Thrashers use many players to kill penalties

Thrashers coach Craig Ramsay does not believe in using a one or two set penalty kill unit. If you’ve watched closely, he runs many different players in and off the ice when down a man.

Here is his rationale.

“I think it’s important that everybody, well just about everybody, gets a crack at it<’ Ramsay said. “If you end up killing a lot of penalties during a game or getting a lot of power plays, people sit on the bench. It’s important that they get quality ice time. That they get out there and stay fresh and stay in it. I’ve been with various team and we started to use our top offensive guys to kill penalties and they like it. They get a kick out of it. They are not so sure at first and there is that learning curve about doing it. There is a commitment to blocking shots that you have to have to kill penalties. If you can have six and eight penalty killers that’s just wonderful and it’s nice to be able to toss out a couple of really good offensive guys and let them score. That short-handed goal in San Jose turned the game. It got us from 2-0 back into the game. When you can do that it’s a great thing for your whole team.”

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October 22nd, 2010
5:33 pm

Idk, don’t most coaches use a #1 and a #2 PK unit? But he is the coach, time will tell us if his schemes are effective. Allowing no PP goals against would be nice tonight.