What’s for lunch?

Lunch can mean many things at work: a hearty, midday meal to make up for missing breakfast, a chance to chat with coworkers, a short escape from an overbearing boss, a welcome break to catch up on reading or a chance to run some errands.

Some people brown bag it. Others go out every day. Exercise freaks get in a quick workout. Ladder-climbers eat with higher-ups and use it as a way to, well, climb the ladder.

What’s your lunchtime routine? Do you wolf down a sandwich at your desk or do you take a two-hour, three-course repast? Do you go for a quick run or maybe do some shopping? Tell us about it.

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Iesha Bey

July 6th, 2010
12:08 pm

Usually I eat at my desk I use it as a break to read and relax…I know “but your at your desk?” Usually like now…no one is at their desk when I eat lunch so its nice and peaceful. But now that my office has moved sometimes…I go for a little retail therapy! Enjoy your lunch break :-)