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Will Brown signing change landscape of recruiting?



In the two months that I was away I had a chance to do some traveling and talk to a lot of college football people.  It proved to me once again something that you already know: College football is now a year-round sport. Here are just five questions/topics that were on the minds of the people who run college football:


1. Is the Bryce Brown recruiting saga the sign of a trend? Should/will college football do anything about it? Mr. Brown, a running back from Wichita, was rated as the No. 1 recruit in many circles. The fact that he waited a month after signing day and had an “advisor” raised a lot of red flags. Brown announced yesterday that he was signing with Tennessee. Good for the Vols. The NCAA is investigating the relationship between Brown and his “advisor.” I doubt they will find anything.

But the concern I’m hearing is that these “advisors” will take on the role of agents, not unlike some AAU coaches have become power brokers in the basketball …

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It’s good to be back. So what did I miss?



It’s good to be back.  I have missed you guys (and ladies) the past two months.

Because we need to catch up, this entry will be a tad long today so please bear with me.

So what have I missed? There is so much but let’s start with these five:

1. Lane Kiffin, the gift that keeps on giving: Over the weekend somebody predicted this would be the No. 1 story when I returned. He was right, of course.  How could it not be?

 After a less than quality experience with the Oakland Raiders, Kiffin takes over at Tennessee and decides to completely change the culture in Big Orange Country. He has succeeded. After 17 years of having a button-downed head coach (Phillip Fulmer) who chose his words carefully, Kiffin decided it was time for Tennessee to, rhetorically speaking, start kicking butt and take some names. 

I’ve heard some people rip into Kiffin as a young coach who is not too bright. I don’t believe that for a minute. I think Lane Kiffin knows exactly what he’s …

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Mr. CFB to return on Monday

I’m happy to report that this blog will be returning on Monday, March 16. Looking forward to getting started again. I’ve missed you guys.

It’s going to be an interesting spring practice in our part of the world.

See you then.


Tony B.

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