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Aerosmith includes Philips Arena on summer tour

Aerosmith last played Atlanta in 2009 (pictured) at Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood. Photo credit: Robb Cohen

Aerosmith last played Atlanta in 2009 (pictured) at Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood. Photo credit: Robb Cohen

Steven Tyler will use his summer away from “American Idol” to return to his rightful place – the stage.

Aerosmith will hit the road for “The Global Warming Tour,” an 18-city run that parks at Philips Arena July 26, the band’s first Atlanta appearance since 2009. Fellow classic rock hitmakers Cheap Trick will open.

In 2010 the band celebrated its 40th anniversary, but Tyler’s choice to join the judging panel of “Idol” last season led to a fractured Aerosmith, particularly with guitarist Joe Perry. Tyler addressed the issues in a recent “60 Minutes” piece and seemingly fanned the flames with his comments that the rest of the band “rides my coattail because they know I care” and “I tell the truth, that’s why they don’t like me.”

But Aerosmith will apparently compartmentalize their personal issues – Perry just popped up on “Idol” last week to serenade Tyler with a musical birthday wish, so it appears it’s possible to play nice for the cameras – for a tour that will also stop in northern Virginia, Philadelphia, East Rutherford, N.J., Dallas, Los Angeles and their hometown, Boston. A second leg of dates will be announced soon.

Tickets for the Atlanta show are on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday for $49.50-$149.50. through all Ticketmaster outlets, the arena box office and Eager ticket buyers can visit beginning Thursday to RSVP for pre-sale access. Other credit card pre-sales begin Tuesday.

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Burtin Lonnie

March 26th, 2012
1:00 pm

Shouldn’t Aerosmith be opening for Cheap Trick??


March 26th, 2012
1:22 pm


Frank Furter

March 26th, 2012
1:35 pm


March 26th, 2012
1:44 pm

Would rather watch Cheap Trick. At least opening, I can see their show and leave whenever I get please during Aerosmith.


March 26th, 2012
1:46 pm

You know, it’s not that important for us 70 and 80’s rock fans to see some of these bands.
If it is not important enough to the band to keep it together, and appreciate the fans that made them so wealthy and popular, I’m not sure I will eagerley plunk down $149 bucks on Thursday to reserve a chance to see them.

And make no mistake, most tickets wil lbe closer to $150 per seat, than $50.
i.e. Van Halen at Phillips pricing.
I think they are pushing the finiancial tolerance limits even with the with the boomer fan base.
Look at Petty ticket availability at Verizon coming shortly in April.
NOT sold out.
Tickets still available online.

They have cancelled so many concerts in the past, and squandered alot of good will with the fan base.

One last thing – very poor date selection.

Crue & KISS are only 2 days prior.
Tough sell even to a die hard rock fan.
200, 300, 400 bucks in one week to see (two) concerts?



March 26th, 2012
2:02 pm

Did you see the price of Eagles tix?

Marc Greenberg

March 26th, 2012
2:23 pm

Can I get a ticket to replace the one for the lousy and short show they put on at Lakewood a few years ago?


March 26th, 2012
2:25 pm

Marc: I agree with you 100%. The show at Lakewood in 2009 was terrible. The only thing good about the show was the opening act: ZZ Top.


March 26th, 2012
2:33 pm

who keeps paying to see these old washed up geezers play 30+ year old songs you have heard 1000 times,damn sure aint me


March 26th, 2012
3:10 pm

Saw them at Lakewood Amp in 2010; they played for about 1 hr and sounded HORRIBLE.
As much as I love them one has to know when its time to call it quits. Save your $$$$$ and don’t buy this tic.

Sid Vicious

March 26th, 2012
3:25 pm

I may be mistaken, but isn’t there more then just Steven Tyler and Joe Perry in Aerosmith? They always get the snapshot PR for the band. Dont tell me “THEY ARE Aerosmith” – Cause they are not. There are 3 others. Brad W, Joey K and and Tom H. Come on people…


March 26th, 2012
3:27 pm

I would rather see Cheap Trick touring in a smaller venue as the headline act. I cannot spend that much $$$ to see an opening act. I like Aerosmith, but I’d rather see the boys from Rockford play.


March 26th, 2012
3:38 pm

good opp for a tattoo booth, just say’n.


March 26th, 2012
4:09 pm

Been a long time since Aerosmith put on a performance worth remembering. Cheap Trick still knows how to rock hard and always delivers the goods in concert.

But at those prices, would rather wait until Cheap Trick returns to Atlanta as a headliner. And when they do, it will be for a price less expensive than the cheapest seat at Philips.

Triple-digit ticket prices just ain’t rock n roll, sorry.

old devil

March 26th, 2012
4:31 pm

Last time I saw them was 1976 if I remember correctly. They were great then, but I am 52 now and I don’t have the energy to stand up for an hour and a half to see 65+ rich guys stumble around the stage. They probably don’t have the energy to do 3+ hour shows like they did back in the day. It just isn’t a good value to pay $150 a pop to see them. Plus, Tyler doing AI is like blasphemy anyways!


March 26th, 2012
4:36 pm

While I enjoy seeing bands like Aerosmith and KISS for old times sake, I won’t pay be paying the insane ticket prices and extortion fees. If more people vote with their wallet then prices will come down – or an email will be sent from Live Nation a few days prior to the concert offering $20 tickets, which is how I saw Guns n Roses at Philips late last year.


March 26th, 2012
5:14 pm

In ‘78 I was standing on my chair on row 7 in the Omni screaming along with S.Tyler and company. Been there done that, sooner or later they’ll be on HD Net and I can watch them in the comfort of my home. And save a couple of hundred bucks (Tix, gas, concessions). And I can watch them on YouTube, or I can plunk down a few dollars for a DVD. No crowd, no drunk fools to put up with, no earplugs necessary.


March 26th, 2012
5:42 pm

They should give all the fans free tickets that went to their last bs concert a few years ago at the amphitheater. They did around 5 songs and then Stevie could not go on. No more wheel chair rock for me.


March 26th, 2012
8:53 pm

Go see Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!! He’ll never disappoint.


March 26th, 2012
8:59 pm

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to see these guys. I liked them in 1978. There is nothing less appealing than 65+ year old men in tight lycra. Plus, they put on crappy shows.

Crazy Robert

March 26th, 2012
9:00 pm

I saw them at the Omni in either ‘79 or 80 and they were more FU’ed than I was, and that’s pretty FU’ed. I sure am glad I have found better things to do with my money. Shoot, I am now “splurging” taking me sister to see the Moody Blues this Wednesday night.

I must be getting old but the Moody Blues put out some great music!!! As a matter of fact, the Moody Blues are a piece of the puzzle that proves the Rock and Roll “hall of fame” is a joke!


March 27th, 2012
8:46 pm

I’ve never seen them so to me 5 minutes will be worth it!


March 28th, 2012
10:07 am

I saw A’smith at Lakewood some years ago. I think it was KISS as the opener. A’smith was excellent. One of the tightest bands I’ve seen. They are old but they will go down as one of America’s best rock n roll bands.

With Cheap Trick, that’s a great bill at $75. For $150, I don’t think so.
Maybe some cheap seats closer to show time.

As far as Bruce, no way. I can nap at home for free.


March 28th, 2012
11:51 am

Like, professional sports and movies, concerts have priced themselves out of my interest. Unless you’ve paid the big bucks to sit up front, you usually watch the show on the big screen. I’ve already chosen with my wallet to stay home and watch it on my own HD screen. The millionaires don’t need any of my hard earned money beyond what I indirectly pay through viewing fees as part of my Uverse monthly bill.