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At Young Dro and Slim’s Video Shoots

As Atlanta rapper-actor T.I. counts down the days until he starts his 366 in prison, the convicted felon who pled guilty to weapons charges is busy making sure his Atlanta-based Grand Hustle record label charges ahead in his absence.

For proof, one needed only to be downtown early Wednesday afternoon as Grand Hustle rapper Young Dro was taping the video for new single “Take Off” (featuring Yung L.A.) at the Hurt Building, in front of City Grill.

It was the first of two locations director Gabriel Hart (above) had planned for the day-long shoot. The second – a hangar at Fulton Industrial Airport- is where T.I. was set to join his young charges.

“As much as it can be, it’s business as usual at Grand Hustle,” said Dro, who made his solo bow with the hit “Shoulder Lean.”

Meanwhile, way up 400-North more video business was going on behind the gates of Country Club of the South.

There, Atlanta’s Grammy-winning R&B singer Slim of 112 was recording the video for the single “Heels On,” from his hit independent solo debut, “Love’s Crazy.”

“This one’s not too complicated,” Slim said of the concept, directed by Dorian Forbes. “People don’t know, but Slim has a bit of a foot fetish…So in the video, we’re just setting up a few scenarios – like a mini, mini fashion show – where these young ladies can show off their shoe game.”

Yung Dro’s “Take Off” has already climbed into Greg Street’s influential “Top Eight at 8” on V-103 – have you heard it? Like it? Same question regarding Slim’s solo debut — a thumbs up?

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April 3rd, 2009
9:56 am

Absolutely, you have to make sure company is well oiled machine while you serve your debt to society in the federal penitentiary. Poor Yung Dro. His mentor is going to be shipped off for trying to buy semi automatic weapons from federal agents. What’s a young aspiring African American rapper to do?


April 17th, 2009
3:13 am

nice, really nice!


August 1st, 2009
12:18 pm

J.R. your sarcasm is full of hate. Yung Dro will probly keep making more money. T.I. will probly keep making more money. Hey Dro, if you see this, send me an email, I’ll direct yo next video for ya.