say who nis, and who isn’t going to be accepted in heaven, I would bet that a fornicating gay person who showed character, respect for others including his/her enemies, was charitable and accepted Jesus Christ, is going to have an easier time than someone like you who wield scriptures as a weapon.

The way to heaven is through Jesus, not hating on people who don’t comport themselves sexually they way you believe the Bible tells you they should. Hate in your heart with a smile on your face is evil. I pray that you find love and that the darkness in you be cast out.

Either way, no one should assume that “virgin” means the same thing to all people. It might have last century, but not anymore.


July 26th, 2009
5:34 am

And yet the title of your article mentions Tebow and Virginity. Why not title it “Proof Tebow is A Good Guy?” Easy to play Captain Indignant in your article, but we really don’t have to find the guy’s web site to learn about his question because you’ve already used the situation to get more hits for your story.

Paul Williams

July 26th, 2009
9:11 am

I bleed red and black when I am cut, and hate the Florida Gators. Having said that, I confess that I have tried for years to hate Tebow and just can’t bring myself to do it.

Drives me crazy.

Too Much Tebow

July 26th, 2009
10:16 am

He is a great football player, but the Tebow love-fest is sickening. For those who have annointed him as the best college football player ever, you obviously don’t know much about football history. He is what he is because he has been playing in the times of the internet and unprecedented TV coverage. Others who preceded him did not have that advantage. If he played on a team without all those superstars, no one would be talking about Tim Tebow. Now excuse me while I puke and the rest of you continue the love fest.


July 26th, 2009
11:39 am

This debate is not whether the question was inappropriate to be asked of Tebow, but whether the “bible-thumping” south could handle the question. Mr. Tebow handled the question admirably and with confidence, letting his firm beliefs guide him in his answer. He puts forward his faith as his blueprint to living life, and part of that is putting forth a stance on this issue in the Christian community. The people who can’t handle the question are the one’s that who have let their religious views replace their common sense.

I have seen many commercials for a Christian teen organization called justwait.com over the past few months running on TV stations in the South. Are they inappropriate? Of course not, they are just putting forward their beliefs and creating a platform on which to further them. And that’s exactly what Mr. Travis’ question of Tim Tebow allowed for….a platform for which Tebow can further his message. Those who recoil in shock or disgust from such a question should all try to move into the 21st century with the rest of the country, who can embrace their love for their lord without using those beliefs against others as a weapon of judgment.

The South has a long history of intolerance, whether it be social issues or religion. Opposition to a question that allows a man characterized by the pride that Tim Tebow preaches in his faith to grow his message is yet another example. I say kudos to the question and double kudos to the answer!

Keeping It Real

July 26th, 2009
12:00 pm

Michael Vick sleeps with men… ON THE DOWN LOW.


July 26th, 2009
12:38 pm

Tim Tebow is a guy people love to hate……BECAUSE he is a great player, an even greater person and he doesn’t play for your team. I bleed red and black through and through and I dislike Tebow ONLY because he is a winner and the quarterback for UF. Do I really dislike him? Heck no. He is a young man that I would love to have as a son. He is a young man that EVERY aspiring kid should look up to, not just ones wanting to play college or pro football. If a reporter wants to ask him a tough question about a decision he made on the football field or an action he took as a representative of the University of Florida, then it would be a fair question. The question asked was ONLY an attempt by some pathetic reporter (and probably from the University of Georgia School of Journalism) to try and shine a bad light on a young man that seems to do everything right. People are envious and jealous of those that are better than us, have better jobs, drive fancier cars, live in more expensive houses etc. and try to build ourselves up by tearing others down. This was nothing more than some pathetic reporter trying to make a name for himself by being the one to sley a giant. Good job Tony on the article. Tim Tebow is not the quarterback for my team but I have to be proud of who he is as a player and moreso as a person.

Denver Dog

July 26th, 2009
1:41 pm

I’ve said it all along, you can check the blogs, we need more like Tim Tebow, and he is a great example. I think about these young men, going to UF, going to UGA, GT wherever. I want all of them to succeed. I just want our teams to win.

He was on the team that won the MNC in 2007. He was not the starter, he played a role. That championship is now, without revisonist activity under Chris Leake. That does not take away from Tebow though. He is a young man, with emotions, he does not seek the title of personal greatness, which makes it easy for him to be the leader. I do not believe that he is the greatest of all time, but he may be one of the greatest Team leaders of all time.

I wish there were more like him than Tim Tebow for our kids to look up to. We don’t have to worry about him walking around with his hat hanging to the side, and his belt down around the knees. He is the antithesis of all the bad trash we see on kids today. I hope we beat them this year, I think we will. Whatever happens, I will believe that we have seen one fine person go through those doors at UF. Compare his attitude towards people and life with that of the one (Dark Visor) he preceeded him by 40 years at UF. You know the one who didn’t vote for him. Class vs Crass.

Denver Dog

July 26th, 2009
1:46 pm

Macon Dawg, UGA School of Journalism, THe Henry W. Grady School of Journalism is a nationally ranked and one of the top J schools inthe country. Your comments about that are stupid, and show your complete lack of knowledge of those of us with an education from UGA.

James Adams

July 26th, 2009
2:09 pm

I am so sick of the written and verbal felatio thrown at Tim Tebow’s feet. His ‘ministries’ are well known because he and his family make SURE that the media knows about every step he makes in that regards. Tony Barnhart, you, and every other supposed ‘journalist’ should be ashamed at how you cover this ‘virgin’ (men count,too, Timmy). Get off of your knees and act like men. I certainly hope you and Thom Brennamen can console each other when this glorified H-Back flames out (pun intended) in the NFL. Keith Olbermann is to President Obama as Tony Barnhart is to Meyer/Tebow.


July 26th, 2009
2:32 pm

I bleed red and black. Its my alma mater. With that said, I think Tebow is a terrific kid. He plays hard ever down, he doesn’t appear to be self centered and he goes out and serves his fellow man without asking for a thing in return. When he is taking a snap against the Dawgs, I want to see his face in the dirt but othewise, I wish him the best that life has to offer.

fred dre

July 26th, 2009
3:46 pm


July 26th, 2009
8:13 pm

Wow, well for my two cents i’ll say as a Dogs fan, Teebow seems on the ‘up and up.’ Time will tell though. Tony is right in one aspect. We are a cynical society today. If Tebow is ever caught doing anything illegal, think of that fall, and how all of his fellow bible thumpers will feel then?


July 26th, 2009
8:24 pm

Can’t wait till he doesn’t pan out in the nfl. Then maybe the media will stop licking his a$$.


July 26th, 2009
9:36 pm

tebow should have asked that same reporter if his young daughter or sister was a virgin. then asked the writer if his wife was satisfied with her sex life at home or did she have a lover to “tide” her over!


July 26th, 2009
11:12 pm

Tebow owns the mutts!


July 26th, 2009
11:18 pm

As a huge lifelong Bulldog fan, I have told myself for several years that I really ought to hate Tim Tebow. He’s the QB of the hated Gators, he’s successful, he’s bright, and could probably get any girl he wanted. And he’s beaten my team 2 out of 3. I really ought to hate him! But I just can’t! From all that I’ve seen, heard, and read about him, he is absolutely the type of man you hope for your son to become, and the type of man you’d love to see your daughter marry. One of the finest witnesses for Christ we’ll ever see.

While I still can’t stand the Gators and hope they don’t win the SEC or beat my Dawgs this year, I wish nothing but the best for Tim Tebow this year (except in Jax) and in the future. He’s a tremendous example even to us adults of what it means to being willing to take a stand even when it’s not popular, and I hope God continues to use him in a mighty way down the road…


July 26th, 2009
11:26 pm

Chances are that whoever asked the question is still a virgin, too, but for different reasons.


July 27th, 2009
1:07 am

Denver Dog, as a dawg fan myself and an alum, the point I was trying to make is that it (the question) was out of line. It had nothing to do with football or media days and that it is (most likely) someone that is envious of Tim Tebow’s character. It seemed to me that it would be someone like a UGA fan (or just a Gator-hater in general) with the record we have against UF in recent years. Maybe it didn’t quite come across like that so I accept your comment that it was a stupid remark. In addition, I agree, the School of Journalism is one of the finest in the country but you are incorrect if you believe I don’t understand UGA grads. As for junebaby’s comment, that would have been funny and even appropriate but Tim Tebow has too much class to have done that.


July 27th, 2009
4:06 pm

The best part is that this AOL sports blogger (laughable in and of itself) who asked is somehow trying to justify the question itself. He’s responded by suggesting that “Are you saving yourself for marriage?” and “Are you a virgin?” are somehow not the same question. Reminds me of that Bill guy who wanted to know the definition of “is”. I posted on his blog that I hope he was excited about being the Simon Cowell of the lower-end sports blogging community and able to ask those “tough” questions.


July 27th, 2009
5:57 pm

Clay Travis is Funny. Tony Barnhart is a cranky old man. You holier than thou baptists need to check yourselves. Go have a drink (in public).


July 28th, 2009
8:14 am

Steve your comments are far worse then then the dumb ass reporter who asked the question. Apparently you are not even close to being a Christian, athlete or a reporter. I sat at a Florida UGA game years ago when a UGA fan kept calling out one of Florid’as linemen insulting his family heritage. I told the fan to step up to the fence and say it to the players face. Of course I knew he wouldn’t and neither will you…its called lack of character.


July 28th, 2009
8:22 am

Ryan whenever you meet Tebow go right ahead. We’ll notify your next of kin.Another case of an anonymous big talker with nothing to back it up.


July 29th, 2009
1:33 am

Tebow is nothing but class.


July 29th, 2009
10:52 am

Did anyone ask Ron Mexico if he is a virgin?