What to watch for

The Thrashers are back at Philips Arena for five of their next six games, beginning Tuesday night against Colorado

Some things to watch for:

—Can they play as well at home as they have lately on the road? They’ve lost four consecutive home games but won four of their last six road games and earned a point by taking one of the other two to a shootout.

—The trade deadline is March 4. Are guys playing better at the last minute in hope of finding another place to play? What moves will the Thrashers make? I would expect at least one more veteran defenseman to be traded.

—Thrashers fans get their first in-person look at Jordan LaVallee.

—Will Ilya Kovalchuk, Bryan Little and Slava Kozlov stay hot?

Also, I’d like to thank, and link to the page of, Jon Swenson. He’s got some great photos from Saturday’s game against the Sharks. Jon was the source of the quotes from Evgeni Nabokov about Ilya Kovalchuk that appeared in Sunday’s Thrashers Report; Jon lent me his tape of the postgame interview.

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