Wilson to play tonight

Defenseman Clay Wilson, called up from Chicago yesterday, makes his Thrashers debut tonight against the Washington Capitals. Nathan Oystrick will be scratched to make room in the lineup. My guess would be that Wilson plays alongside Garnet Exelby, leaving the Ron Hainsey-Boris Valabik and Tobias Enstrom-Zach Bogosian pairings intact, but Thrashers coach John Anderson left his options open in his interview after the morning skate.

Oystrick has had a couple of tough games lately, but Anderson went out of his way to say he was sitting Oystrick because he had to sit someone and not because of anything Oystrick did.

Wilson has played 12 career NHL games, including five this season for Columbus. He came to the Thrashers along with a sixth round pick in a January trade for Jason Williams.

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April 8th, 2009
9:54 pm

I would love for “the marketing group” to slap a black person on a billboard, assuming that said person is a player worthy of promotion based on his on-ice talent. If, you know, Atlanta ever actually had any black people on the roster. Do we even still have Fred Brathwaite? I don’t get that — there aren’t a lot of black people in hockey, but Atlanta has had, what, one, in its entire history? Actually, I would love if, in general, the marketing group were more successful in promoting the whole team, and especially the portion that Atlanta audiences are likely to relate to. They do a great job with the Blue Crew — why not the actual players?


April 8th, 2009
9:57 pm

P.S. I don’t know a lot of Evander Kane…I’ve only seen his fights films and some training film. But a) he has great positional instincts and is solid in general. b) he likes Atlanta and would be HAPPY to come here and is excited about possibly getting people who don’t necessarily know hockey already involved in it.

Tony C.

April 8th, 2009
10:50 pm

I want Kane because he’s scary talented, tough, and the product of a very well-respected program in the Vancouver Giants. He plays an all-around game and has grit to spare.

Sound like a promising centReman? Bet your bottom he does. We’ve done well to bring more skill up the middle (Thank you, Mr. Peverly), but we could still use somebody who combines top-flight talent/skill along with a healthy dose of the sandpaper.

I’m hoping for Kane or Duschene (saw him in real-time…kid has tremendous vision/”hockey sense”). I would be happy with any of the following:

Tavares (duh9)




That’s no particular order after Tavares. If at all possible, I would send a jet to take them from the combine to come skate with #17, Armi, Little whoever is in town. Is that tampering?


April 9th, 2009
11:26 am

Funny thread. Say the Thrash do end up with Kane. If you don’t think that marketing department is going to plaster his mug all over the place to try to draw a larger black audience, you’re fooling yourself. They’re marketing people…pandering is what they do!

Go Thrash! Go Kings! Go Coyotes!