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PULSE: My Style: Shavonna Sumlin, MA, OT-R\L

Age: 30

Occupation: Occupational therapist at South Fulton Medical Center in East Point and a yoga instructor.

Shavonna Sumlin

Shavonna Sumlin, MA, OTR/L poses in a Paula KC (purchased at Bill Hallman Bootique) purple cocktail dress with Diego Di Lucca-DSW yellow patent leather wedged slings (shoes) and natural and faux pearl necklaces. Photo by Barry Williams, AJC Special.

What I’m wearing: “A short, purple cocktail dress by Paula KC that I found at Bill Hallman in Virginia Highland. The shoes [by Diego di Lucca] are high-wedged, yellow patent leather slings with a peep toe.

“My accessories are multiple pearl necklaces of various sizes and lengths, a white-and-gold oversized ring from Banana Republic and a multicolored paisley print clutch.”

Signature style: “Eclectic and funky. People often guess that I’m an artist or a writer; never a therapist…

“I don’t have to be trendy. When I try something on, I’m asking myself, ‘Do I feel good in this? Does it make me …

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PULSE: Recession hits pharmacists and their customers

By Laura Raines, Pulse editor

According to a survey conducted by the American Pharmacists Association in February, pharmacists and their customers have not been immune to the effects of the recession. A large majority of pharmacists reported that the economic downturn had impacted their practice; nearly two-thirds said that it impacted their jobs.

“We are no longer telling students that they will always find a job in the metro Atlanta area,” said Michell Redding, PharmD, clinical assistant professor and director of the community pharmacy residency program at Mercer University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Atlanta. “We believed that job security would never be a factor with pharmacists, but that’s changing.”

Some chain pharmacies have closed stores and others have cut back their pharmacy hours.

“As a result, there are fewer positions and pharmacists’ workloads are increasing,” Redding said. “We’re seeing a situation where a pharmacist — who may have had …

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PULSE: News Briefs

Disaster team wants volunteers

The GA-3 DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team) is looking for medical professionals such as nurses, midlevel providers, physicians, paramedics, pharmacists and others to serve as volunteers with the unit.

The GA-3 DMAT, which is based in Atlanta, responds when natural or manmade disasters overwhelm health care systems anywhere in the United States or its territories, and people need medical care. When called upon, volunteers deploy for up to two weeks and become temporary employees of the federal government.

“More importantly, they’ll discover the satisfaction and personal pride in being able to make a difference,” said Wendy Nesheim, deputy commander, GA-3 DMAT.

For information, go to or contact administrative officer Karen Watkins at

Multiple awards: For the first time in its history, Mercer University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Gamma Psi chapter was recognized as the top …

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PULSE: Continuing education

Oct. 7-9
The Georgia Nurses Association will host its biennial convention and membership assembly at the Classic Center in Athens. The theme will be “GNA: Connecting Great People and Great Ideas.” For information, go to

Oct. 9
Innovative Trends in Respiratory Care seminar will be offered in the Carroll Conference Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta. This course is pending approval by the American Association for Respiratory Care for 7.0 CRCE-Category One credits. Group and student discounts are available. To register, go to For information, send e-mail to or call 678-843-7241.

Oct. 9-10
The Atlanta Chapter of the Case Management Society of America will host its annual educational conference at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park. Ten continuing education credits will be applied for. The cost is $85 for members ($95 after Sept. 9) and …

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PULSE: Atlanta to host forensic nursing assembly

By Laura Raines, Pulse editor

For the first time, the International Association of Forensic Nurses will hold its annual scientific assembly in Atlanta this month.

“Members of our Georgia chapter are excited,” said Denise Atkinson, RN, SANE-A, CMI-III, and president of the IAFN’s Georgia chapter.

Members of Grady Memorial Hospital's sexual assault forensic examiners team include (from left, front row) Mark Moore, Brandi Rossmoine, Cassandra Betts, Lesteena Staines, (from left, second row) Jo-Ann Lewis Haynes, Michelle Williams, Patricia Baines, Nadia Ralliford and Sonya Lockhard.  Photo: Barry Williams AJC Special.

Members of Grady Memorial Hospital’s sexual assault forensic examiners team include (from left, front row) Mark Moore, Brandi Rossmoine, Cassandra Betts, Lesteena Staines, (from left, second row) Jo-Ann Lewis Haynes, Michelle Williams, Patricia Baines, Nadia Ralliford and Sonya Lockhard. Photo: Barry Williams AJC Special.

“This will be a huge opportunity for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) in Georgia to attend a conference,” Atkinson said. “Many couldn’t afford to go when they were [held] far away.

“Forensic nurses rarely work together, so this is also a chance for them to learn the latest in the field, to share best practices and to network.”

Members of the Georgia …

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PULSE: Queen of the hardwood

By Laura Raines, Pulse editor

Since Taylor Telfair Regional Hospital in McRae closed in 2008, business has been booming in the emergency room at Dodge County Hospital in Eastman.

“Seeing 64 people in a day is a lot for a small-town ER. It gets the adrenaline flowing,” said Becky Harp Pritchett, RN.

But at 61, Pritchett can handle it. “Adrenaline is part of my make-up,” she said.

Long before she was a nurse — and long before the WNBA was born — Pritchett was a professional basketball player. From 1965 to 1969, she played for the All American Red Heads, a woman’s barnstorming team that toured the country and played men’s teams from 1936 to 1986.

This publicity photo hails Becky Harp as the famous Georgia Peach, the Red Heads fabulous comedienne and a champion foul shooter. AJC Special.

This publicity photo hails Becky Harp as the famous Georgia Peach, the Red Heads fabulous comedienne and a champion foul shooter. AJC Special.

The Atlanta Dream of the WNBA honored members of the All American Red Heads from Georgia during halftime of a game in August. The Dream showed a three-minute video tribute to the …

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PULSE: Editor’s Notes

By Laura Raines, Pulse editor,

Nurses have always had a starring role in health care. Television, it seems, has finally caught on. Three new TV series feature nurses as leading characters — “Nurse Jackie,” “HawthoRNe” and “Mercy.”

Pulse editor Laura Raines

Pulse editor Laura Raines

Reaction has been mixed about how these fictional nurses affect the image of the profession. Immediately after the premiere of Showtime’s drug-addicted, philandering and ethically challenged nurse, Jackie Peyton, the American Nurses Association issued a statement of disapproval, asking nurses to complain to the cable network.

“ANA’s concern is that negative images such as those on ‘Nurse Jackie’ erode the highly valued trust of patients who rely on the expertise of nurses in health care situations,” said ANA president Rebecca M. Patton, MSN, RN, CNOR. “These harmful images also play a role in shaping the values, impressions and ultimately the career choice of young people, and may very well …

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PULSE: Why I Love My Job: Karen Petersen-Pugmire, APRN, CCRN, CNRN

Job: Trauma nurse practitioner, Atlanta Medical Center

Karen Petersen-Pugmire

Karen Petersen-Pugmire is a trauma nurse practitioner at Atlanta Medical Center. Photo by Barry Williams, for the AJC.

What I do: “I take care of all the trauma patients admitted to the floor. We get everything from gunshot wounds to car accidents.

“I round daily with the attending physicians, looking at the whole spectrum of patient care, ordering tests, managing pain and educating patients and staff. I’m the liaison between patients and their families, and doctors and nurses.”

What got me interested in this: “Out of nursing school, I worked for six months on the [neurology] floor; then went into ICU for 15 years before becoming a trauma nurse practitioner.

“I like the fast pace and challenge of very sick patients, who usually have multiple orthopedic injuries and other issues. I want to fix it, whatever it is.”

Best part of the job: “I love knowing that I make a difference in my patients’ …

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PULSE: Caring meets controversy

By Laura Raines, Pulse editor

When Cindy Balkstra thinks of nurses portrayed on television, she fondly remembers a show from her childhood.

” ‘Julia’ [played by Diahann Carroll in 1968] was a black single mother and a nurse. She got into some funny predicaments, but she was very professional. I still remember her putting on her nurse’s cape and going off to work,” said Balkstra, MS, RN, CNS-BC, Georgia Nurses Association president.

“I always wanted to be a nurse growing up, and that show was probably a positive influence on me.”

Balkstra can’t say the same about Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie” and TNT’s “HawthoRNe,” two new shows with controversial nurses as leading characters. She’s hoping that NBC’s “Mercy” — which debuted Sept. 23 — is more realistic and positive.

“Part of me says, ‘Wow, three shows about nurses doing nurses work in one season,’ but mostly I’m saddened by the fictional portrayal,” Balkstra said. “This could have been a great opportunity to promote the …

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PULSE: September 2009 edition

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Editor’s Notes

Quiet strength

Why I Love My Job: Stacy Jaskwhich, BSN, MSN, NP-BC

“Georgias” on her mind

News Briefs: VHA Georgia honors DeKalb Medical

Second time around

Spotlight on a Leader: Laura Kimble, Ph.D., RN, FNP-C, FAHA

My Style: Karen Kubik, RT-R

Robot will be Rx for Grady’s long prescription waits

Pregnant Women, Health-Care Workers Top Swine Flu Vaccine Candidates

Continuing education

Pulse August 2009 edition

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