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Age limits on trick-or-treating: Scary or smart?

First, in recognition of those holiday decorations I saw at a store last weekend, here’s a quick shout-out to retailers who resist the urge to begin selling Christmas before Nov. 1. I know, I know, it’s a marketing thing and maybe even good for business when tree lights and candy corn share the same shelf. But great ghouls, people, I’m still in Halloween mode here. I love watching George Bailey rediscover the meaning of life and Ralphie pound the snot out of Scut Farkus as much as anyone, but let’s enjoy the Snooki “pouf” wigs while we can, yes? And a tip of the Lady Gaga meat cap to any radio station not playing “Jingle Bell Rock” before November.

Veering back to the real topic now, I’d love to hear some opinions on this too-old-to-trick-or-treat discussion that’s been going on. In case you missed it, several cities throughout the country have established laws designed to keep those pesky 13-year-olds off your doorstep on Halloween night. Believe it or …

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Halloween costumes at work: Yea or nay?

With Halloween fast approaching, ghosts, goblins, witches and warlocks will soon be taking to the streets with the hopes of filling bags with candy and other treats. But kids aren’t the only ones who like to don costumes and take on the guise of monsters, comic book heroes and science fiction characters.

Some workplaces have parties, allow decorations and encourage employees to wear costumes to celebrate Halloween. It can be a fun way to boost morale and let workers enjoy a day away from the mundane.

Other workplaces, however, frown on the idea and forbid employees from dressing up for Halloween. While that may be understandable in some work settings – nobody wants to walk into a funeral home and see someone dressed as the Grim Reaper – what’s the harm in letting employees get into the spirit of Halloween?

What’s the Halloween policy in your workplace? Will you be wearing a costume this year? If so, what will you dress as? Give us some creative ideas.

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Social media at work: Does it help or hurt productivity?

Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. LinkedIn. In just a few years time, social media has become a part of almost everyone’s world. With so many people using computers at work, social media is also firmly entrenched in the workplace.

We’ve all seen them. The co-worker who seems to spend most of the day checking out his Facebook page or the underling who has traded her Solitaire-playing time for hours spent tweeting about playing solitaire.

Using social media also has entered the work part of the work day for some people. Increasing the number of “followers,” “friends,” “fans” and “likes” is now part of some job descriptions.

There’s a debate going on about the effect of social media on worker productivity. Some say it steals too much time from the job at hand during work hours. Others say the quick mental break helps workers refocus so they get on with their tasks.

Do you log in to Facebook or Twitter at work? Does it lower productivity or does it help you get …

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