Sports Illustrated – Not big fans of Thrashers’ moves

So, I pick up my copy of Sports Illustrated from the mailbox yesterday. There is the magazine’s NHL preview. I immediately check where it predicts the Thrashers will finish.

I have to admit to being a  surprised that they were predicted to finish 15th – that’s dead last – in the Eastern Conference.

Of course, when they listed Anthony Stewart and Noah Welch – not currently with the big club – as key additions along with Nik Antropov and Pavel Kubina I knew something was slightly amiss.

The magazine also seemed to be of the opinion that Ilya Kovalchuk re-signing with the Thrashers was very much up in the air.

The magazine did list GM Don Waddell as the person on the hot seat for the upcoming year.

Wonder what you folks think about that prediction?

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pond scum

October 2nd, 2009
3:27 pm

S.I. hasn’t been anything worth while for many years now. I’m sure many of us can remember there failed attempt at being a capable alternative to the “very biased” opinions and views of ESPN in the cable sports network programming world. They soon realized they was actually worse than ESPN.

Unless you got “buddies” or your a former player/coach of a said team…… you already suck.

I don’t think our birds will take the #1 spot in the east,but a 6-8 th spot is a reasonable projection considering our improvements,cause they are better than alot of other teams that did absolutely did nothing or took some losses in who they have returning.

I’m hoping that JA isn’t so hard headed as to leave Antropov as the #1 center for to long,cause as another poster pointed out in another blog/thread…… he isn’t good winning draws. So that means our “top” line would be spending alot of time and energy trying to get the puck back and constantly chasing the play.

And batcork,sorry my friend (and PLEASE don’t take that as being sarcastic)… but I still feel White is our best center overall and should be centering Kovy and Antropov. I disagree that White can’t come close to his point total from last season cause we have better offensive depth,he is now removed 2 seasons from Lemaires choking style system and seems to have Anderson’s system down pretty well.

I know some don’t like him cause he isn’t a physical player,but he is a good set-up man and play maker. His line was clicking pretty much out of the gates last season with Kozzie and Little and until around January when he was bumped up with Kovy….. was one of our best point getters while still back checking and being responsible in his own end. To me,he’s a steal at his salary when compared to other players with similar numbers from last season.