Heatley, Hossa not likely to return

Just finished an interview with Don Waddell about what’s next for the Thrashers now that the draft is over and free agency begins tomorrow. I will be writing a story for Thursday’s paper. It will be online tomorrow.

He’s obviously not going to tip his hand about what’s in the works, but something could get done with Toronto. They are still in talks.

So, I asked him what are the chances that Dany Heatley, who wants to be traded, and Marian Hossa, who becomes a free agent tomorrow, could return to the Thrashers.

After reminding me he could not speak specifically about each player because they are under contract with another team, Waddell did add: “That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense for us.”

There you have it. Stay tuned because I really think there will be movement if not this week, then next week.

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July 1st, 2009
6:49 pm

Realistically, we aren’t giving up much in this trade. X is popular and a good guy, but not a great defender. Kubina will be a solid veteran for us, I think. But unless we are good this year (which would mean we need a lot more than we got) why would he want to stay? I guess if nothing else DW has landed us a trading chip at the deadline that we can use to get more draft picks since we will probably suck

not enough for kovy

July 1st, 2009
6:50 pm

now what? And KUDOS to Wikipedia.org : Pavel Kubina (born April 15, 1977, in Čeladná, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech professional ice hockey defenceman, currently playing for the Atlanta Thrashers of the National Hockey League.
That was quick.
So is it just me or does anyone agree that this is barely scratching the surface for what Kovy (and all of the Thrasher fans) expects to see?
It’s a good start and I really liked xlb. Hate to see him go.


July 1st, 2009
7:08 pm

And now there’s one less reason to bother going to Phillips as long as DW is at the helm of the Bluetanic.

Chris Vivlamore

July 1st, 2009
7:21 pm

From all indications I have, the deal should be announced tonight. It is just as TSN first reported – Kubina for Exelby and Stuart. I will put up a new blog when it’s official so we can continue the conversation.


July 1st, 2009
10:19 pm

Been traveling all day, but tried to keep up via the radio, as best I could. First off, why are we still beating up the beat writer? When I read the blog title, here’s what I took away from the blog title: “Don’t expect a well known, Tier I player to arrive.” Not, Heatley and Hossa won’t have a change of heart and decide to return. Now, you might well want to criticize CV over an implication that Tier I guys aren’t coming, but we didn’t really know to what extent the Thrashers were going to kowtow to Kovalchuk on July 1. So far, there’s been one trade, and nothing magnanimous at that. Longtime Thrasher fans don’t expect much. But newer fans, or Kovalchuk fans, maybe DID expect a big splash today. I don’t really think Vivlamore did anything wrong with this blog title.

Now, busy day, obviously. Komisarek, Niedermayer, Ohlund, Gaborik and the Sedins are gone. Who’s still left? I didn’t see Beauchemin taken yet, or Scudderi, but I’m out of the loop. I just set foot in the door, after unpacking. Not that I thought he’d be coming here, but all day long … I mused that if Kari Lehtonen were to be traded today, it might impress Kovalchuk to land Nicholai Khabibulin. But I now see The Bulin Wall did a multi-year deal with Edmonton. Again, Khabibulin decisions always surprise me, though he has every right to pursue his best FINANCIAL options. Truthfully, I must admit that I haven’t seen the salary figures. But one can, legitimately, assume the Oilers overpaid, due to their market situation, previous RFA poaching efforts, and the knowledge that Khabibulin follows the money trail, whereever it leads. With that in mind, I thought even Atlanta could get in on that bidding. Khabibulin doesn’t seem to care where he plays, so long as the money in good.

Regarding Hossa’s 12-year deal, I’m … not surprised by Chicago being his next team, after Detroit. I’m sure he wanted Detroit. But it couldn’t be done. This morning, in USAToday, I read that Ken Holland said, “I’m not optimistic.” At that moment, I thought Chicago might be next. If I had to pick a team that I thought was headed to the CF or SCF, Chicago makes my list. I am surprised by a 12-year commitment by Hossa to play in Chicago. Yes, I must volunteer that. But by my calculations, Hossa’s an $8 million guy. So, 8-year @ $8 million per year would mean $64 million. The figure I saw, if accurate, is $62 million and change for 12 years. That’s like giving Chicago 4 FREE years. Granted, those four FREE YEARS are age 38-42, where his value would presummably diminish. And, despite leaving money on the table, in my view, his agent potentially made him easier to trade down the road. Let’s say 4 years later, Chicago hasn’t won the Cup and is now on the decline. Hossa is 34, and a cap hit of just over $5 million. And a good chunk of that presummably FRONT LOADED contract has already been paid by Chicago. That’s the time when a cash strapped market, like Atlanta, but NOT ATLANTA … can swoop in and snare a quality player, if Chicago wants to hold a firesale, or just marginally shake things up.

PensFan, if Edmonton really offered $81 million over 9 years, last season, Hossa left a lot of money on the table in rejecting their offer. I had heard the Pens deal was 6 years/$48 million. But you’d know far better than I. I defer to you on Penguins-later matters.


July 2nd, 2009
12:01 am

Brendan, Pens only offered 7M a year for 5 to 7 years(i forget how long). The Oilers offer was out of this world and a stupid offer in my opinion. Red Wings offered him only 4M a year. I am going to guess they offered him close to 10 years.