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Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour Sells Out Fox Theatre Two Nights


See the 18-photo gallery: Lady Gaga at the Fox Theatre

Mega-hot Lady Gaga (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986) is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, pianist and performance artist. She brought her Monster Ball Tour to the Fox Theatre Tuesday night for the second of two sold out shows. Jason Derulo and Semi Precious Weapons were the opening acts.

And while we weren’t there to cover it, Robb Cohen was handy with his camera. Click here to see a full gallery of the show containing 18 photos. And if you attended the show, tell us about what you saw. How did it compare to other shows? Is Lady Gaga a Madonna clone?

(Photo Credit: Robb Cohen/  For other concert photography linked to Access Atlanta, please visit for Atlanta Concert Photography Galleries. by Atlanta Photographer Robb Cohen

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jen battle

December 30th, 2009
1:19 pm

Lady Gaga has talent and can back up her unusual performances with her great voice. She reminds me a bit of Boy George and Peter Gabriel with her shocking looks. Great Pics!

Boogers for the children fund

December 31st, 2009
11:37 am

Dont insult Peter Gabriel by comparing him to this “POS come lately”. Lady ShytFace is just another in a long line of poorly talented trash churned out by the corp media machine for you ever so stupid hacks.

Boogers for the children fund

December 31st, 2009
11:38 am

PS…I have more talent in one of my turds than lady ShytFace has in all of her used tampons, to date.

Sara Maughan

January 1st, 2010
10:10 am

Gaga show was incredible. Truly inspired. Reminds me of Madonna, Bowie, the movie/broadway play “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” Glam pop rock. She owned the audience and delivered an exceptional performance. She is the one and only artist I insisted on seeing in 2009. Well worth the wait and money.


January 12th, 2010
11:49 pm

Sara, You must be a freak to think this piece of trash has talent. I could understand if you compared her to Marilyn Manson or Boy George, but not an icon like Davis Bowie. Get some taste.


August 31st, 2010
10:34 pm

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