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Heatley, Hossa not likely to return

Just finished an interview with Don Waddell about what’s next for the Thrashers now that the draft is over and free agency begins tomorrow. I will be writing a story for Thursday’s paper. It will be online tomorrow.

He’s obviously not going to tip his hand about what’s in the works, but something could get done with Toronto. They are still in talks.

So, I asked him what are the chances that Dany Heatley, who wants to be traded, and Marian Hossa, who becomes a free agent tomorrow, could return to the Thrashers.

After reminding me he could not speak specifically about each player because they are under contract with another team, Waddell did add: “That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense for us.”

There you have it. Stay tuned because I really think there will be movement if not this week, then next week.

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Thrashers make qualifying offers

The Thrashers made qualifying offers to several restricted free agents on Monday.

The Thrashers made qualifying offers to restricted free agents Colby Armstrong, Jordan Lavallee, Scott Lehman, Kari Lehtonen, Grant Lewis, Jim Slater and Boris Valabik.

Offers were not made to Chris Thorburn and Dan Turple, meaning they will become unrestricted free agents on July 1.

However, don’t look for Thorburn to go anywhere. I have indications that the team will continue active negotiations with Thorburn and expect to get a deal done.

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Draft is over … more to come

Just got off the phone with Don Waddell following the second day of the draft. He said he was pleased with how everything went. The Thrashers are still thrilled with getting Evander Kane Friday in the first round. They added eight more players Saturday.

Here are the highlights:

The two wingers they got in the second round – Carl Klingberg and Jeremy Morin – were listed as first-rounders on the Thrashers draft board. Waddell called them steals – along with sixth-rounder Jimmy Bubnick and seventh rounder Levko Koper. Waddell said the Thrashers had them listed as second-rounders on their draft board. Klingsberg will continue playing in Sweden for a couple of years and Morin will go to the OHL.

Thrashers also picked up a couple of extra draft picks – this year and next year. Waddell said the Thrashers will have two third-rounders and two fifth-rounders in 2010. They could be used in upcoming trades.

Waddell also said a lot of groundwork has been laid for those upcoming trades. He …

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Zach speaks … on his offseason

Just got finished with my draft preview story, which should be online soon. I spoke to Zach Bogosian, who is in town working with the Thrashers youth camp, for the story. I’ll fill you in on what he said in a little bit.

First, I’d like to address something from my last blog. Some felt I may have been harsh with my answer to one post who questioned the AJC’s hockey coverage. Let me say I don’t have a problem with people wanting, and expecting, more coverage from the paper. As the Pro Sports Editor, I lived that every day for five years. It’s tough to please everyone. The fact is that hockey is not the biggest draw here right now. The franchise is only 10 years old. The TV ratings are poor for the Thrashers. The online numbers are not high. Coverage gets caught behind the more popular Falcons, Braves or UGA. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want, and get, more coverage.

But here is the thing folks. Let’s be constructive about it. If you want to take shots at me for going on …

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The most memorable moments

It's not Toucan Sam, but it's close. Just thought I'd share a little bit of the vacation to Costa Rica.

We are back. Time to be honest. The “assignment” I was on: A 10-day vacation in Costa Rica with the wife and kid. I was literally in jungles away from everything. Truth is, I left the night of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and didn’t know who won the game until a full week later – when riding on a bus with a guy from California. He let me know who won that game and the NBA finals. Guess my prediction of the Wings in six didn’t work out, huh?

Hard to stay on top of things with no internet, phone, newspaper or television. I apologize to those of you who would hold me responsible for not knowing the Thrashers hired a new associate general manager – which will be made official this afternoon – while I was away.

What was the most memorable moment in Thrashers’ history?

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I did enjoy coming back …

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Something to think/blog about


I am off on assignment for a week or so, so wanted to leave you with a new blog.

Got an e-mail from someone that wanted to discuss the possibility of Dany Heatley returning to the Thrashers since he is reportedly not happy in Ottawa, but I see you folks have already been talking about that.

So, let’s throw this out there for discussion: There may not be a rich history here, but as Thrasher fans you certainly must have a favorite moment, favorite goal, favorite hit … Let me know what it is.

When I get back from my assignment, I’ll compile a list of some of the most noted moments. Then we’ll put up a poll to come up with the most memorable moment in Thrashers history.

Thanks for your help with this. It could be fun.

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Another Thrashers signing

Marty Reasoner has returned.

The Thrashers have re-signed the center, making the announcement on Monday. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.
The 10-year veteran was to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He earned $1 million dollars last season after signing a one-year deal with the Thrashers. Reasoner, 32, had 14 goals and 16 assists last season and was given the Thrashers’ Players’ Player Award by teammates. He was seventh on the team in goals and ninth in points.
“This team is starting to build in the right direction,” Reasoner told the Journal-Constitution after last season’s NHL trade deadline. “I can be part of that. We’d like to produce some more wins. That will come. I don’t feel it’s as far away as it seems at times.
“For me to help this team come back and be a contender, be a team that’s feared, that’s a good thing to shoot for. It’s nice to be part of something from the ground up.”
Reasoner has played 544 career games with the Thrashers, Edmonton, …

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Thrashers signing

OK, it’s official now. The Thrashers may have re-signed defenseman Anssi Salmela. Just got the word.

Still working on getting the details but it’s a multi-year deal.

Spoke to Don Waddell briefly about him. Obviously, they like him a lot. I know a lot of you  folks were eager to hear that the Thrashers were going to re-sign him.

He’s young and big with upside. Waddell said will be part of the seven-defenseman unit. Looks like he won’t start the season in the AHL.

The complete story should be posted soon, but I wanted you guys to know as soon as I did.

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Hossa returns to Pittsburgh for Finals

I came across a story on the Associated Press wire service that included Marian Hossa’s thoughts about returning to Pittsburgh for the Cup finals as a member of Detroit tonight. I thought I would pass it along.

This from the former Thrasher: “It’s going to be loud in Pittsburgh,” said Hossa, who left the Penguins after last year’s finals loss to Detroit and signed a cheaper and shorter deal with the Red Wings. “They show you what they think. It’s going to be great atmosphere.
“Nothing is going to change on my part. I just try to use it to my advantage, that booing. Play my game.”

So, if Hossa wins the Cup this year and is back on the market – assuming he doesn’t re-sign with the Red Wings – where does he end up?

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