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We want to know: What are your favorite Music Midtown memories?

Bob Dylan performs at MM 2003. Photo credit: Joey Ivansco

Bob Dylan performs at MM 2003. Photo credit: Joey Ivansco

Music Midtown 2011 is only a couple of weeks away in its new, sleeker form with Coldplay and the Black Keys headlining.

But right now, we want to know your thoughts about the old days for an upcoming story.

If you attended during the massive festival’s 11-year run, what are some of your fondest memories? Which acts performed the most unforgettable shows? Who are you still talking about a decade later?

Let us know in the comments below.

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September 5th, 2011
8:45 pm

Frank from

September 7th, 2011
1:12 am

Seeing Tony Bennett sing at Music Midtown was inspiring and a powerful reminder of what a great singer he really is.

Also seeing Foo Fighters and The Strokes in one straight shot was total rock ‘n’ roll action.


September 9th, 2011
4:41 pm

Funny to see badly aged 40 something women at the Def Leppard set. Devo, Pixies, White Stripes, Killers had great sets. No doubt was a great crowd pleaser. Back when a 99x stage could lure interesting fun bands.

Great for people watching. Saw a chick flash Joan Jett repeatedly while sitting on her boyfriend’s shoulders. A couple of teens took in the sight with mucho enthusiasm as did many of the older guys. Joan Jett was in decent form but seemed jaded.

Talked to some burned out hippie/homeless types. It was a fun gathering. Fun to watch B-52s when it rained. Too bad becaue of the curfew, they had to limit their final two songs to only one. But because the rain scared many people away, we got a nice closeup view of the band.

Good place to pick up chicks.

Fogerty was in fine form.

Ween was fun.

LL Cool J was great. Offspring did what it did best – no nonsense catchy rock.

Dylan was damn good.

Remember Al Green one year.


September 9th, 2011
4:47 pm

Seeing Adam Ant at the original location (Federal Reserve building) – didn’t know what to expect and he put on an amazing show. Tito Puente was pretty awesome, too.


September 9th, 2011
5:10 pm

Peter Frampton put on a great show. Can’t remember the year, but also saw CSN&Y. That was awesome!


September 9th, 2011
5:22 pm

Fred Schneider of the B-52’s put on a killer solo show one year. He had a really tight band with him and they were all dressed in suits. They did a version of Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut” that absolutely rocked. War also put on a good set that year.


September 9th, 2011
5:33 pm

NOISE! I lived at Post downtown – could not have a conversation in my own living room. And, the party goers would rather flip you off than be good sports… The park is a much better location for them