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Printed Matter

Kristen Stewart attends The Twilight Saga: New Moon, UK fan event at Battersea Evolution on November 10, 2009 in London, England.Here’s one big trend to look forward to (or not): clashing patterns and prints. No other style spells eclectic, fun, and absolutely carefree than the look of mixed patterns and prints that don’t naturally match. (Actually, not a lot of patterns or prints match, so anytime you do wear print over print, you’re bound to channel fashion eclecticism.)

It’s understandable why most people stay away from this look.  It’s already difficult enough to mix and match colors, but to go ahead and break rules and mix clashing prints? In fashion, it’s almost always easier to follow the rules than to break them—but where’s the fun in that?

For those of you who are very new in the mixing-clashing-prints department, follow this simple rule: Stick to the same color family. This should assuage your fears a bit. Kirsten Stewart channels this look perfectly in her Proenza Schouler ensemble.  Or you may also go for smaller prints.

However, for the fashion adventurous—and I applaud you—the rule is that there are no rules.  (Well, maybe except for one: Don’t go overboard and risk looking like a walking textile swatch booklet.) One way to not overdo it is to wear a maximum of 2-3 different kinds of prints/patterns.

Try these “couplings” on for size:

  • animal + animal (i.e. zebra + leopard)
  • florals + tie-dye
  • florals + jacquard
  • florals + checks/plaids/houndstooth

(Florals is one of the most versatile—and popular—prints to mix with other prints/patterns.)

What do you think.. will you wear this trend?

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