Blog Break: The rumor mill

Whether your workplace is a small, tight-knit community or part of a sprawling conglomerate, water-cooler talk is part of the daily landscape. What often starts as innocent conversation can deteriorate into ugly rumors, gossip and innuendo.

During a time when layoffs and cutbacks are so common, the rumor mill can take on a life of its own and produce panic, misinformation and just plain lies.

How does water cooler talk affect the environment in your workplace? Do you engage in spreading rumors at work? Have you ever been burned by gossip?

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April 2nd, 2010
4:11 pm

I’ve never worked anywhere with as much gossip and rumor-spreading as my current workplace! Lately most of the rumors have focused on budget-related issues and possible job cuts, but there also are rumors and gossip about everything else under the sun. A particularly popular topic is who is or is not gay, along with various other aspects of people’s personal lives. It is kind of insane, really. It is often very divisive, particularly if you believe it. I can only begin to imagine what is said about me!