Final update: Thrashers obtain Dvorak for Bergfors on busy day

The Thrashers have a new look for the 19-game push for the playoffs.

In: Radek Dvorak, Rob Schremp, Ben Maxwell, Brett Feasterling. Out: Niclas Bergfors, Fredrik Modin, Patrick Rissmiller, Drew MacIntyre.

The team made several moves at the NHL trade deadline Monday with the biggest the acquisition of Dvorak from Florida. To obtain the forward, and a fifth-round draft pick, the Thrashers sent forwards Bergfors and Rissmiller to the Panthers. The Thrashers also sent Modin to Calgary for a seventh-round draft pick. They claimed Schremp on waivers from the New York Islanders. In a final trade of mainly minor-leaguers, they sent goaltender MacIntyre to Montreal for 24-year-old defenseman Feasterling.

In the first move of the day, the Thrashers signed newly-acquired defenseman Mark Stuart to a three-year contract worth $5.1 million.

“We improved our penalty kill,” Thrashers general manager Rick Dudley said. “We got a little younger. We think we added pieces that can help us. We think we added versatility. We allowed a couple of things to happen for a player who might have been the odd-man out. We added some depth on the blue line. We are pretty happy with what we got accomplished.”

Dvorak, 33, had 21 points (seven goals, 14 assists) in 53 games with the Panthers this season. He will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season after making $1.7 million this year.

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound right wing has 555 points (215 goals, 340 assists) in 15 NHL seasons with Florida, the New York Rangers, Edmonton and St. Louis. He also has playoff experience with Florida and Edmonton. He was originally a first-round pick (No. 10 overall) of the Panthers in 1995.

Dudley said Dvorak will help the team’s beleaguered penalty kill unit.

“I think he’s a talented guy,” Dudley said. “I think he’s a very good skater. We have certainly added speed. As we said, he’s a great penalty killer. … We think he can be a 20-goal scorer if he comes in and lights it up and has some fun. I think he will have some fun playing in this system. Speed in an important part of this system and he adds that.”

Bergfors never seemed to fit into coach Craig Ramsay’s system. He had 11 goals in 51 games this season and was a healthy scratch 11 times. Most recently, Bergfors was skating on the third line and he averaged just over 10 minutes of ice time over the past eight games. Bergfors, who signed a one-year, $900,000 deal before the season, will be a restricted free agent. Bergfors came to the Thrashers last season from New Jersey as part of the Ilya Kovalchuk trade. He had 46 points (19 goals, 27 assists) in 78 games with the Thrashers.

Dudley said claiming Schremp made it easier to move Bergfors.

“He’s been struggling,” Dudley said. “He had one goal in his last 14 games. Bergy is a streaky player. We were in a situation where we needed him to be streaky the other way.”

Dudley called Modin the “odd-man out” and sent the unrestricted free agent to be to Calgary for a chance at increased playing time.

The Thrashers re-called Maxwell from AHL Chicago Monday. He was acquired from Montreal last week for Brent Sopel. Goaltender Peter Mannino was also re-called to back up Chris Mason with Ondrej Pavelec injured. Spencer Machacek was re-assigned to Chicago.

The Thrashers acquired the 6-foot-2, 215-pound Stuart from Boston, along with Blake Wheeler, on Feb. 18. The 26-year-old has appeared in all four games since the trade and has 16 hits and is a minus-2.

Stuart will make $1.6 million next season, $1.7 million in 2011-12 and $1.8 million in 2112-13. He was scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent following the season.

The deal came together over the last few days, according to Stuart, and was finalized Sunday night.

“Coming here I didn’t really expect anything, just to come in here and play well and help the team,” Stuart said. “It was nice to get a deal done. I like it here a lot. I’ve very comfortable here. I like the people a lot and I think the team has a lot of potential.”

Schremp has 10 goals and 12 assists and is a minus-19 in 45 games for the Islanders this season. Thrashers forward Tim Stapleton remained with the team after clearing waivers.

Dudley said he believes the moves are enough in the final six weeks of the season to make the playoffs.

“It has to be,” Dudley said. “We wanted to make changes. We did. I think it looks good, very good.”

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February 28th, 2011
3:46 pm

Wow, Canucks get Higgins in a nice move, from the Panthers. Florida gets Oberg and a 3rd rounder.


February 28th, 2011
3:48 pm

Canucks also get Maxim Lapierre from Anaheim, for Joel Perrault and a 3rd rounder. That’s not a ‘conditional’ 3rd rounder Anaheim got, but the full on 3rd rounder.


February 28th, 2011
3:49 pm

Devils got D. Steckel from aging Jason Arnott. That might turn into a nice move for the Capitals. McPhee must have really wanted him.


February 28th, 2011
3:50 pm

Thrashers trade goaltender prospect Drew McIntyre to Montreal for Brett Festerling, a defenseman.


February 28th, 2011
3:50 pm

Freddy Pettersson….come on up!! ;)

I reckon we’ll see Maxwell centering Schremp and Dvorak tomorrow??


February 28th, 2011
3:52 pm

Devils actually picked up a 2nd rounder, along with Steckel, from the Capitals, for Jason Arnott. Kindova nice deal for Lou Lamoriello, I think. Then again, if the Capitals reach the CF or SCF, that 2nd rounder might be pick 57, 58, 59, or 60. That’s not nearly so good.


February 28th, 2011
3:57 pm

Folks – let it be heard….Trading Bergfors does 2 things, one, it gets a guy that the other players on our squad do not care for, because he does not play hard even 50% of the time, and replaces him with a guy that can, for the last 19 games anyway, serve a solid roll on the penalty kill…..likewise, getting rid of Modin, for a 7th rounder, does the same thing, it gets rid of a guy that is old, slow, and hurt 50% of the time, and seeing how we were going to walk away from him at season’s end, its gets a a “sweetner” to throw in for other potential deals this summer or next season. Picking up Schremp, gives a former #1 pick “life and hope” after being on a mostly bad Islander team, which could translate into positives for the stretch run here.

I say we sit Antro… the rest of what we have, and see what transpires. If we play anywhere close to what we played like in the 2nd 20 games this season from here on out, we could be that “hot” gel-ing at the right time” 8 seed that sneaks up on somebody !

Good Job Duds !!!


February 28th, 2011
4:01 pm

Brett Festerling = Stanley Cup Champions


February 28th, 2011
4:24 pm

Kinda sad that the only thing we can say about the days trades are we got better via “addition by subtraction”… how does any of this make us a better team now or next year.

Joe McGrath

February 28th, 2011
4:27 pm

Vancouver Giants HC Don Hay on Festerling from a 2007 article: “He really cares about the hockey team. He’s not the most talented guy on our team. But as far as determination and character and caring, he’s right there at the top. The most important thing about Brett is he leads by example. He just keeps competing. He’s a warrior.”


February 28th, 2011
4:28 pm

Who the heck is Festerling? Anybody have a readers digest scouting report on him?

Joe McGrath

February 28th, 2011
4:35 pm

Hockey News eval of Festerling
ASSETS: A hard-working and smart rearguard, he makes good decisions. A leader in the locker room, he can also chip in on offense when needed.
FLAWS: While good in his own end, he is not an intimidator and should use his 6-1 frame more to his advantage. Lacks offensive flair.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Depth defenseman.

Iron League 13s

February 28th, 2011
5:06 pm

I guess Modin was the kind of 35 year old Duds didn’t want in the line-up. Say there, Mr. Dudley I think there’s a dozen or so very affordable (i.e., FREE) consultants to be found here on AJC next offseason if and when the F.A.S., LLC won’t give you the means to pursue the no-brainer free agents. Just make up an anonymous poster name and start asking questions like this one that could have been “would any of you pick up Modin for your fantasy teams?”. Simple.

Iron League 13s

February 28th, 2011
5:13 pm

Buff n Stuff – I say try Antro on the 3rd line. The guy’s been in recovery mode ALL YEAR and may never return to form, plus he’s always soft for his size. I do like him, just saying.

Anyways how’s this for a second line?
Kane – Thorbs -Wheeler

Michael "The Abbreviation"

February 28th, 2011
6:28 pm

these trades are freakin garbage, or muff cabbage! I will miss bergy, he never got his fair share here, and I think he is super talented. We needed a top 6 forward, cause our offense sucks, as evident by recent play and we got a 33 year old washup and Shremp???? I hate this crappy organization, uhhh so frustrating..

Michael "The Abbreviation"

February 28th, 2011
6:28 pm

they shoulda got rid of antropov and kept bergfors and put him up on a top line with more minutes, antro is slow and worthless

Michael "The Abbreviation"

February 28th, 2011
6:29 pm

iron – why would u mess with the only line producing moron.. keep little, wheels and ladd together, duh

Michael "The Abbreviation"

February 28th, 2011
6:31 pm

the last thing im gonna say before i go throw up, by the way , i cannot believe some of you are trying to put a positive spin on this garbage, but whatever


February 28th, 2011
6:38 pm

@”The Abbreviation” — you’re nuts.


February 28th, 2011
6:40 pm

Iron League – I say go with this:

Ladd – Little – Wheeler (played great last night)
Kane – Schremp – Stewart (addition by subtraction stapes for Scremp)
Dvorak – Antro – Stapes (Speed on the wings + clog the front of net)
Thorburn – Maxwell – Boulton (why not, maybe maxwell plays like slater)


February 28th, 2011
6:52 pm

alex…before Dudley can do any of the stuff you (and we) want done, you should have had this as the first thing on your list: “…get rid of asg, get new owners …” Dudley is doing about as good as he can do with this team, the ownership situation and the budget he has been given.

Btw, on Ladd…stop using last year’s stats. Ladd is much improved over last season, he is a Captain, he compares much more favorably this season to the players you mentioned, is solidly out-performing Versteeg and is even or better w/ Hossa, factoring in Hossa’s injuries. Ladd is doing this on….well, the Thrashers, not on the Stanley Cup B’Hawks. Don’t slam the guy just because he was young and under-utilized on a stacked team last season. Plus, he will only get much better as Captain on a maturing team.


February 28th, 2011
6:57 pm

I just read where Dudley passed up a trade with the Penguins… straight up Malkin for Bergfors.

If I read one more time that there must have been a better deal out there…

We got a player who is good on the PK, in the locker room and is a good skater and has some playoff experience… in exchange for a young, unmotivated player who wasn’t fitting in with the system/coaching staff.

Seems like a GREAT deal to me!


February 28th, 2011
7:02 pm

Let me repeat this for all the no-nothings that expect Dudley to be signing Crosby-type players today or next summer:

Dudley is doing about as good as he can do with this team, the ownership situation and the budget he has been given.

Get a grip, people! If you want to see a team full of NHL superstars, then put your own quarter-billion dollars down to buy the Thrash, the Hawks ans Philips Arena. Then give Dudley an unlimited budget to spend to the cap, upgrade all aspects of scouthig, player development, etc. and to stash his high-priced failed signings in Chicago, if needed.

Otherwise….ok, well, I will be nice and not say stfu because I want you to support the team.


February 28th, 2011
7:03 pm

“I just read where Dudley passed up a trade with the Penguins… straight up Malkin for Bergfors.”

[rolling eyes]


February 28th, 2011
8:08 pm

I am a longtime Devils fan.

I have followed this team since Bergfors was traded to it, especially since the Devils have been having its worst season since the 1980’s.

Now things have become very interesting in NJ, and it’s frankly been pretty painful to sit thru Thrashers games since January.

Bergie was not given a decent chance to produce in Atl. On the nights he was allowed to play on the 1st or 2d lines, he was productive. Too often, he was scratched, or relegated to 12 min or less of ice time, or little PP ice time, or bumped off of the skill lines where he is most able to help the team. Hopefully with a fresh start in Fla, their coach will give him a chance to fully display his offensive skill set.

ATL’s attitude that Bergie “didn’t fit” – turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hopefully his production with FLA will make Duds and Ramsay regret this decision.


February 28th, 2011
8:15 pm

These moves do 2 things…give us a fresh look to try to make a run this year and also cost nothing going into free agency next year.

There it is…we’ve got a slim chance still with nominal upgrades to the line up whoes biggest piece is an UFA next year with no hit to the cap.

A thankless job well done considering the circumsatances….


February 28th, 2011
9:39 pm

Bergy will not be playing in the league within 3 years….
Duds made some great moves


February 28th, 2011
9:44 pm

Dave R
Thanks for your color
You do not know what you are talking about

hope and honest

February 28th, 2011
10:13 pm

asg owners are rich and want to become richer….guess how they do that? sell the thrashers to canada and convince everyone that atl is not hockey market….why do you think they would come up with a marketing campaign labeled “brutal”?
brutally bad owners
brutally bad waddell
brutally misled dudley
brutally bad organIzation
brutally ripped off customer

start digging chris

hope and honest

February 28th, 2011
10:15 pm

one more thing

what about the kids who love the thrashers?

Of course, the brutally rich owners need more money

Iron League 13

March 1st, 2011
7:59 am

KLS1 – I agree that this might just be enough to make a dash. Renewed optimism in the locker room? Four points, guys. LET’S DO THIS!!!

I think the best part of Duds was like KLS1 said was the dumping of the free agents Dvorak is one too I think, but I see these pieces as better fits and not upgrades per se, which is actually the same thing. Duds has looked more smart than not since the Buff signing. I wasn’t big on the Sopel deal, because of WHEN it was done, I think more could have possibly been had earlier for him (he was plus 7 on this roster and coming from last years cup winner), but I do think he had to go this year in order to get something for him.

Rob Shremp, what is he -19? I didn’t just check, but I think I saw that. He must be a fit somehow and possibly in a situation with the Isles that Modin or Bergie was in here where he couldn’t play his game (hopefully a gritty grinder). I don’t know much about him other than he looks like 3rd-4th line material with a bad +/-. I really hope that current stat isn’t a true reflection of him. Better to plug a guy with those kind of points in than an AHLer if he can play two ways.