Are college students prepared for the workplace?

By Alaya Boykin

Students may think they’re doing all the right things by choosing a college with a program that is unique to their career path, getting involved in professional extracurricular activities, getting good grades and working as interns. Does doing all that, in fact, prepare them for the “real world” of the workplace?

According to an article published by Quintessential Careers, college students need a reality check. The article explains that recent grads need to be prepared for the job hunt, salary negotiations and job offers. They also need to let go of their egos and be ready to show professionalism in the workplace.

How do you think college students can better prepare to enter the work force? In retrospect, when you first graduated from college and started working, what do wish you knew then? What lessons did you learn when you first started working? Is the transition simply a matter of trial-and-error?

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