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Wilco Sells Out Fox Theatre Friday Night


Friday night, the Fabulous Fox Theatre hosted indie favorites Wilco for a sold out performance of nearly three hours. Robb Cohen was there with his camera. Check out the full photo gallery: Wilco rocks Fox Theatre  Tell us about what you saw. How did it compare to other Wilco shows?”


(Photo Credit: Robb Cohen/  For other concert photography linked to Access Atlanta, please visit for Atlanta Concert Photography Galleries. by Atlanta Photographer Robb Cohen

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March 26th, 2010
10:53 pm


March 26th, 2010
11:14 pm

Apparently, last.


March 26th, 2010
11:38 pm

Saw ‘em Thu night in Savannah. Fantastic show.

Fire whomever was running the mixer

March 26th, 2010
11:52 pm

An incredible setlist and the band’s high energy was damped by very poor sound quality – guitars and keys muddled together and there was no definition to the drums. Worst sound I have ever heard from the half-dozen or so Wilco shows I’ve seen over the years.

the real OLD GOLD

March 26th, 2010
11:58 pm

Sorry I missed it. The date slipped up on me. I’ve seen Wilco at the Fox before and it was great in 2004.

Uncle Tupelo

March 27th, 2010
12:24 am

Totally agree with ‘Fire whomever’. Great band, but the mix was astonishing bad, considering the venue. Usually any performance sounds great at the Fox. The whole concert sounded muddy, both during the electric and acoustic sets. So yeah, the sound mixer needs to be sent packing. Wilco still got the crowd going despite all of the sonic mush, which says a lot about the kind of band they are.

Longtime Fan

March 27th, 2010
3:07 am

Great set. The band showed off all their good sides tonight. Kotche and Stirratt continually prove to be one of the best rhythm sections anywhere. Even stuff from the last couple of records that I wasn’t in love with sounded great live. Overall it was the 2nd best Wilco show I’ve seen performance-wise.

Complaints are only about the crowd noise (pretty chatty) which is a problem at lots of Fox shows and the sound was a little muddy in the back of the floor where we sat. Drums were either awkwardly loud or too soft (more often the latter).

rosey palms

March 27th, 2010
3:23 am

he looped it, ride my pickle like a bicycle..


March 27th, 2010
4:37 am



March 27th, 2010
7:14 am

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March 27th, 2010
9:59 am

The sound was bad…period. I’ve been to the Fox a lot of times and I have never sat as far back under the balcony as this time so maybe it sounds like crap all the time back there. Not sure. It just wasn’t loud enough. I think the reason it sounded “chatty” with people talking in the crowd was b/c it was so quiet that you could carry on a conversation with no problem and people were doing that.

miss marta

March 27th, 2010
10:26 am


miss marta

March 27th, 2010
10:30 am

even tweedy made reference to the talkers. it’s so rude – not only to people who pay money to hear a band play, but also for the band – to have to tolerate people who are just looking for something to do on friday night. the guy standing behind me was carrying on a full conversation during the accoustic set about how he had just heard of wilco. REALLY?? go back to suburbialand. or maybe go get your picture taken at opera. just don’t go to a concert.

Cherry Ghost

March 27th, 2010
10:51 am

The talking is an Atlanta concert scene problem, period. I have lived here 12 years and never cease to be amazed and disgusted by the lack of manners of concert-goers here. This includes everything from jazz ballads at Chastain to rock shows at the Fox to jam bands at Variety. I’ve never encountered a consistent problem like that in any other city. I’m glad Tweedy called them out – too bad it really didn’t get better.


March 27th, 2010
11:31 am

the problem was groups of girls who were there because daddy’s office had free corporate seats and amateur 22-year old guys who are CONSTANTLY on their iPhones. i mean, if you want go keep up with your facebook/twitter pages, either stay home, or go back to you kayne west/lady gaga concert. you didn’t like wilco to begin with- you don’t even know their music besides hearing them on VW commercials, so please have the common decency of NOT coming to the following show’s I’ll be at: ween, ryan bingham, (and especially) phish. Thank you very little.

try rocking next time

March 27th, 2010
1:33 pm

i hope one day i can be a rockstar and play a crap show at the fox while crying about the talkers the entire time. the second half of the show was solid because wilco finally gave the crowd what they came to hear. one song encore, go back to chicago you pricks

Uncle Tupelo

March 27th, 2010
5:18 pm

Wilco’s audience last night seemed to consist of everything from the alt country crowd to the metro hipsters. I’m four years older than Jeff Tweedy, but the folks to my left and right were in their early twenties. We were all digging the tunes from our spot up in the balcony, even with the bad sound mix. But folks, if you need to check your iPhone during a concert, all it does is annoy the folks like us who paid good money to see Wilco. Do you really need to check your e-mail that often? Do you really need to take a picture (even though the band asked you not to?) just to prove that you were there? Unless you are on-call as a doctor, put away the phone. It just makes you look like a d-bag.


March 27th, 2010
5:35 pm

I saw the show in Savannah and there were sound issues there. Nels Cline was lost in the mix unless you were on the left side of the theater. The show lasted about 15 minutes shy of 3 hours with just a short encore break so I give Wilco an “A+” for effort. In fact, the first third of the show was flat with the audience seeming to sit on their hands (see post about about corporate seats up front with people who just didn’t care) and Tweedy reassuring the audience that they were having a good time, were we? Anyway the second third was the acoustic numbers, quite a few in fact, and at that point it became obvious that the acoustics of the Johnny Mercer Civic Center were built for quiet orchestral instruments, not loud guitars and drums, and once they quieted things down the sound was much, much clearer. The last third was back to rockin, and they really hit their stride and reminded the me why oh why I’ll never miss a Wilco tour. Fantastic stuff.


March 27th, 2010
8:01 pm

i thought the band played a fantastic show. i was in the pit, 3rd row center, and the sound was pitch perfect.
wow- to the person complaining about a 1 song encore- were you at the same show? the band played for almost 3 hours! is that not enough? jeez.
it was amazing. thanks so much to jeff and the guys for a lovely evening.


March 27th, 2010
11:38 pm

The band played for nearly three hours. They came onstage to the theme from Price is Right, and they closed out with a fantastic cover of Big Star’s “Thank You, Friends.” Everything in between was pretty great, too. Shaddup your complaining.


March 28th, 2010
9:04 am

I think the sound issues really deal w/being under the balcony. I was upset with the acoustics back there for Flight of the Conchords. We had better seats for Wilco and everything sounded amazing! Their catalog has grown so much that their shows just keep getting better. Played some good nuggets from the past too. Anyone write down the setlist?


March 28th, 2010
9:19 am

Okay Shaun, that is good to hear. I was concerned about sitting under the balcony b/c when I’ve been closer up at the Fox I recall walking back to get a beer and as I pass through the under the balcony section I’ve thought, “I’m glad I’m not back here”. Well, I was this time and the sound was for crap. Never again.


March 28th, 2010
9:29 am

I’ve seen Wilco *many* times and this was, by far, the worst. As everyone has already stated… the sound was TERRIBLE. I was sitting in row T, just under the balcony. I too was concerned that it was the balcony, but I’ve been to a LOT of shows in my many years and that has never been an issue — ever been to a place that has multiple low balconies (Beacon Theater in New York comes to mind)? They still sound better than the Fox Theater (or Wilco’s sound man — I don’t know who is to blame).

Sure, every one has bad nights… but for a band that tours regularly and always puts on a good show, the sound quality was deplorable… REGARDLESS of where you were sitting. It’s inexcusable… and if it’s the fault of the Fox, then I can’t imagine why-oh-why musicians would continue to play there. Glen Kotche was up there working is as* off and for what? I couldn’t hear ANY of the drums… not one bang. Nels was a muddy, murky mess — usually the tone of each guitar totally distinguishable — here, he could’ve been playing junk from k-mart, it wouldn’t have mattered.

Along with the talking… why was everyone so compelled to stand up? I asked an usher what the deal was and he said he’d already had “at least a hundred complaints” from people who just wanted to sit down and enjoy the seat they paid good money for. Perhaps standing up and turning to your neighbor to chat is easier than craning your neck for 3 hours… that must be it.

Atlanta, you’re bringing me down. Wilco, please address this…. what happened??

Robb Cohen

March 28th, 2010
10:34 am

AJC Music Blogger Here- The FOH (front of house) is the name for the position where the sound engineer for the band mixer sits at the mixing console. At the Fox Theatre, the FOH is approximately 10 rows under the balcony on the floor. The sound engineer should be able to hear the reverberation under the balcony and compensate for that. The fact that many bands sound better than Wilco did Friday night points to the sound engineer as the culprit in this case.

Cherry Ghost

March 28th, 2010
11:48 am

We were in Row N, left orchestra and the sound wasn’t great there either. The first thing I thought when they started playing was, “it sounded better at Sloss Furnaces last year”, which is basically a giant, booming metal shed at an old metal works plant. Not meant for concerts (but a VERY cool place to see a show). However, I kind of forgot about the sound because I was seeing Wilco, and they absolutely rock. They played great and it was an awesome show (other than the talking). I loved the “living room” set in the middle.

Robb – do you have any photos from the living room set? Would like to see those.

Shaun – All Wilco playlists since the dawn of time can be found at! Great site!

Uncle Tupelo

March 28th, 2010
4:16 pm

I agree with Robb that the fault lies with Wilco’s sound engineer for the muddy sound at the Fox. I’ve seen rocks shows at the Fox in recent years where the acoustics were amazing – from the Black Crowes to Leonard Cohen. In fact, I’ll often go to the Fox to see shows that I wouldn’t otherwise attend just because of the setting and the sound. I don’t think anyone on this forum is complaining about Wilco’s performance. It’s just incredibly disappointing when one pays good $$ to see a great band playing their heart out in a great venue and it sounds like the band is playing underwater.

I also think asking folks to sit down at a rock concert is a bit silly. Sure, I’d rather sit for two hours if I had a choice, but it would be a really sad day if folks couldn’t dance, shake, and pump their fists in the air at a rock concert. At least those folks are getting into the show, instead of checking their e-mails and playing with apps on their iPhones.

a ghost is born

March 28th, 2010
8:26 pm

the twentysomething in front of me was sitting down playing tetris on her iphone during the encore. Tetris, really?


March 29th, 2010
1:31 pm

I hate that I missed this show… sounds as if it wasnt worth the money anyways! Great Pics, love the full gallery online!


March 29th, 2010
4:27 pm

my friend was lucky enough to take pictures at this show with a photo pass given to her by the band. we drove 3 hours for the show, and her night was almost ruined by some dick professional photographers. she is one of the biggest wilco fans i’ve ever met, and begged the editor of our school’s paper to cover the show. she came back to our seats after the 3 song photo limit was met and was almost in tears because some dick bad mouthed her nikon point and shoot. it’s a shame people have to be like that. that being said, the show was amazing. i think her pictures are better than the ones above.


April 3rd, 2010
6:58 pm

we were in the front row and let that sara girl (pinkbelt’s friend) stand in front of us to take pictures & she was THE nicest, sweetest, most appreciative person (the only true wilco fan)! all the other photogs were dick paparazzi-wannabes and i wish we would’ve heard them bad mouth her camera because we would’ve told them to shut up

pinkbelt– if you don’t mind can send me the link to sara’s article/pictures? we forgot to ask for her email at the show & definitely want to see it!

ps- the sound was superb up in the pit