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Perrin: I meant it

Eric Perrin is out of the Thrashers lineup tonight. The more important thing is whether he will get traded by 3 p.m. Wednesday, the NHL deadline. That’s what he wants, and I hope for his sake he gets what he wants. claimed off waivers by noon tomorrow.

It’s always somewhat controversial when a guy says publicly he’d like a trade. Perrin, a smart guy, probably figured being open about it would increase the chances it would happen. Except when they’re free agents, players aren’t like most of us, with the freedom to apply for jobs wherever they’d like to work. All they can do is do their best, or withhold their services, or something in between. Perrin, unaware when he spoke with reporters Tuesday morning that he was being waived, said he will do his best for whatever team he plays for the rest of the season, even if that team is the Thrashers. That, he said, is the way he was raised. “My dad would give me a whoopin” for doing anything less, he said. And he said he’d act …

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Who’s missing, and why

Whatever sport you cover, one thing never changes. When you go to practice, you count heads. If somebody’s missing or not taking part, you need to know about it and find out why.

Today, defenseman Nathan Oystrick didn’t practice for the Thrashers. The trade deadline is Wednesday. Was something up? No, it turns out. He showed up sick and was sent home.

Goalie Kari Lehtonen has a little added incentive to play well this week. His parents are in town from Finland (just in time for the rain and snow of this past weekend). Lehtonen knows his name has been brought up in trade rumors. His reaction: “I would like to stay here. This is my home. But there’s no bad place in the NHL. Let’s hope I can stay here and do something good.”

On another subject, Ilya Kovalchuk was named the NHL’s third star of the week after getting four goals and four assists in three games. Kovalchuk joined first star of the week Martin Brodeur of the Devils and second star of the week Jarome Iginla of the …

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