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Friday Riffs: Remembering Whitney with the release of ‘Sparkle’

Last Thursday, Jordin Sparks came to Atlanta to promote “Sparkle,” which opens today.

Though Sparks is the headlining name on the marquee, it would be silly to think that the movie’s greatest appeal is anything other than it features Whitney Houston in her final role.

When we talked to Sparks at the Four Seasons in Midtown (and, for more “Sparkle” insight, colleague Howard Pousner talked to Curtis Mayfield’s widow about the timeless Mayfield songs in the movie), she said she loved being part of something that helped make Houston smile.

Here are a couple of Houston tracks that always made me smile, as well as a listen to her final recording from the “Sparkle” soundtrack.

Do you plan to see the movie this weekend in memory of Houston?

“All at Once” from a 1987 awards show appearance. A song so melodic, it aches.


Whitney’s isolated vocal track from “How Will I Know.” If this doesn’t give you chills, you have ice in your veins.


“His Eye is on the Sparrow,” from “Sparkle.” Houston’s voice is relatively weathered and worn, but you can’t argue its authenticity.


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By Melissa Ruggieri, Atlanta Music Scene

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urban redneck

August 17th, 2012
2:32 pm

i’ll never forget the first time i heard “i’m every woman.” it changed my life.


August 17th, 2012
2:41 pm

For GODS SAKE, let the crack head loser rest in peace. She was a good singer, SO WHAT?? She isn’t someone we STILL need to be talking about. What did she ever do for the world? Music? HAHAHA! ENOUGH OF THIS B.S.


August 17th, 2012
3:18 pm

It’s not enough that the “music scene” blogger isn’t even from here (probably didn’t even know Whitney lived here for 20 years) thus no real connection to topics, but out of DECENCY this is open for comments??? This is what to expect from the AJC who hasn’t even discovered spell check yet. ATL: we’re going down in flames, again. Paging Sonia Murray!


August 17th, 2012
3:22 pm

@ brad

August 17th, 2012
2:41 pm

Dude change your tampon please!


August 17th, 2012
3:28 pm

Elvis still gets praise….he did drugs….so what? Still an accomplished human being.


August 17th, 2012
3:31 pm

Brad, it is very sad that you would post such a comment. Whitney Houston and her music may not have meant much to you, but her music did touch many lives. I will sincerely pray for you.

Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing the movie tonight, but I hope that there will be much support for this movie. My advice to any movie goer–especially those that are doing so in memory of Whitney–to take tissues. It is my understanding that her performance is a heart-tugger.


August 17th, 2012
3:33 pm

For the record, Elvis donated millions to build apartments in Memphis for poor people, he fed 100,000s of people every Thanksgiving, he helped everyone. All Whitney did was squander her god given talent and live the high life.


August 17th, 2012
3:54 pm

I’m going tomorrow! Can’t wait to see it! Love Whitney Houston! :)

dai coneray

August 19th, 2012
10:37 pm

Whitney Houston was simply the BEST SINGER THAT EVER EVER WAS! No one can touch the strength of WH and no one has or will probably will grace our earth. What a gift form God she had! Yes all the greats have their substance /alcohol/abuse issues James Dean, Elvis Pressley, Billie Holiday, Dean Martin, Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse…Nobody could touch Whitney singing! Nobody, and it jsut sucks for some people that this is fact but truth be told. God bless you Cissy Houston. A lot of people have slowed down partying since Whitney passed though cuz she was the party girl and everybody that parties is like “hey if Whitney is still partying and looking good…so can I . You only saw Whitney look bad a few times that you can really she looked bad. Other wise damn…the girl ALWAYS LOOKED SO DAMN GOOD! YOU’D NEVER KNOW SHE WAS USING SHE WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL ALL OF THE TIME.!