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What do I wear with rain boots?

Is everyone else in Atlanta sick of this gloomy weather? It’s been raining for months now and while I understand ‘we need the rain’ it’s getting old…but at least this weather provides a good excuse wear rain boots.    

Rain boots are extremely functional, and it’s rare that “function” exists in fashion.  But it can.
I actually think that rain boots are fun—and you should have fun wearing them.

Here are some ways to keep it chic when wearing this rainy day essential:

  • If it’s raining but not freezing (or actually, even if it’s not raining!), wear them with denim cutoffs.
  • Try rain boots with short dresses too. They tone down the frilliness of the dress. Think of rain boots here as the new version of the ’90s staple, DocMartens.
  • Wear them with anything skinny: skinny jeans, tights, or leggings they are suppose to show off your legs. The first rule in rain boots: Don’t wear them with anything baggy! The Farmer John look is just not happening.

Rain boots should look fun, colorful, and cute. I LOVE the collection at Target.  So many choices and the prices are great.  (

How do you wear your rainboots? 
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