Thank you for not smoking during your interview

No matter what shape the economy’s in there never seems to be a shortage of advice that targets job seekers.

Having second thoughts about the wording in your resume? Here’s one that may help. Not sure how to find work “in today’s horrible economy?” Try one of the 49 strategies listed here.

Still think slamming your old boss is a good way to score points with a prospective employer? If so, you’d better take a long look at these job interview blunders. Also be aware that arriving late, wearing sunglasses and texting are still considered inappropriate by those stodgy establishment types.

Most of us couldn’t imagine chewing gum or losing our tempers during an interview. On the other hand, the majority of us can likely relate to the person who rambled on for too long or appeared anxious during an interview.

At worst, poor interviews create teachable moments, particularly for those who recognize their mistakes and make a conscious attempt to correct them.

What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made during an interview? If you’ve conducted interviews, what is the worst thing an interviewee did or said?

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