More strong words from Ramsay after loss

Here are some more quotes from Thrashers coach Craig Ramsay as he tried to explain the 4-1 loss to the Islanders on Tuesday:

* “We counted on our defense to score a lot for us and be part of our offense and it hasn’t quite clicked. To me scoring goals in the offensive zone still comes from having the puck and keeping it. We don’t battle hard enough to run a good cycle. I think [Tim] Stapleton’s line had one great shift and Stapleton had two great shots and a tip because they just got the puck deep and kept it. Some of our skilled players are looking for that one play and hope it works. Pulling up inside the blue line and throwing it sideways across for a turnover and a counter attack. We are not taking the shots when we got them.”

*  “We’ve tried to do [demand accountability] on a regular basis as far as the video goes. They are getting tired of the same people making the same plays. If it’s top guys, you tend to give the opportunities to redeem themselves. Right now, we are looking for points. When you look for points you don’t get them because that’s a hoper. You don’t pay the price to get the puck and keep it.”

* “[On the Islanders' fourth goal Ron] Hainsey takes a shot and falls down but we’ve got three guys within 10 feet of the net. Now they’ve got a 2-on-1. Now Ronny has to take the shot, fall down and try to get back. We are not supporting each other because we are looking to score. If you don’t score, you keep getting closer, closer, closer to the net and standing in front of the goal crease. I don’t know how many times they kicked rebounds right past us because we don’t have patience. When we do have a chance at the net, we have three guys running at the net. It never worked like that. It doesn’t work like that.

* “We fall behind and we try to force things. Guys are tying to do it by themselves. ‘I will carry it down the ice. Stickhandle through somebody. I won’t get it deep because I will have to go get it, so I try to beat a guy one-on-one.’ We are just continuing to force things because it doesn’t work instead of just playing with your teammates. Five guys together makes it a much easier game.”

* “We’ll talk about [lineup changes]. We have one healthy [extra] guy. … We are going to continue to experiment. We mixed up the lines. Early in the year we mixed them up a lot and now we’ve kind of stuck with some things. Maybe it’s certainly time to make some changes and wake them up.”

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Marcus Valdes

February 1st, 2011
11:08 pm

FIRST! (Does it matter?)

East Point Bob

February 1st, 2011
11:10 pm

No, It does not matter anymore, Toast. NYI people say team gone right after season… Sad.

JK Sockey

February 1st, 2011
11:11 pm

The issue is he’s talking about accountablity, but not naming names. It’s not that hard to pronounce Modin… Sopel… Anstorporv… Bromitstrov… Call guys out. You want to embarrass somebody? Tell them that Freddy Meyer and Tim Stapleton are out playing them.


February 1st, 2011
11:12 pm

We haven’t been a good team for over 15 games yet our management hasn’t made any moves to make us better. All preseason predictions, outside of Atlanta, questioned where we would get scoring. We are now seeing what others saw before the season started.

We were fortunate early in the season. This team just doesn’t have the horses to go the distance. Wake up Waddel Jr. (Dudley)now is your time to act, if you can.

Thrashy Thrashy

February 1st, 2011
11:18 pm

Ramsay is a good coach. Dudley is a good GM. The question is whether Dudley will be allowed to do his job and, as a result, Ramsay being able to get more out of his players.


February 1st, 2011
11:18 pm

Can we just “CALL OUT” these so called “top guys” by name……….Peverly for one…..who are the others….trade their butts out of here and get some players that play HARD and support their teamates.


February 1st, 2011
11:21 pm

As was the case with “Don-the-wad”………this or-gan-ization “waits too long” to pull the dagon trigger…..if they (ASG) wait any longer, it is going to be toooooo late.

JK Sockey

February 1st, 2011
11:33 pm

You idiots… yeah, there are teams lined up to take our worst players off of our hands. I see a line out the door of GM’s wanting Modin, Andropov, Bogosian.


February 1st, 2011
11:43 pm

Maybe, the plan is … to wait for Game 78, thennn recognize there’s a problem with the skill-level, effort-level, commitment-level, etc. Chances are, we’ll be within five-points of a playoff berth, at Game 78, so a prorated player’s contract will be something the Atlanta Spirit, LLC can afford, at 1/20th of his 2010-11 salary.

Honestly, someone needs to make a tombstone for the Atlanta Spirit, LLC that reads, “It’s later than you think.” Twenty-nine (29) games left. That’s 58-points. We have to go 15-9-5 from here. If we’d won versus the 14th place Islanders, in the East, we’d need only go 14-10-5 the rest of the way. If we lose to Calgary, it’s 16-9-3 the rest of the way.

East Point Bob

February 2nd, 2011
4:35 am

Is the commissioner keeping silent because he knows the team will be moved ?
It’s not the team, it’s the owners, who have lied so damn much I cannot see why the NHL will not step in. Bettman helped Phoenix to the hilt, and secured new owners in Tampa and Buffalo, but it really seems he has abandon Atlanta to be sold and moved away. What was with the NYI announcers saying the team was gone after this season ? Can the reporter check this ?


February 2nd, 2011
4:43 am

“Our work ethic, our commitment is lacking.” – Seems about right..this pretty much can describe every Thrasher team that has ever taken the ice. A roster move should have already been made, it was obvious last month that this team has fallen flat.It should be unacceptable to lose like this and there are quite a few players who need to be sat but you can’t sit them all..we already have a roster of waiver players..welcome to reality.


February 2nd, 2011
5:33 am

Something is not right – Kamal said the thrashers had 2 shots on goal well into the third period, in a period in which the Thrashers were down 3 goals. The offense STINKS.

Tim Stapelton

February 2nd, 2011
5:50 am

I am so good no other NHL team wanted me. My friend Nigel Dawes will be recalled soon and he will also register one point eventually. No roster moves! Teams fear myself, Dawes and..Freddy Meyer..the beast. We need Krog and Haydar so perhaps we can all register two points by the time the season ends, the heck with physical play, you get hurt that way. Small, speedy and not hitting is the way to win!! Bring back John Anderson to whisper at us! Rich Peverley is our leader, long live waiver players.


February 2nd, 2011
7:13 am

Look on the bright side, “Thrashers Casino Night” is coming up! Wahooo!


February 2nd, 2011
7:17 am

DOA. Dead in the water! THE PROBLEM- RAMEROO’S INABILITY TO MOTIVATE. Look and listen to his comments. No fire, no passion, no anger. He sounds like Mr. Peepers. Is this Mr. Ramsey’s Neighborhood. I watched him last night. He simply folds his arms and shows no emotion. The team comes out of a layoff, knowing that it has to fire up and win. We come out flat with no emotion and Ole Rammeroo simply shrugs. Give me Tortorella, Quinn, Bowman, anyone with a spark. Anyone want 2 tix in 209?

thrash head

February 2nd, 2011
7:32 am

Makes me very sad. I think we are done.
Atlanta just seems to attract total idiots for owners.
The Smith family and the Falcons
Pre – Teddy ballgame for the Braves.
Cousins for the Flames
And of course the standard that nobody will ever match for total idiots – ASG.
An Bettman obviously is not going to lift a finger to help.


February 2nd, 2011
7:35 am

Philips was so empty last night that when Little hit the post, my wife screamed at me to turn the tv down.


February 2nd, 2011
7:42 am

Yep. Pull the rip cord. No trades. We are what we are.


February 2nd, 2011
7:46 am

This team cannot survive in Atlanta under the current ownership. They are not only bankrupt financilly, but bankrupt in the fans interest.


February 2nd, 2011
8:43 am

Funny comment kovyoverrated. This teams dedication level is consistent with the ASG. Until we get new owners I am afraid we r screwed.


February 2nd, 2011
8:55 am

Some of those top guys that were bad last night: Peverley, Ladd, Sopel, Hainsey, Stewart (at times), and Bogosian (at times). Bergfors seemed to hustle and try to battle along the boards. He had a couple of good chances just got his shot blocked or goalie made a save. The Stapleton line was our 2nd dangerous line right behind the Little line. The other two lines did absolutely nothing. That PK sequence where Isles score that 3rd goal was a complete joke. I think Thrashers had the puck like 3 times and couldn’t clear the zone. THEN they just let whatsisname just skate around, down inside the circle, and take a shot while Sopel just stands there hoping and praying he misses. WTF? I’m wondering if Ramsay is the right coach for the job. I know this team is lacking talent wise but still. This team needs a coach that’s going to kick them in the rear and get them ready to play.

Not Blind

February 2nd, 2011
9:02 am

Firstly, about the NHL taking over the Thrashers. You guys ever heard of the concept of ‘ownership’? Until the ASG declares bankruptcy and/or tries to circumvent their contract with the NHL there is nothing the NHL can or should do. The Thrashers belong to the ASG. Only a DA would buy into that mess or buy the Thrashers outright. The last 8 wealthy DA’s left in existence made up the original ASG and now there’s only 7 of them.

Secondly, waiver wire pickups- We just got beat by a bunch of motivated, dedicated and proud waiver wire pickups. Nobody has proven that there are skilled guys available via the waiver process than NYI.

Thirdly, Ramsey. Great assistant coach. Time for him to bow out and let Torchetti try to turn this ship around.

Ganja Warrior

February 2nd, 2011
9:11 am

They’re NHL’ers for a reason and i’m not so it’s hard to say much BUT Bogosian SUCKS and needs to go. Did you hear that ASG , Rick and Craig ? Go before more fans do. You guys were/are onto something. Keep moving forward and dump the dead weight !

Ganja Warrior

February 2nd, 2011
9:14 am

Sell out to the Hollywood dude and his team of buyers. They want to win !


February 2nd, 2011
10:40 am

Words are words and they are not helping on ice. This team has forgotten how to pass a puck, all they do is chip it forward, no attempt to even pass to a teammate. The style of play is AHL at best, I don’t think I top 6 forward fixes the issue. You get what you pay for and we are one of the lowest payrolls in the league which equates to one of the poorest skilled teams. Thrash are playing dump and chase but get beaten to the puck every time, they are so scared in the defensive zone they try to dump and chase from there….3 strait icing calls last night show a team with no skill or confidence in one another. Come on Thrash get your heads out of your @@sses.


February 2nd, 2011
11:49 am

How in the world are you supposed to come back from 2 goals down if you don’t ramp up the pressure in the 3rd?? Very seldom did anyone, I mean anyone on the ice not named Kane or Thorburn, commit to getting the puck deep and keeping it there. And as soon as we lose possession, we have a third forward who is floating backwards towards the blueline and no D-man pinching to keep pressure on the Isles’ D coming out of their zone. How is that supposed to produce a comeback??

And when will the coaching staff tell these damn D-men to get their asses back inside the def zone so that they don’t get exploited by standing still at the blueline? If you’re not going to step up and hit someone or attempt to stop the puck, what is the point of getting anywhere near the defensive blueline as the puck comes back through the neutral zone? I really don’t understand what we’re doing 3/4 of the time anymore.


February 2nd, 2011
12:17 pm

Now over a decade. What is up, Don? where is the “new team attitude, and system” they were talking about at the begining of season? Still the same words, and excuses. Every year. Year after year. And at the end of the season (like 10 times before) we will just paint over,(like 10 times before) make promises (like 10 times before), sweep stuff unde the rug, blame others, and move on, into ” the right direction” (like 10 times before). That’s right Don, @ASG.!! you are the disgrace of this city!!!

Don Waddell

February 2nd, 2011
12:21 pm

“Going the right direction, learning from mistakes”. Yes, and lying all the time!!!!


February 2nd, 2011
12:25 pm

Making good money, doing well, and no accountability. “American way” …

Sage of Bluesland

February 2nd, 2011
12:32 pm

….Well, at least we’re still early into our third “Five Year Plan”….Don Waddell, on his and ownership’s behalf, thanks all of you very much for your support…

(It’s a wonder to my why anyone at all shows up to these games…well, except for the opponent’s fans…at least that I can understand…)

Same old sheep–different day…


February 2nd, 2011
1:19 pm

Do you like that folks? You’re looking at a very heavy dose of Sage of Bluesland for the foreseeable future … if this team doesn’t put a 6-1-3 type of streak together. “It is what it is” is NOT a catch phrase. It’s an explanation of facts or events as they actually transpire.

29th in team payroll. It is what it is.

No playoff wins in a decade. It is what it is.

Top 10 picks, including several housed inside the lottery draft, escape to other teams and/or underperform, after being rushed into the lineup straight out of their draft year. It is what it is.

Atlanta is one of the VERY, SELECT FEW markets where I might actually advocate TRADING a lottery draft pick. Why? There’s not a tremendous track record of success, by Atlanta, by making the selection. Lehtonen? Stefan? Coburn? Kovalchuk? What ‘playoff legacy’ did these players leave on Atlanta, before moving on? Hossa (Heatley substitute) wasn’t something to write home about, come playoff time in Atlanta. Alex Bourret? Boris Valabik? Bogosian is still way too young to quit on, but compared to Drew Doughty, who went one spot above him in the draft, it’s not very close.

It is what it is. Successful franchises have one thing in common: Excellent ownership. When a GM needs something, it’s APPROVED. If Dudley asks for help, will they even listen??? Or will the response be silence, or something just as bad as silence–a reminder that ‘you ALL knew what the budget was when it was set last June. So, it was up to YOU to make it work.’ And ya know what, folks? That’d actually be a fair response, if the ownership set the budget at $56 million or so, with a cap limit of $59.6 million. But this club has $18 million in cap space. It’s almost mathematically impossible to have more than that much cap space. Mull that one over for a while.

Done? Now ask yourselves why fans are sitting at home, watching hockey on TV, instead of being at Blueland. Ownership has alienated this fanbase. Hockey hasn’t begun in Atlanta, and won’t begin, until the day that ‘committed ownership’ is in place.


February 2nd, 2011
1:37 pm

Lets face it, our players have never developed to be difference makers. Little, Kane, Bogosian, Coburn, Lehtonen, and all the first rounders from the past.

None of these guys can make a team a winner…some are nice pieces, and some still have some upside…but Stamkos they are not.

So you put solid B players like Antro and Ladd around them and the team is still not going to be able to compete.

We knew it at the beginning of the season, then fooled us for a 10 game stretch by dominating some of the NHL elite teams…but now have reverted back to the mean.


February 2nd, 2011
1:59 pm

With most of your comments its the owners. But I have yet see an owner skate or score a goal or stop a puck. Its all comes down to the players, and coaching. If the coach can’t coach and the players can’t play you don’t win. It appears to me that he coach has not made an impact on the players.They play the way they want to not the way the coach wants them to play. But as the those you lose say wait till next year. .

Sage of Bluesland

February 2nd, 2011
2:27 pm

Brendan’s comments are spot-on. It truly is what it is…and always has been with our uncaring ownership (even from day-one, this franchise has been an afterthought).

It is such a shame–and it’s a shame that the league has not taken action to address it.

We’ve been destined to fail with the clowns we’ve had as owners since inception (yes, that includes the very beginning). The little dictator (Stan Kasten) as team president–just so he could be the titular head of three professional franchises? Please.

I can’t recall of a more disastrous mix of numerous factors all coming together at the same time–on top of the same team. Unreal in its statistical probability.

It is what it is. Indeed.


February 2nd, 2011
3:35 pm

Guess what yall? Talk is cheap! Stop talking big in front of the cameras and do your job. And Atlanta Spirit Group, F*** YOU! I think the reason we arent trading or talking of it is that ASG wont use the money they have in order to help us cuz they hate us.


February 2nd, 2011
3:35 pm

It sucks. pure and simple…all of it. last nights loss was one of the most dissapointing of the season. for numerous reasons.
I dont know how a team in their position comes out with an effort like that. If you notice, almost every other game last night was a 1 goal game or shootout. those teams are competing. we are not.

Any word on what happened at practice today?


February 2nd, 2011
6:18 pm

Ramsay is a horrible coach, everyone on here saying he’s a good coach must be blind. If you really keep track of the Thrashers you will see they never have any type of set game plan like all the other teams do. It’s like they are playing street hockey and it doesn’t work. I say get rid of Ramsay and let everyone that came here from the Blackhawks start playing together like the Blackhawks and we’ll have a winner. I wish I could be bald and stand for 3 20 minute periods with my arms crossed and make the big bucks. Let’s rise up against Ramsay like Egypt is doing with it’s horrible leader. You’ll never have a winner until he goes.


February 2nd, 2011
6:30 pm

Sage has a new “buddy’.
Two man circle-jerk.

Grind that ax……


February 3rd, 2011
10:28 am

WTF? – Your stupid. Ramsey is a great coach. He is always clam & collected. He is a teacher not a bully. His system was / is used in Boston, Tampa, etc… Boston sucked before he was an asst coach there. So was Tampa… It takes time to teach it.

You can tell when the TEAM is not in sync, tired, etc… You cal also tell when the TEAM is hot, in sync, flying. Right now the team looks tired.

The coaches teach, the PLAYERS PLAY!!! Get it!!! The TEAMs chemistry is mixed up right now. Slater is out, Enstrom is out, Kane has been out, Adrapov is still slowed from surgery. Bogosian is having troubles.

Don’t hit the panic button or dump the coaches because of a recent down turn. It is up to the PLAYERs to sort this out. They will if the management has their back. They won’t if when the first rough spot happens, the management throws them overboard. They already sent a message already with shipping Ben Eager out for sloppy goonish play.

There has to be chemistry between the PLAYERS who play, the COACHES who teach, and the GM who fits all the pieces together. We have 2 of the 3 matched. Now the PLAYERS must play. Dudley will add some pieces.

All of us need to keep supporting the TEAM!!!!


February 3rd, 2011
5:17 pm

It truly is laughable that folks are calling for Ramsay to step down or be fired.

Zombie Steve

February 3rd, 2011
7:31 pm

This team has GOT to find a non Canadian savior to put the ASG out of their misery.


February 3rd, 2011
10:02 pm

Hey Section 310, if the team is not in sync isn’t that the coaches job to get them back in sync? And by sitting way up in section 310 you can’t really see what’s going on anyway. Come on down to section 105 and see just how bad it really is, not to mention all the money I’ve wasted on great seats for a lousy coach that does nothing but stand there and blame his players. What happens in the other pro sports leagues when a coach badmouths his players? His behind is gone quickly. This isn’t Boston or Tampa and never will be with that fool as coach. Bank on that buddy! See you at the Rangers game next Friday


February 4th, 2011
12:56 pm

RAMSEY – To me scoring goals in the offensive zone still comes from having the puck and keeping it. talk about stating the obvious. how many years of coach school do you need to figure that out?


February 4th, 2011
1:01 pm

talk about an empty arena, even my living room had empty seats for last night’s thrashers game

dar thompson

February 4th, 2011
3:44 pm

Zombie Steve…13,000 investors at $10,000.00 each and we can buy the team. Many of which could/would buy season tickets…investing in your own investment so that your roi (return on investment) is practically guaranteed. We can then get the 3 or 4 more horses that the team needs to be a stanley cup contender. Comments are welcomed.

Crazy Diamond

February 5th, 2011
1:58 am

Brendan is tuned into what’s happening. ASG is problem #1.

Rebuild? Who’s gonna pay? Not ASG. Rebuild starting with the goalie? When have we ever had a goalie? Be honest. Notice I didn’t say “We are so screwed”.


February 7th, 2011
9:51 am

Where are people getting the idea that Pavelec had a good game last game?? He had a God awful game. He gave up some of the easiest goals I have ever seen. All the goals, except the first one, were wristshots from just past the blue line. That is pathetic. The shots were un-screened and just basic wristshots to the top corner. It is obvious people are figuring out his weaknesses.