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Friday Riffs: You say it’s your birthday?

So I’ve got a birthday coming up in a few days. It’s not normally an event I look foward to — at least not as much as I did when I was turning 26 — but since they’re inevitable, I endure them with as many smiles as possible and try to ignore all of those stubborn gray hairs that keep popping up.

This year, though, I’m embracing my advancing age partially because I have no choice and partially because it was an excuse to gather my dearest friends in my beloved (and now battered) Atlantic City this weekend.

While I’m there, I probably won’t be listening to a lot of music except for whatever is playing on the casino speakers as I curse a video poker machine. But there will be that endless soundtrack in my head, the one that will keep reminding me of the occasion.

So this week, I’ve wrangled videos for some of the more obvious birthday songs (honestly, I never loved The Beatles’ “Birthday” but how can you not include it?) as well as some personal favorites that seem appropriate when reflecting on a life lived thus far.

How about your list? What else would you include?

Bon Jovi, “Just Older”

Amy Winehouse, “It’s My Party” (The Lesley Gore classic done Amy-style.)

Stevie Wonder, “Happy Birthday”

Billy Joel, “Only the Good Die Young” (OK, not a typical birthday song, but relevant to anyone getting older.)

The Beatles, “Birthday” (McCartney performing it live.)

Alan Parsons Project, “Time”

The Click Five, “Happy Birthday”

Mary Chapin Carpenter, “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her” (A portrait of a life in a poignant snapshot.)

Bowling for Soup, “1985” (If you grew up in the ‘80s, you’re still wondering when Motley Crue became ‘classic rock.’)

Concrete Blonde, “Happy Birthday”

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November 9th, 2012
10:53 am

Cracker – Happy Birthday to Me