Welch likely on his way; Pavelec to have rehab start before return

A few pieces of news from Thrashers practice today as I have just arrived at the airport to fly to New York for Wednesday’s game against the New York Rangers.

Freddy Meyer missed practice for a second straight day with what coach Craig Ramsay called a mid-body injury. Also, Zach Bogosian will not travel with the team to New York has he continues to be out with a shoulder injury. He will miss his sixth straight game.

With two defensemen out, the Thrashers will likely recall Noah Welch from AHL Chicago in time for Wednesday’s game.

Also, Ramsay said today that Ondrej Pavelec will definitely start on Saturday in St. Louis. In the meantime, Pavelec will make a rehab start at AHL Chicago Wednesday before rejoining the team.

Peter Mannino will return and serve as Chris Mason’s backup.

Ramsay said he wanted Pavelec’s first start back to be on the road although he did consider having Mason start against the Blues, his former team.

I’m running to catch plane. I will update with additional news.

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October 26th, 2010
1:29 pm

Can we figure out why Ramsey is so set on Pavs playing against the Blues when it makes so much more sense to let Mason play against all these guys he’s familiar with????


October 26th, 2010
1:48 pm

Well, they are also familiar with him.


October 26th, 2010
1:51 pm

Welch…???? Interesting choice. Will go and look @ the Wolves site,and try to get info.

The start in St. Louis…. guess after alls said and done that’s how it washes out.
Pavs needs the re-hab, and Chitown is just a short drive down the road, works out ok.
No biggie.

Go get’em Pavs!! Keep a stiff upper-lip,WORK HARD!!!!
Get that first start at home where us Thrashfans can help you thru!


Hockey! the greatest game on Earth!


October 26th, 2010
1:59 pm

Hi Chris – Enjoy reading your blog each day. Lord know’s its hard to find objective (or any) coverage of the Thrashers in this town, on TV, Radio or in print.
Was wondering if you’d be interested in some information about the Thrashers fan club (believe it or not, the 2nd largest in the NHL). I write the newsletter article and also run the road trips committee and would love to share some information or bounce some ideas off of you.


October 26th, 2010
2:14 pm

Well J(Z), think about it. Even if he’s familiar with all these players, it’s still maybe 15 players in STL that know all of Masons weaknesses, have trained with him and learned where to shoot, and will therefore have a big advantage against him.


October 26th, 2010
2:53 pm

Ok, makes sense. Thats why they pay you guys the big bucks :)

Puck Like A Porn Star

October 26th, 2010
3:04 pm

This article was a missed opportunity to post a picture of Raquel Welch. Shame on you, C-Vivs!!


October 26th, 2010
3:20 pm

Chris- great job with this blog and your up to date coverage of the Thrash. You keep us well informed. Thanks.


October 26th, 2010
4:05 pm

dud sad before season start kulda is the man, he got decent pre-season and now welch what happened? doghouse kovy like, or dud not telling the true don waddell like.

boulton orr

October 26th, 2010
4:31 pm

yeah i was thinking kulda.. of course he has earned a spot on the roster 2 years in a row by my count.

Hockey Biltong

October 26th, 2010
6:08 pm

New Sheriff in town, things are gonna be different around here…..


October 26th, 2010
6:08 pm

yeah i woulda figured kulda seeing as how welch has had a few shots and to me seems more of a lifelong 7th man


October 26th, 2010
6:36 pm

Unrelated question, and I dont’ know if it’s been addressed on these blogs, but are there any blackout issues pertaining to Fox Sports South or Sports South and DirecTV? I’ve been hearing that Fox blocked Dish Network from airing the channel, so anybody with Dish as their TV provider is screwed, but are DirecTV subscribers affected? I haven’t been able to watch any games yet this season on TV but wanted to watch tomorrow’s game against NYR.


October 26th, 2010
9:14 pm

I would prefer to see Kulda as well. Maybe he has an injury? Welch has been playing well in Chicago though.

I agree that Pavs should play a game in Chicago before coming back. I wouldn’t want to put him back in raw. Remember he hasn’t played a full regular season game since last season.