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Tuesday Tunes: Spotlight on Aerosmith


The band's latest -- to be released next week -- is Aerosmith's 15th record.

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Regardless of whether you’re an Aerosmith fan, you have to admire the band’s resiliency.

Breakups, makeups, drug addictions, infighting – they’re like a musical telenovela.

Fans have been anticipating “Music from Another Dimension” for more than a decade (yes, “Just Push Play,” their last original studio record, bowed in 2001) and for their 15th record, the Beantown Boys present 15 tracks.

Lifelong fans will probably appreciate the output, but truthfully, they could have used an editor, as the album is too-often bogged down by zipless fare such as the opening “LUV XXX” and no fewer than six ballads. Not that Aerosmith isn’t adept at slowing the tempo – “Dream On” will never lose its standing as a rock masterpiece – but with the exceptions of “Can’t Stop Loving You,” on which Steven Tyler matches yowls with a plucky Carrie Underwood, and the eerily stirring album closer, “Another Last Goodbye,” the rest are bonus track fodder.

(The ‘90s-friendly “What Could Have Been Love” returns Aerosmith to the adult contemporary charts for the first time since 1998. Take that for what you will.)

As for the rockers – since that’s really what we want from Tyler and Joe Perry – the Stones-y “Oh Yeah” slithers gleefully and “Out Goes the Lights” spotlights Tyler’s trademark swagger and amusing wordplay that circles a swelling chorus. For whatever reason, first single “Legendary Child” was unfairly maligned for sounding like a knockoff of “Walk This Way.” But if anyone is going to rip off such an enduring rocker, why not the guys who created it?

Besides, is it really such a bad thing that Aerosmith sounds like…Aerosmith on a few tracks? When the electro-enhanced “Just Push Play” arrived, fans cringed at its overproduced sheen. They don’t have to worry about that here, as the band is happy to crank it up and slam it hard, as they do on “Street Jesus” and “Freedom Fighter,” on which Perry handles lead vocals (with Johnny Depp in the background).

There are too many middling songs crowding “Music from Another Dimension,” but the standouts should please fans who will be relieved to know that Aerosmith isn’t trying to be anything other than Aerosmith this time around.

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By Melissa Ruggieri, Atlanta Music Scene

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Got my Wings

October 30th, 2012
7:38 am

Anything would be an improvement on “Just Push Play”. It’s good to have Aerosmith “back in the saddle” with some new music.


October 30th, 2012
9:36 am

Can’t wait for the new BON JOVI OUT IN MARCH!!!


October 30th, 2012
9:45 am

Both “Nine Lives” and ” Just Push Play” left alot to be desired. Not sure I understand why they have Carrie Underwood singing on this one.


October 30th, 2012
10:15 am

KISS’s “Monster” is better. Take that Steven !!!

dick whiskey

October 30th, 2012
11:08 am

i havent liked an aerosmith cd since pump in 1989,since then have been a bunch of cheesy commercial sounding crap

david c

October 30th, 2012
11:17 am


October 30th, 2012
11:17 am

@Got my Wings
Aerosmith is not back in the saddle. I don’t know how Joe Perry can look in the mirror. This record will get a metacritic score below 50, and it might not deserve that.

Melissa, how about a look at the new Neil Young? You know, pick some relevant classic rock!


October 30th, 2012
11:56 am

I agree with TD. Neil Young and Crazy Horse released their new disk today their first together in almost 10 years. The Horse rides again.


October 30th, 2012
12:01 pm

They were talking as if this thing would be ROCKS 2. There are some elements that are old school but quit with all the ballads. The couple that you mentioned arn;t bad but make 2 albums, one that rocks and one for the girls. Since this may be the last we hear from them, I’m a little disappointed.


October 30th, 2012
1:56 pm

Another vote for Neil’s Psychedelic Pill! Though Americana earlier this yr was their 1st in 10 yrs. Saw the Horse last Thurs in Tuscaloosa; talk about aging gracefully. Go Neil!


October 31st, 2012
9:29 am

Brock your right,but Americana was made up of old songs folk songs reworked by the band and it is a great record. Psychedelic Pill is their disk of all new material in ten years as only Neil Young can write and Crazy Horse can play. I agree one of the best Bands to see live. Rock on Horse.


October 31st, 2012
10:05 am

I am sorry but 9 lives was a very underated album. Pump was my favorite but 9 lives was Aerosmith outside the box and was very good. Im happy the icons are back.


October 31st, 2012
1:41 pm

9 Lives Stunk pure and simple, nothing undertated about it. That lousy song Pink was on it. Sorry they lost their edge long ago, They should all get baked again that’s when they were writing good music.

icons set

November 5th, 2012
11:28 am