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Corrine Bailey Rae at Center Stage

When petite British singer Corrine Bailey Rae stepped onto the stage Tuesday night at CenterStage, she looked more like a young, shy American Idol contestant than the lyrical and vocal force she would prove she is by night’s end.

Dressed in a purple Alexander McQueen jumpsuit and a mass of locks that almost hid her tiny face, Rae started the night out with “Are You Here,” a tune from her album, “The Sea,” released earlier this year. From there, she went through the fun and peppy, vintage sounding “Paris Nights” also from “The Sea,” to the brooding ballad “Till it Happens to You” from her self-titled debut.

With her arms reaching out to the sold-out crowd most of the night, she seemed to take the audience in with her lovely and perfectly pitched voice, comforting them one moment with “Love is on Its Way” and teasing the next with the sexy, sensual grooves in “Closer.” 

Into the sixth week of her North American tour, Rae knows how to put on a show, letting audience take over in older favorites such as “Put your Records On” and “Like A Star” and giving them a taste of the new album with “Feels Like the First Time.”

Several times, fans seemed unable to hold back from their constant outbursts of affection. A woman who seriously loved Rae’s performance of “Closer” insisted on doing a morphed version of the old-school Reebok dance while yelling “Work it!” at the top of her lungs.

And a gentleman who sat next to yours truly, menacingly demanded that I turn off my Blackberry while taking review notes from the show. Since I was there as a representative of the paper and certainly didn’t want to get into an altercation with another serious (and seemingly crazed) fan, I politely obliged.

See photos from the show here.

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May 12th, 2010
3:15 pm

I love Corrine Bailey Rae. Her first CD is great. I believe the v103 morning show had her on this morning. It amazes me how they have artist like her on the show for an interview and I remember once they promoted a show by Kindred the Family Soulbut they seldomly play their music on that station. That station use to be much better than that, they use to play a wide variety of music. I remeber in the early 90’s V103 use to even play techno music late night on friday and Saturday night. Don’t get me wrong, i like some of the silly stuff they play, I managage a young hip hop artist myself. I love the fact that they play music by their young local hip hop artist. But when I listen to music, to just listen and enjoy and not listen to the other stuff when I am working on music. I put in a CD by Corrine Bailey Rae, Kindred the Family Soul, Vivian Green, Van Hunt, Heather Headley, Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, Angie Stone,…… Need I go one. But, thing that amazes me is that these stations like V103 don’t realize that even their young audience love that type of music also once they are exposed to it. They say that musci is suffering from the recession, that is why CD sales are not strong. If you take a look at the top songs on billoard, the factor that most influences their ranking is airplay. Stations like V103 shove those songs down our throats, we can’t help but to know the songs or even like some them as much as they play them, but we do not support them because by spending money on them. Sade on the other hand sold 500 thosand here first week because she still have a strong base of supporters, and she did not even need a reality show to help boast here records sales. It use to be music was about substance more than style, Now it’s all about style with very little substance. Thanks Corrine Bailey Rae for having style and substance.

Gary B.

May 13th, 2010
2:47 am

Well said Bigeasy….the same can be said about another artist that will be at Center Stage next week, MAYSA . She has a very strong fan base here in Atlanta, She just won a Soul Train Music Award this past year, but the commercial radio stations almost never play her, or the band that she often sings with , INCOGNITO. Hope the AJC covers her concert next week also.

Jeff S

May 14th, 2010
3:50 pm

Tracy, I (luckily) wasn’t the fan next to you at the show, but wanted to say that taking notes with your blackberry during the show is a little discourteous. I wonder if you would consider doing the same thing at a sold out movie? Wanting to enjoy a live performance without the bright glare of a blackberry doesn’t make a fan “crazed.”