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Disappearing office supplies

For many workers, their desk or cubicle at work is home away from home. They adorn them with family photos, sports team mementos, coffee mugs with pithy sayings, cool calendars and other tchotchkes. While most workers feel pretty secure about leaving those things unguarded, your office supplies and other items might not be so safe.

According to a new survey by OfficeMax and Kelton Research, 42 percent of American workers polled admitted to “borrowing” supplies from co-workers and never returning them. Whether out of forgetfulness, thoughtlessness or downright maliciousness, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. A pen here. Some paperclips there. A pair of scissors. Maybe a red, Swingline stapler once in a while.

But what about when you really need something and you can’t find it? Then it becomes a bigger deal. At a previous job, someone swiped my sandwich from the break room refrigerator, took a huge bite and put it back in the bag. I guess the liverwurst and limburger …

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Video resumes: To use or not to use

When Aleskey Vayner e-mailed his video resume to a Wall Street investment bank in 2006, he figured it would lead to an interview, if not an on-the-spot job offer. What he didn’t expect was near-instant notoriety and a permanent seat among the “worst first impressions ever.”

While Vayner’s botched vitae amused millions of people, it all but shut him out of an industry he wanted badly to be a part of.

The drawbacks to marketing yourself through video are apparent even without Vayner’s classic. A properly executed video resume, however, might easily create the sought-after advantage every candidate desires.

Video resumes have been around for several years. According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of video resumes being submitted by candidates – and accepted by employers – is steadily increasing.

What are your thoughts on video resumes? How you ever submitted one to a potential employer? If not, would you consider it? If you’re a recruiter, what do you …

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Weighed down by wearing many hats?

By Alaya Boykin

Thousands of companies that downsized across the country affected those who were laid off, but what about workers who managed to survive?

In many companies, the work that was once done by a team of five or six may now be produced by one or two people. At some workplaces, entire departments have shrunk to a one-man-band. Although current employees may have an established job description, they tend to wear an array of different hats due to lack of manpower.

Are you always mentally prepared to do the extra work asked of you in order to keep your job? Is it wearing you down? How are you coping?

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Summertime and the dress code is sleazy?

Although summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, the weather is heating up, the kids are out of school and vacation plans are dancing in workers’ heads.

The change in season can affect workplace wardrobes. Some offices still require suits and ties, but others loosen up and allow less formal attire during the summer.

While a more flexible policy can be a good thing, it can also lead to problems. There’s always someone who think shorts, low-cut tank tops and flip-flops is a proper outfit for a summer day at the office.

What’s the summer dress code at your workplace? Is it different from the rest of the year? Do employees push the envelope and dress inappropriately? Is a different summer dress policy a good thing or a bad idea?

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