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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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Ask Jessica: Belted coats are a cinch.

Q – I’ve seen people wearing belts around bulky winter coats.  Some look great, but not sure about others.  Is this the new style? …. Traci P – Atlanta

A – I love coats and winter fashion.  I mean if we have to deal with cold temps, we might as well look good.  A nice coat is always in style, but bulky outerwear makes us lose our shape all winter long which is  more frump than flatter.

I’m a fan of belted coats most times.  If your coat didn’t come with a belt, or you want to spice up your look, there are plenty of options.  How do you decide on the right one?
Here are some quick tips:

  • Don’t go for skinny belts; you’ll just lose them in the coat’s bulky/thick fabric. Look for structure and width in your belts for coats.
  • Go for elastic belts which can adjust according to how thin or thick your coat will be. And they also accentuate waists really well.
  • Choose an obi. Obi belts are thick belts that really define your waist. (They were inspired by the traditional Japanese garb.) And most styles today incorporate a lot of cool design details.
  • Try a simple wrap belt which you can tie around your waist—simple yet sexy.
  • Add some style with chic details: lace overlay (lace is big this season), studs, chains, bows/ribbons, etc.


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