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Art of the (Burberry) Trench

trenchHappy New Year!  I’m starting 2010 in a big way by finally making a Burberry Trench investment.  I’ve been obsessing about it for years, and after discovering this new website, I’m sold. 

A Burberry Trench is a timeless classic that dates back to the early 1900’s.   It’s chic and stylish look works with most fashion from jeans to dresses. Nothing is more worthy of the big bucks than the Burberry brand.   The coat will last for decades and the cost-to-wear ratio will work out over time.  (That’s my justification for all major purchases.) 

The following information might help convince you this is a must-have, or you can simply enjoy the photos.  Art of Trench is a fun browse for any fashion lover, especially Burberry fans.  It is completely dedicated to the Burberry Trench and includes candid photos of ‘regular’ people (btw, all of these ’regular people’ are beautiful) wearing the coat.  The images are taken in various cities across the county and the coat is paired with many different fashion looks.   As a lover of fashion and travel, it’s fun to view the photos and guess what city they are in and discover different ways ways to wear the coat.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   Can’t wait to finally own one.

For my bargain followers, here are a few sale options. End of season sales will also help ease the pain.

Save 20% on many styles.

Classic trench style, now $999 down from $1300

Velvet trench (SO beautiful) $1000 down from $1500

If the trench option is too expensive, even on sale, the puffer coat is a nice option at $299 down from $399.
(and if you really think it’s crazy to spend so much on a coat, similar styles can be found at Target for around $40, but the quality won’t even come close).

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