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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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Recessionista Reigns

dolceThese days, style does not always equate to high fashion brands that cost as much as our home mortgage. The smart buyer knows the fun in high-and-low dressing, meaning: pair your Jimmy Choos with your $20 top. Even better, go for low-and-low, meaning: $20 top, $40 jeans, and $50 shoes—BUT without looking it.

We all know the off-price stores like T.J Maxx, Marshalls, Loehmanns, Filenes Basement and Fox’s are great for the recessionista (For the three of you who don’t know what this means,that’s a fashionista in recession.)
Here are some facts you might not know that can enhance your off price experience.

1.  FOX’S receives new shipments of discounted designer clothing everyday.
2.  TJ Maxx has a “Runway” section in select stores nationwide which includes American and European high end designers.
3.  Most stores re-stock overnight M-F, so the best time to shop is weekday mornings.
4.  Filenes is a must for label lovers - they usually get new shipments Tue and Friday.
5.  T.J. Maxx’s inventory is not always from last season and less than 5% is imperfect.
6.  T.J. Maxx is the largest off-price retailer in North America
7.  T.J. Maxx, Filenes and Fox’s sell 14-carat gold, sterling silver and semi-precious stones.
8.  Marshalls, Filenes and T.J. Maxx sell homegoods.

Enjoy the designer high—without the skyrocketing prices!

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