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Two more in the fold

This just in: The Thrashers re-signed defenseman Nathan Oystrick and forward Joey Crabb on Tuesday.

I’ll get more details as they become available. Again, just wanted you to know first.

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Who do you want to know more about?

Before I get to the promised blog about the developmental camp the Thrashers will have next week – July 10-15 – let me do a little housekeeping.

1. I apologize to Jason(Darkhorse). I did indeed change the main blog a couple of times yesterday – it started with the Thorburn signing before the Antropov move went down. So, he was indeed talking about Thorburn as a 4th-liner. Didn’t mean to make you look like “one of the looney posters on the Thrashers message boards” Darkhorse.

2. Waddell is the one that told us about the text message from Kovy (Tim, I had it on this blog first, read my comments). I was asking Waddell about how the Antropov signing would affect the negotiations with Kovy. It came up a little bit into the conversation. I don’t think it was a plant, he was simply answering a question.

Now, I need your help. I will post the roster for the developmental camp below. Take a look at it and let me know who you would like to know more about. I plan to do a story on …

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Antropov deal looks to be done

Geez, we’ve been a little busy in Blueland the last two days, haven’t we?

Looks like the deal for Nik Antropov is done, just waiting for it to be officially announced by the team. Looks like this is the top-6 forward the Thrashers wanted this offseason. Four years, $16 million are the terms.

Keep letting me know what you think of the deal.

Heck, they even re-signed Chris Thorburn to a multi-year deal Thursday.

Help me out with what’s next for the Thrashers. My question still remains.

If they acquired a top-4 defenseman, at least for one year, via trade without losing one of the three goalies and now they have a top-6 forward via free agency – what will they do with at goaltender?

Surely all three won’t be here. Who stays and who goes?

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It’s official, Kubina a Thrasher

OK folks, it is official. The Thrashers just announced that they have acquired defenseman Pavel Kubina and the rights to forward Tim Stapleton from Toronto for Garnet Exelby and Colin Stuart.

I had a pretty good idea the Thrashers had something planned with Toronto. Don Waddell was very forthcoming that they were talking to the Leafs when I asked about Tomas Kaberle. And he said they would act fast with the groundwork being set at the draft last week.

Certainly they are not done making moves, but the roster is starting to take some shape with Marty Reasoner and Anssi Salmela signed, Evander Kane drafted, qualifying offers made and now this trade. Still, I would look for Kari Lehtonen or Ondrej Pavelec to be traded soon and then Waddell may look at the remaining free-agent pool.

So, tell me what you think.

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