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Macy Gray in Atlanta: Up close and personal at The Buckhead Theatre

Macy Gray shook hands with fans several times during the show.

Macy Gray shook hands with fans several times during the show.


Macy Gray performed nearly 20 songs during her two-hour show in Atlanta.

Seems the thing about Macy Gray’s distinctive voice is that you love it or hate it. Obviously, the Atlanta fans who came out in the nasty weather Wednesday night LOVE Gray. She rewarded them with a two-hour, up close and personal show at The Buckhead Theatre, which was nowhere near sold out. Gray, who was joined by Maiya Sykes, singing background and more, performed about 20 songs, opening with “Ghetto Love” and ending with “Beauty in the World.” Photos from the performance.

Gray appeared to be every bit of 6 feet tall and she was somewhat elegant in flowing gowns — one black, one powder blue and one silver — all graced with feather boas.

The “sexy people,” as Gray called her fans, were in two groups, the first on the lower level of the cozy theater who stood and danced with Gray and Sykes throughout the show, many right in front of the stage. They were close enough to shake hands with Gray and many did as she reached out to them several times throughout the show. The second group of fans was made up of seat-dancers who were upstairs in the balcony seats (the only seating at the theater).

Gray’s Atlanta stop on the “Macy Gray Fall Tour 2010” featured songs from her current album “Sellout” (released in June), as well as previous fan favorites. The set list included some new arrangements of her songs including a few reggae medleys, one of which was a blend of “Still” and “Sweet Baby.”

Although fans came to see Gray, it was hard not to linger on the funky and afro’d diva, Sykes, who sang background and danced behind Gray like it was nobody’s business.  The soulful singer is the vocalist with the Los Angeles R&B band “The Endangered.” Sykes also rapped at the start of “On and On,” lent her soulful voice to solos and background, and  danced and romped in playful antics with a stagehand during the opening of the fun and circusey sounding “Oblivion.” At times it seemed Sykes was upstaging Gray a bit, but it also seemed that Gray was quite comfortable with the pairing. Sykes’ dancing seemed a nice match for Gray, who is more of a crooner than a dancer.

Overall, it was an entertaining show, including the opening band Little Tybee. The seven or so songs from the local indie band had a sound of strings and percussion was just-right as a warm-up for Gray’s eclectic sound.

Just spotted on Twitter: Macy Gray tweeted:  “Monique show with B Brown today!!”

What’s your take on the performance? Do you think it was worthwhile to slosh through the rain for the show? If you’ve seen Gray before, how would you rate this show against others?

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October 28th, 2010
10:46 am

Absolutely worthwhile! What an outstanding performance. This was my first time seeing Macy Gray live, and I can’t think of a better place to see her than the newly renovated Buckhead Theater. She was really able to connect with the fans in this small, intimate venue. Macy’s voice was spot-on, the band had very good energy, and as mentioned in the write-up above, Mika Lett was phenomenal. While Macy Gray commands the stage with a more subdued, flowing presence, Mika Lett’s presence was high-energy throughout the show. During Macy’s first wardrobe change, Mika took the mic front and center and performed a chill-inducing rendition of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.” As much as that seems to be out of left field somewhere, it fit in perfectly in the set immediately following a cover version of Radiohead’s “Creep.” The set list drew heavily from Macy’s first album and her most recent one, which I believe are her two finest releases. I hope she returns in the not-too-distant future. I would be there in a heartbeat!


October 30th, 2010
6:04 pm

I wasn’t at this performance but i was at the one right before this in NC!!! And it was incredible. Never had I been around so many different kinds of people at a concert!
Not many artist have the diverse pull that Macy Gray does. And the energy is something that is so real!! Everyone had a great time.
Macy Gray is so down-to-earth and when your in attendance at these live shows you feel as though your one with the band and the performances. It’s not just a concert where you go and watch an artist perform. It’s an experience!!!