How much love will/should Georgia get at SEC Media Days?



Mercifully, the college football preseason will officially begin on Wednesday with the start of SEC Media Days.

I can’t remember a year when we’ve had so many good story lines as we head to Birmingham/Hoover. But here are five burning questions that I’ll be trying to answer over the next three days at the Wynfrey Hotel:

1—How much love will/should Georgia get in Birmingham? And if you’re a Bulldog, should you care? Remember that a year ago Georgia was No. 1 in most preseason polls. But when the SEC media assembled last July they picked Florida. Of the 70 media votes, Florida got 36 as the projected champion followed by Georgia (18), and Auburn (13). LSU, Tennessee and Ole Miss had one vote each. Alabama, which started 12-0 and won the SEC West, did not receive a vote to win its division or win the conference championship.

Florida, ranked No. 1 in most preseason polls, should be a pretty unanimous pick to win the conference. But Georgia fans should take heart in this:  Only four times in the past 17 years has the media correctly picked the eventual SEC champion:

Year—–Media Pick—–Eventual champ



















2—Does Tim Tebow have another “speech” ready if things go wrong in 2009? Tebow’s speech in the moments after last season’s 31-30 loss to Ole Miss was so powerful that Florida has put up a plaque to honor it in the school’s football complex. So what does the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner say if Florida loses an early game this season? Florida will certainly be favored to win its first four games against Charleston Southern, Troy (although I hear Troy will have one of its better teams), Tennessee and Kentucky. After a week off, the Gators go to LSU for what promises to be a very intense football game. Tebow had better get a speech ready for after that game, just in case.


3—How will Lane Kiffin handle his first big encounter with the SEC media? Even the veteran coaches of the SEC will tell you that it was a little unnerving the first time they stood up in front of the assembled media horde at this event. Trust me when I tell you that they don’t have media blitzes like this at Southern Cal, Kiffin’s last college stop. Needless to say the new Tennessee coach has not been bashful when it comes to bringing attention to his program and getting the Vols on the minds of every high school recruit in the country. Now that it’s time to start getting ready to play, does Kiffin hold back because of his surroundings or does he let it all hang out? I say that recruiting season is over and it’s time to start thinking about the first game. I believe coach Kiffin will be a little understated this week in Birmingham.


4—Is Ole Miss for real? Ole Miss is the only team in the SEC West that has not played in the conference championship game since its inception in 1992. But a lot of people feel this is the year the Rebels finally get to Atlanta.  Four of the five magazines I use for research have Ole Miss in their preseason Top 10. The Sporting News has them rated No. 5. They have the second best quarterback in the league (Jevan Snead) and a bunch of guys who can really run. But they also lost a first round draft choice (Michael Oher) on the offensive line and a first-round choice (Peria Jerry) on the defensive line. That’s why I have them at No. 12 in my preseason poll. Ole Miss has the most favorable schedule in the division with Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and LSU all coming to Oxford. I will be very interested to find out where Ole Miss finishes in the preseason media voting when it is released on Friday.


5—Who is going to be the surprise team in 2009? A year ago it was Ole Miss, which became the only team to beat Florida and eventually knocked off Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. While I don’t think this team will win nine games, it looks like the surprise team could be Arkansas. The Hogs made great strides in the spring and finally have a quarterback (Ryan Mallett) who can make an SEC team sit up and take notice. Nine of 11 starters return from a very bad defense and that will keep Arkansas from having an Ole Miss-like season. But this team is going to beat somebody they are not supposed to beat. I also think they will go to a bowl game.


Programming note: I will be joining my CSS partners Bob Neal, Mark Schlabach and Sandra Golden to do our popular “Talkin’ Football” show from Birmingham during all three days in Birmingham. Starting Wednesday, the show will air live each day at 6 p.m., Eastern time, with replays at 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. the next morning. We will have interviews with every coach and break down the day’s activities. Please tune us in.


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July 21st, 2009
10:58 am

m…I’m one of the few UGA alumni that agree with much of what you’ve said today. Tech had a remarkable year last year. No, I don’t for a moment believe Tech had superior talent to UGA last year, but the scoreboard doesn’t lie. Congtrats to the Jackets for a tremendous season last year. That having been said, let me finish by saying last season was last season. Savor, enjoy, etc. BUT – be prepared for some major payback this year from the young men in Athens. I’ll be at GF@BDS in November – meet me (I’ll be one of about fifty thousand at the game wearing the red and black) at the Techwood/North Ave intersection after we whip your fannies – loser buys Varsity postgame.


July 21st, 2009
11:04 am

I would much rather be in UGA’s position this year (flying under the radar). They will be better than expected. I also think Kiffin is toning it down a notch since nothing new has come out in months. UT will be better than expected simply because Monte Kiffin is there. Arkansas may be the surprise team, but until PUTRID Petrino learns to coach defense they will not win consistently in the SEC.

Also, Charlotte I agree with your posting with the exception of Tebow’s speach. that is plaque worthy since they went on to win it all mainly due to his play in critical situations.


July 21st, 2009
11:10 am

Oh, and when UGA plays GT, GO DAWGS!

m, you need to grow up!

Tide Rising

July 21st, 2009
11:11 am

Gator Growl,

I can’t understand why on earth you think Finebaum is an Alabama hack. He’s a UT grad and while he obviously covers Bama and Auburn as the 2 instate schools this man is by no means a Bama fan or promoter. He has ripped Bama and everything Bama numerous times over the years. And yes, he has also promoted the idea previously and mockingly to Bama fans that Saban would be leaving tomorrow to go to ND. A lot of Bama fans hate the man with a passion.

You would do best to ignore the man. He’s just a rabblerouser whose current target just happens to be Urban. He’ll be back deriding Bama, Auburn, and everyone else in the sec except soon enough. But don’t call him an Alabama supporter. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not Disappointed

July 21st, 2009
11:21 am

Tee Bow is a man among men. He will not be denied!

Miss is also good. It’s alot of good teams this year.

Ramblin Wreck!


July 21st, 2009
11:21 am

This clown ‘M’ is an embarrassment to the ACC, and I am an ACC fan. Gotta wonder what the “m” stands for… something to do with his right hand?


July 21st, 2009
11:21 am

1) There is too much talent in Ga for uga to ever be a bad team, I think they will have a fine year. For them to have a great year they will need find something that they seem to lack a lot of, Team chemistry. If this is found and Cox can play SEC there’s gonna be a so-nuff throwdown in Jax
2)All seniors on that veteran UF team will take responsibility, no speech needed
3)Reality is coming closer and closer for Kiffen, I don’t think he will be too talkative
4)OM will great the 1st five games then with attrition they will fall off the scale and Alabama becomes the King of the West
5)Petrino is one fine FB coach and it will start to show


July 21st, 2009
11:27 am

Kiffin’s lack of experience, inarticulateness, immaturity, and upcoming disastrous season must be embarrassing for the SEC coaches amidst a professional and sophisticated atmosphere at The Wynfrey Hotel. Maybe Mike Slive can find him a room at Motel 6.

[...] the information wash over you like a soothing football fount.Now, the final notes for the morning:Tony Barnhart of The AJC asks five questions heading into this week’s media days (concerning Georgia, Ole Miss, Tim Tebow and Lane [...]

Tide Rising

July 21st, 2009
11:45 am

Tony looks right on in most of his projections.

In the east Florida is the consensus pick. I think we can all agree on that.

UGA will be better than expected. Seems the dawgs always excel when no one is expecting much from them and they have the horses back upfront on both sides of the line of scrimmage. They will be tough and the congrove computer picks them to go 7-1 in the sec.

The other 4 in the division could all end up with 6 or 7 wins and go bowling. It’ll be an interesting race for 3rd and the rest of the pecking order in the east.

If Ole Miss is ever gonna win the west this is the year. Schedule couldn’t possibly be set up any better for them but depth is their big issue. If we don’t win it then I would hope Ole Miss would break through and finally be the one to win the division.

Ark will be the surprise team in year 2 of Petrino. They won’t be worldbeaters but I can see them winning 7-9 games, beating some teams they shouldn’t beat, and go to a bowl.

LSU will rebound but the schedule is so tough it does them in.

Bama? If our O-line gels with 3 new starters then we’ll be very good. Early season matchup with a preseason top 5 or 10 Virginia Tech will tell us everything we need to know about ourselves.

Auburn and UT will be the 2 most interesting teams to watch. Will either or both of them rebound with new coaching staffs? Or will they both falter even worse than last year? Kodi Burns is not the answer at Auburn and I don’t think UT has an answer at qb. If either team had a decent qb I think it would make a 2-3 game difference in the win column. I got a feeling one or both of these coaches may just got fired after 2 years and certainly 1 of the 2 will be gone after 3 years.

Coastal Dawg

July 21st, 2009
11:53 am

How about that. Lots of civil and intelligently thought out comments about rival teams.

As a lifelong dawg fan, I always tend to be overly optimistic. This year is no different. I do believe that the dawgs will most certainly be better than last year. However, I am also a realist. UGA does have one of the more difficult schedules in the country, which could very well be their demise. I could easily see a few losses in their future.

On the other hand, UGA will have much improved offensive and defensive lines, if only due to those returning from injury. I could see Jacksonville having a much more competitive game than last year. But, unfortunately, even if we were to managage a win in this one, I still see the Gators taking the East and the SECC(can’t see anyone in the west getting the better of them), as my dawgs seem to always drop one at the most inopportune moments.

Looks like another MNC game could be in the works for them…..

[...] Mr. College Football himself, Tony Barhart, show that the SEC media is pretty off when it comes to picking the SEC champion at SEC Media Days. [...]

Gator Mike

July 21st, 2009
12:00 pm

As a Gator, I firmly believe that UGA will be very good this year. Last year the Dawgs had too many injuries; talked too much; and they had a 2 man show in Moreno and Stafford. They are being quiet this year for a change which is a strong point for them, and Coach Richt apparently has their attention concerning team discipline. This year they will be a team like the Gators were last year. Mark Richt is very shrewd, and anyone who takes UGA lightly will pay dearly. I sure hope my Gators understand that this year they have traded places with UGA. Before last season everyone trashed UF’s defense and praised UGA’s. Look what happened. Two years ago we had the stupid dance which was retaliated quietly last year with legal time outs. There will be a lot of intensity leading up to this years game, but not much trash talk from either team. the coaches will have their players muzzled for a change on both sides.
As for a surprise team, it is up in the air. If the Gators, Dawgs and Tide wax UT, the Rocky Toppers will be all over their rookie coach. If it happens, it will be fun to watch.
Go Gators!


July 21st, 2009
12:28 pm

Current headlines on the….Raw sewage spews through UGAg campus…

Is that really news?? Why do you think it has been called THE cesspool of the south…forever??

45-42…glad it still hurts so bad.

Got 12 but none in quite a long long time ....

July 21st, 2009
12:34 pm

Long Dawg…how can LSU always be overated…..???
In the last 10 years…..4 SEC West Championships…..3 SEC Championships……2 BCS Championships……4-0 in BCS games…..???

You sure you were not talking about uga….they were picked number 1 on every magazine in the country except….Goodhouskeeeping and Playgirl


July 21st, 2009
12:41 pm

I do think Georgia should get alittle love but you know it probably will be overshadowed by the Gators. You can bet I will be cheering on the Dawgs when they play Tennessee and Auburn too.


July 21st, 2009
12:48 pm

I don’t thunk LSU is over-rated I just think they are just going to have to prove they can win instead of just being given the benefit of the doubt that they will.LSU has the talent and depth to win every game(except to Bama)but yet just seem to be slipping.


July 21st, 2009
12:57 pm

Tide Rising:
Good post. I agree with a number of your positions:

1) UGA will field a fine squad this year (as they do every year) and I think a 7-1 SEC season is easily probable.
2) Frozen Gator put it best,”All seniors on that veteran UF team will take responsibility, no speech needed.”
3) Regarding Kiffen, who cares.
4) Yes, Ole Miss is for real. As I’ve said before they are the “David” against the West’s two reigning “Goliaths.”
5) While Ole Miss may be the West’s dragon slayer, I partially agree with Tide Rising that AU will be this year’s surprise. They are truly flying under the radar (unlike Ole Miss). UT’s coach has drawn a bullseye on the Vol’s season with his mouth and they will suffer for it.


p.s. Didn’t it feel like football weather this weekend?


July 21st, 2009
12:58 pm

Current headline on

‘m’ still stands for moron and this guy proves it everyday!


July 21st, 2009
1:05 pm

1) UGA should get some love simply because they return a very good crop of players on both lines. Add to that a capable game manager in Joe Cox and UGA should have a very good year. Another reason is they are the only other team (outside of the stacked Gators of course) can even possibly be in the SEC East discussion. Look for the game in Jacksonville to have a division winning meaning to it just as the entire Mark Richt era has indicated.

2) Tim Tebow doesn’t need a speech because quiet frankly, that speech has been way overblown. Yes it was nice and for the leader of the team, it was needed. But people tend to forget or at least overlook that Florida was in a dog fight with Arkansas until early in the second half. What happened then? Well Florida finally found the answers to the issues plaguing their offense and installed a run game built around the speed with Demps and Rainey. Once that happened the Gators took off. And for that you can think Dan Mullen more than you can Tebow. I seem to think it could have been a combo of both, with more emphasis on the run game than on the speech.

3) I think Kiffin will be more reserved than his previous media dealings, but somewhere in my gut I just think he might have more arrogance than the Ole Ball Coach. However, how many more bridges can he burn than what has already transpired? At least this will be more interesting and fresh instead of the constant supoena threats issued to Phil Fulmer.

4) I think Ole Miss is real and should give LSU and Bama a run for their money in the SEC West. Houston Nutt is a under appreciated coach and always seems to get the best out of his players. Plus his teams always seem to show up for the big conference games (2002 SECCG not withstanding). Plus with a schedule that has all of your big dogs coming to Oxford to play instead of taking it on the road, everything is looking pretty good for the Rebels right now. Of course as all of us fellow UGA fans know, on paper is sometimes deceiving.

5) Sorry, I am not buying into the Arkansas hype basically because they don’t have a run game, no real deep threats for Mallet to throw too, and my local neighborhood high school could score 40 points on that defense. Look for Dan Mullen to get that offense at Miss State on some stable ground and to go along with a solid defense I think they could be a surprise team and make a few opponents sweat it out. Normally I would say Auburn, but I still need about 4-5 games in before I can make that assumption.

More ramblings……

- m, dude get over yourself already. When Tech plays SEC teams like LSU, Bama, UT, UGA, and Florida and somehow survive, only then can you claim anything over the SEC. Until then worry about how you are going to handle your own conference because that road looks a little tough and the Jackets could be in for a rough year.

- CharlotteGator, Gen Neyland, and Atlanta Gator……some very well thought out posts from each of you. You always seem to bring your A game to the blogs and it is great to blog with fellow football fans like yourselves even if we all root for different teams.

- Please can we all hold off on the questions on will this be your last year at such and such school and would you even think about this job if it came open? These kind of questions need to wait until after the season as they are nothing more than a distraction.

- Florida is the outright #1 team. Will losing Dan Mullen hurt that offense any or will their be an adjustment period to the new coordinator? Florida has two games that could be tough, LSU and UGA. They make it through both of them unscathed I think it is safe to say an undefeated season, 3rd NC, and a 2nd Heisman for Tebow will be in the offing. This will definitely cement Tebow’s legacy as the greatest college football player (with apologies to Mark Bradley)


July 21st, 2009
1:09 pm

1. UGA will get the respect it deserves which is a predicted 2nd place finish. I do think the Dawgs will have a 9-10 win season. We all know their D must improve but I also think if they can’t run the ball effectively it could be a long season. The OK State came is a big key to their season. I predict the Dawgs will win that game 28-24.

2. I don’t think the Gators will need a speech from Tebow. They are a veteran team with strong leadership on both sides of the ball. They know what they have to do. It is just a matter of performing and getting breaks. The only games they have any real chance of losing would be to LSU or UGA. Obviously they will be favored in those games though.

3. I don’t see Kiffin giving any fodder this week. I doubt he says anything cotroversial with the other coaches around.

4. Ole Miss has a good team but they don’t have the depth of LSU and Bama. Also, Nutt is usually better as the underdog. I also believe SC may upset them in Columbia in a Thursday night game early in the season. For those reasons I see the West being won by Bama or LSU with Bama having the edge due to the Tigers’ schedule.

5. I agree that Arkansas may surprise some. They very well could give LSU, Bama, Ole Miss and UGA problems when they play.

It is nice to see mostly civility on here today as mentioned earlier. I do enjoy posts by Atlanta Gator, CharlotteGator and Tide Rising among others.

Geaux Tigers


July 21st, 2009
1:26 pm


My take on the Dan Mullen thing is that it’s a loss, but maybe not as big as most think. From an offensive game planning perspective, not much, because game-planning is a cooperative effort at UF which includes UM, the OC, and all the offensive position coaches. His play calling is obviously something we’ll lose, but you know how that goes, people are going to complain about that as long as footballs have air in them no matter who is in the booth. The biggest loss will be the relationship Mullen had with Tebow. Those two were close and shared a bond and Mullen seemed to calm Tebow down at the right times. All indications are that the new QB coach Loeffler has been great for Tebow and challenged him with a lot of new stuff (which has somehow energized Tebow if you can believe it), but you never know until the season starts. What’s the saying: “No plan survives initial contact with the enemy.” Obviously, it’s football, and nothing serious like the battles our soldiers are fighting everyday, but the spirit of the phrase I think transfers.


What’s the word on what Chavis is doing with the D? I know LSU’s defense was out of character last year and it’s turn around is a key to the success you want from the bengals. You feeling confident about it?

Any of the dawg posters,

What’s the word on Marlon Brown? Is he expected to step in to the #2 slot? I feel like I’ve read posts about #82 (I forget his name) or T. King stepping in but that it’s a battle. As a Gator fan, that’s the position that can sway how you stop the UGA offense. If there’s no legitimate threat on the other side (like MM was last year), it’s a lot easier to blanket AJ and load up on the run. I’d be comfortable putting a game in the hands of Cox to the FB or Cox to the freshman TE and rolling the dice.

Any of the other Gator posters,

Are you guys excited about Jeremy Brown? I’ve seen where UM has said he was farther along as a freshman than Jenkins was prior to injury. Any chance Brown, W. Hill, J. Jenkins, Debose, or Bostic see consistent time this year?


July 21st, 2009
1:31 pm

Ole Miss has the schedule to make waves in the west but for some reason I just can’t buy into the hype and I’m not sure they can handle it themselves.It would be better for them if they were flying under the radar but they are hyped by the media.Houston Nutt is going to have his hands full keeping their heads level about all of the hype.But I still think they could give LSU problems for 2nd place in the west simply because of LSU’s tough schedule.Arkansas has to play Georgia,Alabama,LSU and Ole Miss which I think hurts their chances of being the surprise team.So I’m going to stick with Ole Miss being the surprise team.It really would surprise me if Ole Miss won the west.


July 21st, 2009
1:47 pm

Tide Rising,

I agree with you about Finebaum.


July 21st, 2009
2:08 pm

CharlotteGator, I’m excited about all those guys but keep an eye out for Dee Finley on special teams! That guy is gonna create some havoc and probably a few fumbles as well. I don’t think even Tebow wanted a piece of that. He looks mean and he plays mean. He’s gonna knock a few blocks off. Also look forward to see Andre Debose this fall. If you haven’t seen his videos you need to. Just plain sick…


July 21st, 2009
2:14 pm

Enter your comments here

(B)owl (C)artel (S)ystem

July 21st, 2009
2:18 pm

Enter your comments here

B-C-S = Death Star

July 21st, 2009
2:19 pm

Enter your comments here

Tide Rising

July 21st, 2009
2:28 pm

Charlotte Gator,

I can’t tell you about the other gators but I did read an sec tidbit where Urban said that Bostic is already a better linebacker than Spikes which is really saying something. Obviously Spikes starts because of his experience but its scary to think the gators got someone who is already as good as Spikes and could step in without a dropoff.

Bill King

July 21st, 2009
2:55 pm

If Ole Miss is so real, why did they want to delay the series with Tech next year?


July 21st, 2009
3:43 pm

CharlotteGator has a head on his/her shoulders. One team people are leaving out of the mix as a surprise, though: Auburn. I’m not trying to ignite any flamers, but look at what we have here:

Auburn has a new coach and staff. People give a new coach a free season his first year because there are always growing pains. But several players on D were recruited by Chizick when he was the D-Cor under Tubs.

It’s Chizick. When people look at the new head coach, they see 5-19. But everyone forgets his ability to recruit and the phenominal coaching job he did at Auburn and Texas before going to Iowa St. With the new staff, who knows what could happen?

Despite what happened last season, Auburn has talent. Granted, Auburn had a poor season last year. That’s what everyone is focusing on regarding evaluating their talent. But personally, I chalk that up to coaching. I fall in behind Finebaum on this issue (I feel like I need a shower now). Tubs retired mentally a year before retiring. He didn’t recruit like he should, and it looked to me like he sat back and let his assistants run things. The talent is there, it’s just untapped.

Finally, Auburn always has the potential to surprise people. Underestimate them and you will always get bitten. Just ask the Gators. Mark my words, Auburn may not go to Atlanta this year, but somebody will get burned.


July 21st, 2009
3:54 pm

Hey Charlotte Gator:

“CharlotteGator has a head on his/her shoulders.”

Who would have thought that your name would cause such gender confusion?


July 21st, 2009
4:08 pm

Wakka I agree with you. Without any logic to back it, I feel slightly more worried about playing Auburn in Athens then I do about playing the mighty Gators in Jax. I just know the history of the game, both games. This year we have a bye before the game with the gators. Historicly, thats huge. Auburn is not a team we routinely beat up on. It’s in fact my favorite rival and it just feels that they are due. We’ll see how it goes soon enough.

Of course, this is just preseason.


July 21st, 2009
4:23 pm


Yeah, didn’t fully think through picking the handle. I used to read this blog all the time when I lived in Atlanta. After moving to NC, I figured I’d get into the fray as a way to stay connected with SEC football/fans now that I’m in perguto….uhh, I mean ACC country. I figured G8R GRAD2 would be lame and a blatant antagonistic rip-off, so I took a cue from Atlanta Gator and Tampa Gator and just went with the place of residence. No worries though….only 16 days left until practice starts…..NCAA 10 is out so the season is oh so close and around the corner….can’t wait…

Tide Rising

July 21st, 2009
4:24 pm


I would tend to agree with you on Auburn maybe jumping up and surprising some people if they just had a qb but I just don’t see it in Kodi Burns.But if I’m wrong and if in fact Malzahn’s offense turns out to be as good as at Tulsa then maybe AU cold in fact make some noise this year and a lot of noise next year. If AU or UT each had a decent qb there’s no telling what they could do but I just can’t see either of them doing a whole lot because of that one position.

As far as talent goes the overall talent at both AU and UT slipped dramatically the last 2 years. Saban has completely dominated the state of Alabama and even took 3 of Tennessee’s top 5 recruits the year before. Both UT and AU traditionally always have gotten several good players each out of Georgia but Richt largely sealed off the top players in the peach state and out of the players left some went to Bama, Clemson, etc. that would normally have gone to AU or UT. UT did better this past year but the year before their class was abysmal with the exception of Eric Berry.

If either AU or UT could find a qb and get back to solid recruiting in the coming years then they could each get back to a competitive status. But overall in the last 2 years both have severely lagged UGA, UF, LSU, and Bama in recruiting.

Tide Rising

July 21st, 2009
4:30 pm

Charlotte Gator,

I think 99% of us get that its the city and not a girl. WAKKAA just didn’t know cause he’s probably just new. No biggie but if it bothers you I would suggest maybe CharlotteNC Gator or Gator in Charlotte. Personally, I myself have contemplated going to the handle jackass but then I wouldn’t want to rip off on the movie or tv show.


July 21st, 2009
4:34 pm

I have to say that I have enjoyed reading the blog today. I used to come on here from time to time to read and post. I grew tired of all the B.S. being thrown out and had to step away. And as many of you, I needed my College Football fix and had to return. I have seen may A$$hole$ from different teams such as UF, GT, LSU, US, USEeast, and even from my beloved UGA. It has been a great day reading some intelligent posts from some outstanding football minds on here to day. ATL Gator, CharlotteGator, GatorMike, Some UA fans, and some Tech fans. So, Let’s get ready for some College Football, and keep up the good posts.

One other note to who made the comment about UF having a Frosh LB as good as Spikes… That’s damn scary for the rest of us in the SEC for the next few years.


July 21st, 2009
4:55 pm

Georgia will be the suprise team by losing 6 or 7 games.


July 21st, 2009
4:57 pm


Without exception, everyone that I’ve spoken to that has lived in your new hometown LOVED it. Clean, safe, great downtown entertainment district. Consider yourself lucky. I know what you mean about the season being so close you can taste it. Compounded by the mid-September-like weather we’ve had! Let’s get this show on the road!



July 21st, 2009
5:00 pm

UGA will be the team to surprise folks this year. and i’m hearing of a lil rumor/truth floating around the gym in athens that i’m liking… will do some research and see if may actually happen..get back to ya


July 21st, 2009
5:02 pm

I am officially a dinosaur.
I had to Google “NCAA 10″ to figure out what it was.
Just shoot me now.


July 21st, 2009
5:06 pm

I need a drink.

Long Dawg

July 21st, 2009
5:57 pm

I stand corrected. LSU is not always over rated. Just 2008 and 2009.
They sure put an a$$ whipping on the bumbling bees. Who by the way have lost their last 4 bowl games. I also heard they sol two more season tickets today. Now they are up to about 12 I think. Could be a record year. Most of the really strange tech fans only obsess about UGA but this weirdo m obsesses about the SEC too. He is really messed up. 38 to 3 on National TV to a 7 and 5 SEC team. tech will always be tech


July 21st, 2009
6:54 pm

i hope they get a lot of love tony, thats when they choke the best

Mark Richt is a Hypocrite

July 21st, 2009
7:07 pm

The media will show no love for my dawgs. The love will be shown to Urban Meyer,Nick Sabian, Les Miles and THAT NUTT Coach.during the season the ref’s and god will hate UGA even more.


July 21st, 2009
8:07 pm

without any explanations I think Georgia will be a traffic team and talking about revenge, I have the feeling that Georgia will go to Jacksonville smelling blood. fear the dawgs, Dawgs are rising!!


July 21st, 2009
8:13 pm

m – Please explain why beating Miss State and Vandy was an accomplishment?


July 21st, 2009
8:33 pm

m –

please quit posting about GT. We had a great year last year, let’s build on that. We have never proved anything to the SEC. Hopefully last year was a start.
You make us look so bad with your biased and ignorant comments. Clearly you haven’t stepped foot on the campus so please don’t run your mouth about it.

With that said, I still want to beat the SEC every year of course!


July 21st, 2009
8:39 pm

Late to the party, but I just want to reiterate how enjoyable it was to read the nice, classy posts from Atlanta Gator, CharlotteGator, Tide Rising, Gator Mike, etc.

Except for Florida, I think the conference is one big toss-up. We don’t know if Georgia’s problems of last year will be fixed, who the frontrunner is for the West, how the Vols, Auburn and Miss State will rebound after their coaching changes, what Spurrier’s got up his sleeve this year, if Arkansas has the staying power, can Kentucky and Vandy continue to compete and get to bowl games, etc. I kind of like all the uncertainty and questions. The one thing that Florida doesn’t have is the element of surprise. Everyone knows they are unbeatable.

I’m still looking forward to the season. Is everyone else as ready as I am?

Boss Hogg

July 21st, 2009
8:57 pm

The best thing LSU did was replace Jarrett (Lotto) Lee at QB with Jefferson. If Jefferson is playing against UGA & Bama, LSU wins. Don’t forget Lee threw 2 pick 6’s vs UGA.