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Dave Matthews Band Sells Out Aaron’s Amphitheatre Tuesday Night

The Grammy-winning Dave Matthews Band, along with Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule, rocked out the Southside Tuesday night at sold out Aaron’s Amphitheatre. Formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991, founding members were singer-songwriter and guitarist Dave Matthews, bassist Stefan Lessard, violinist Boyd Tinsley, drummer Carter Beauford, and saxophonist LeRoi Moore. In August 2008, LeRoi Moore died due to complications from an ATV accident. Grammy Award-winner Jeff Coffin, of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, has since filled Moore’s spot as the band’s saxophonist. Trumpeter Rashawn Ross and guitarist Tim Reynolds have also become full time touring members of the band.

And while the AJC wasn’t there to review it, AJC photographer Robb Cohen was covering the show with his camera. Check out the 19-photo online gallery here. What did you think of the show? What was your favorite song? How did this concert compare to other DMB shows you’ve seen?

(Photo Credit: Robb D. Cohen/  For other concert photography linked to Access Atlanta, please visit  Atlanta Concert Photography Galleries.


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Your Daddy

July 28th, 2010
6:26 am

DMB sucks..first


July 28th, 2010
6:29 am

where R the chicks?…..HMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

bat hunter

July 28th, 2010
7:40 am

Sausage Fest 2010 Holler!


July 28th, 2010
8:00 am

Your Daddy: incorrect

fred: They were there. Sorry the one picture of the crowd is of 5 guys who are next to each other in a amphitheatre of thousands


July 28th, 2010
8:00 am

good show although for those of us who like to hear ‘the hits’it wasnt until 9″30 before he played a song from the radio…the jams are long…they are amazing musicians which is what makes up for it all.


July 28th, 2010
8:36 am

While the AJC wasn’t there to cover it…

Ok, I’ll offer my services. Don’t even have to pay me, just put me up by the stage and I’ll write a great story on it.


July 28th, 2010
10:37 am

They left off the photo of the line of people who were sold fake tickets.

Robb Cohen

July 28th, 2010
10:59 am

I saw security holding a handful of confiscated, counterfeit tickets. These had a face value of $5 printed on them for lawn seats to a Dave Mathews Band concert. C’mon, guys, didn’t this sound too good to be true?!


July 28th, 2010
11:10 am

Concert was great. The jam sessions are the best part of the DMB experience. The new crap could have been left off the set list as well as the 18yr olds who think they are 25 (who are the most annoying humans on earth)! I cannot wait for 2012. 2011 is going to be rough without a DMB show to look forward too.


July 28th, 2010
11:36 am

Agree with BCM1483. Music and most people were great! Very disappointed with the “kids” that were very in “in your face” with the drug use, and on their cell phones instead of enjoying the concert. Why do you waste money on tickets to not listen to the music?!? DMB is a great band.


July 28th, 2010
11:51 am

Good show from DMB, not a great one–unfortunately, since it will be at least 2012 before they tour again. I’d put it somewhere middle of the pack in the 34 or so DMB shows I’ve seen since 1998. The setlist was the problem for me — not necessarily the songs themselves, just the way the show was structured. Nice to see an oldie like Minarets open, but while Granny and Say Goodbye were well-played, they just didn’t have much juice and Crush should’ve been half as long. Two Step, Don’t Drink the Water, Lie in Our Graves, and Squirm were the highlights. Mostly, the show was just a couple of notches too far on the “mellow” side for me. Oh yeah, and just before the show there was one REALLY drunk gal who could barely stand. She won’t remember a single note. Honey, it’s OK to have fun and all, but seriously, you’ve got to be able to pace yourself. If you aren’t going to be able to remember a single thing later, you might as well stay at home — it’s cheaper and safer.


July 28th, 2010
11:58 am

It was hot,hot,hot… more ways than one! The instrumentals were amazing. I thought the crowds were well behaved. Cell phone use was a little annoying. But don’t worry about what everyone else is doing…do your own thing…have fun…


July 28th, 2010
12:44 pm

This was an awesome show. I would agree that it did feel a bit mellow at times, but they picked it up when it counted. Quit bitching about teenagers, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, and I think you used to be one too! Focus on the music and you and your friends, and shows like this are a blast! All in all a good show for Dave fans, sad that it will be 2+ yrs until the next.


July 28th, 2010
12:54 pm


July 28th, 2010
1:38 pm

It was a great concert!!! Anyone see the hot chick in the green dress! I tried to make a move but got denied!


July 28th, 2010
5:12 pm

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bill lumberg

July 29th, 2010
11:37 am


July 31st, 2010
9:43 am

Hope you guys enjoyed! Just checking out the recent shows, and googled into here. Saw the first two shows in Hartford, and they were awesome, great mix of new and old, and they played one of my faves, Big Eyed Fish on day two. About the drugged out teens, have to agree with BCM1483, I don’t have a problem until they infringe on your own concert experience. One threw a whole cup of beer on my 16 yr old daughter because they “bumped” shoulders in the crowd, idiot. I also saw dozens leaving on stretchers and in police cars as I was waiting to get in, there must have bee 20 ambulances lined up outside. Just get a keg and go in the woods,that’s what we use to do, then duke it out among yourselves!

ready to go

July 31st, 2010
10:50 am

These guys are over; they’ve been over for ten years. It amazes me how tone-deaf all these matthew’s idiots are. Get over it, go home and see your grandkids….The sound is always horrible at the concerts. Low quality shows.

eat a peach

July 31st, 2010
6:47 pm

1st DMB show. I was stunned. I expected it would be geared toward a younger audience. I was wrong. The extended jams were amazing. I am a life time ABB fan. Seeing Warren and the Mule was icing on the cake.


July 31st, 2010
6:54 pm

@ready to go…What amazes me is idiots that go to an article of a band they don’t even like and comment. Lots of free time down in moms basement with your Doritos and Dr Pepper, maybe get out a little. Two decades on the road, sells out stadiums regularly, must be the “low quality”, hilarious! At least have the stones to mention who your fly-by-night favorite is.

Mama C

August 1st, 2010
9:24 am

Two Step rocked!!! Took two of kids age 6 & 3. We are serious Dave Matthews fans and always will be. His music is soo inspirational and can relate to all of his lyrics.


August 1st, 2010
1:59 pm

The music was good. I am not a fan of Dave Matthews’ voice or the lyrics of the songs. It was worth a
Friday night in West Palm Beach, Florida


August 4th, 2010
3:51 pm


After years of listening to DMB’s music, including scores (and scores) of their recorded live shows, this was my 1st time to see them (from ‘The Pit’) in person and my son’s 29th (yeah, we’re the guys with the sign), and a lifelong friend accompanied us.

I loved the show, thought the opening was great and was especially pleased to hear “Say Goodbye”. Could have stood to hear “Bartender” (since it holds a special place for a lost loved one)…and craved “Cortez The Killer”….but sort of ‘knew’ the fine folks at West Palm Beach Night Two would get that one as a crescendo with MULE , (and, man, did they ever).

“Two Step” with the ‘Time Bomb’ interpolation was extraordinary…..

And, after seeing the sign held up at the show’s conclusion, Carter tosses a drumstick our way – cool keepsake.

Good music, great people, a Wonderful event ( but, hey, I was ’sold’ in the parking lot).


August 31st, 2010
10:35 pm

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