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A couple of wins – and several losses – for Atlanta Grammy contenders…so far

Atlanta's Laura Story won her first-ever Grammy. Photos: Matt Sayles (AP)

Atlanta's Laura Story won her first-ever Grammy. Photos: Matt Sayles (AP)

It was hit and miss for Atlanta artists early in the pre-show festivities for the 54th annual Grammy Awards.

First, the good news:

Atlanta’s Laura Story, a worship leader at Perimeter Church, scored Best Contemporary Christian Music Song for “Blessings.” Story was up against fellow Atlantans, newcomer Jamie Grace Harper (”Hold Me”) and Chris Tomlin and Louis Giglio (”I Lift My Hands”).

First-time winner Story accepted her award in a pretty green cap-sleeved dress and after expressing an incredulous, “Wow!”, thanked the Lord, her husband “whose faith inspires so many blessings,” and also Perimeter Church.

Tomlin then snagged a gramophone for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for “And If Our God Is For Us…” He dashed from the back of the Los Angeles Convention Center - where the pre-show is held – to accept.

“This is an unbelievable dream,” said the black-suit-and-tie clad Tomlin. “My band has been a part of this for years and it’s been awesome.”

After thanking his parents, wife and baby daughter, Tomlin commented,  ”The [title track] of the album, it’s not just a clever lyric, it’s the very word of God… I’m so thankful for that truth today.”

Christian singer Chris Tomlin won one of three nominated Grammys.

Christian singer Chris Tomlin won one of three nominated Grammys.

Tomlin lost in his other two nominated categories – to Story and to “Jesus” by Le’Andria Johnson for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance.

Other Atlantans going home empty-handed this year are Canton Jones, who bowed to Kirk Franklin for Best Gospel Song; Michael Brant DeMaria, whose “Gaia” lost to Pat Metheny for Best New Age Album; and the Zac Brown Band, whose “Where the River Goes” from “Footloose” was bested by Alan Menken’s “I See the Light” from “Tangled.”

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February 12th, 2012
8:11 pm

talented? yes, but why are we celebrating a crack head. she was a drug addict a horrible mother and we celebrate that, come on get real, where was the love? when she was strung out!!!

SD Sucks

February 12th, 2012
8:14 pm

AT&T Uverse ain’t showing the Grammys in HD.

Whassup wit dat?


February 12th, 2012
8:50 pm

Go Laura Story and Chris Tomlin!! Class beats all!


February 12th, 2012
9:03 pm

A good voice does not make her a good person or someone that should be honored.

All I saw was a self indulgent person.

It is sad when anyone dies, but she earned no honor. No more than anyone else. We misplace importance of life.

We will kill a baby for convenience, yet honor a selfish person who has a good voice.


February 12th, 2012
9:38 pm

Actually, I think both Laura Story and Chris Tomlin are wonderful people who put a better influence on the upcoming generations than anyone else that our teens listen to does… so I fully congratulate Laura for this accomplishment. And I thank you for your song, because it has changed my life as a Christian:)

Becky Cannon

February 12th, 2012
9:39 pm

So proud of you Laura! Love you very much!

[...] Last night’s Grammy Awards included a tribute to Whitney Houston (pictured), who passed away over the weekend. Big winners in the Christian category included Chris Tomlin and Laura Story! [...]

geotrgr c

February 13th, 2012
8:05 am

Whassup wit dat? people who use phrases like that shouldn’t vote in the “fully human” category
We need a ullly literate class of voters, where their vote counts 4 times for each whassup, know what I’m saying voter type

Cindy Sims Hickerson

February 13th, 2012
10:02 am

Congrats Laura!!! And I don’t understand the hatred for honoring Whitney Houston. She was one of our own a Christian Sister who struggled through her life and since I believe Jesus will never leave or forsake us I know she is in His arms right now. Please tell me that the ones posting hateful comments about her are not Christians. That would just sicken me. My heart is broken for Whitney and her daughter. If they are Christians spewing hatred you donot bring honor to God by being that way. Grow up..those without sin cast the first stone. I know how I have struggled but couldn’t imagine struggling and having to be in the public eye. Praying God comforts her daughter and family at this most difficult time.


February 13th, 2012
10:09 am

I think they should show the picture of you eating Subway in the parking lot prior! So proud of your humility and focus on what is true and important, Laura.


February 13th, 2012
10:52 am

Big congrats to Laura Story! “Blessings” is one of my all time favorites!
For those that feel the need to share their “opinions” about Whitney Houston, think about this;
She was someone’s Daughter (Cissy Houston)
She was someone’s Mother (Bobbi Kristina)
She was a follower of Jesus Christ who wavered. (As have most of us)
She had a very public battle with drugs but said that the drugs were not the demon. She was.
She will go down as one of the most successful artist in history with over 170,000,000 albums sold.
Her “Yes Jesus Loves Me” seemed like a cry for help just two days before her untimely death.
If you truly feel the need to vilify her, or those who honored her, where is your compassion? Do you really feel she doesn’t “deserve it” because of the tabloid fodder that added to her misery? Then I Pray YOUR Life is so perfect and beyond reproach that NO one will question any honors that come your way when Your time comes. Peace and Grace be with YOU Friend!
Rest in Peace Whitney.


February 13th, 2012
11:37 am

I am soooo glad the Jesus Christ does not see our faults and sins once we have acknowledge HIM as our savior, because if it was left up to us, humans we will be in trouble…I know that she is at peace because she is a product of a praying woman of GOD, and she knew it. I will continue to pray for her daughter who have lost a mother and for her mother who has lost a daughter. rest in peace whitney houston rest in peace…


February 13th, 2012
7:55 pm

So glad to see Laura Story was recognized and won a Grammy for her remarkable song “Blessings.” The story about her writing that song through her journey of supporting her husband through his bout with cancer is inspiring. What an amazing person!! I wish she and Tomlin were part of the actual Grammys ceremony that was broadcast on TV!


February 14th, 2012
10:33 am

detroitsouth – as a Christian we all have fallen short and praise God for his mercy, grace, forgiveness and love. No matter where we WERE, he pulls us up when we ask and lets us start a new day. Just like her song implies going through all of our “stuff” God can still shine and make us a brand new creature. I took part in murdering my own child many years ago through abortion but I am God’s daughter, asked for and RECEIVED His forgiveness and now He uses my story to save babies and help post abortive women and men receive His forgiveness. Congratulations Laura, you make us proud!