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Top 5 Gift-Grabbing Phone Apps

If you’re still buying any remaining holiday gifts, technology is on your side in the last-minute search and scramble.  Check out my favorite phone applications for making shopping easier:

1) ClipZone (iPhone): Never miss local savings. Download free mobile coupons for retailers, restaurants and attractions.  ClipZone uses GPS technology to determine your location and deliver great deals straight to your mobile phone.  The best part?  It’s focused on Atlanta so you’ll find all of the spots that the other apps may miss.

2) FastMall (iPhone, Android): No more circling the mall. FastMall helps you locate particular stores and restrooms within malls and then guides you with the best route to get you there fast. Bonus features include the ability to record voice messages about your shopping list or where you parked, as well as access to additional deals and discounts.

3) Gift List (iPhone): Make your list and check it twice. Gift List helps you create and manage gift lists for your loved ones in addition to tracking your budget with a running total of your monetary allocations for each recipient, as well as how much you’ve spent overall.

4) ShopKick (iPhone, Android): Great for rewards. Shopping is hard work, you deserve a prize!  This app focuses on rewarding you just for walking into stores, scanning products and more.  Collect “kickbucks” that can be redeemed at major retailers all over the country.

5) ShopSavvy (iPhone, Android): Scan and compare in seconds.  Simply use your camera phone to snap a picture of a product barcode and let this app track down price comparisons and reviews of your item online.  You can also set alerts to be notified when prices drop.

Lastly, many major retailers from Macy’s to Target have their own apps now so be sure to download these so you don’t pass up a great deal or bonus feature while in-store.

With so many tips and tricks from technology, presents in a pinch are simple now, leaving you more time to celebrate.


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