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Bruce Springsteen brings back the knee slide in N.C.

In Monday’s review of the Bruce Springsteen tour opener, I made mention that while he is still looking strong and spent plenty of time swinging on his mic stand and heading into the crowd for various nimble moves, we weren’t treated to the patented Springsteen knee slide across the stage. (Remember this one from the Super Bowl performance? )

Some fervent readers of the Springsteen bible ( were kind enough to send me this excerpt from the review of Monday’s show in Greensboro, N.C.

Guess the moral of this one is – never underestimate The Boss!

Chris Phillips’ review of the Greensboro show:

“The morning of this show, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote from opening night: “At 62, Springsteen is still a taut package of rugged masculinity in tight black jeans and a neat vest and button-down shirt; and while he might not slide across the stage on his knees anymore, he’s still insanely active.” As if in direct retort, there was Bruce during “Sunny Day,” sloshing water on his jeans back at the drum riser and soon executing a perfect knee-slide across the stage. Always fine-tuning, people. Best not to say there’s something he can’t do anymore — or do say that, and then watch him do it.”

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March 21st, 2012
4:55 pm

I feel so cheated not to have seen the slide here. Not really. Still buzzing from Sunday’s show.


March 23rd, 2012
11:46 am

Tour opener was stellar!!!

david c

March 23rd, 2012
12:29 pm

Opening night was unbelievable.Hoping for second leg at Gwinnett!